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Ahaziah. Who was King Ahaziah in the Bible?

During his father’s reign, Ahaziah had witnessed the wondrous works of the Highest. He had seen the fearful proofs God had given to apostate Israel. Of how He regards those who set aside the urgent requirements of His law. Ahaziah had worked as if these frightening realities were just empty words.

Ahaziah is Ahab’s son, becomes king in the kingdom of Israel, and continues the highly sinful tradition inherited from his fathers. His reign was short; after two years, God punished him with death. The way his sins are framed and the divine judgment pronounced through the prophet Elijah highlight divine principles concerning sin. Ahaziah did evil in the sight of the LORD and walked in the way of his father, and in the form of his mother, and in the course of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, who made Israel sin. He served Baal and worshipped him, and he provoked the Lord God of Israel to anger, as his father had done.

Ahaziah fell ill through the latticework of his upper room in Samaria. He sent suns and said to them: Go and inquire of Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron, that I may know whether I shall be cured of this disease.

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Biography of Ahaziah

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What does Ahaziah mean in the Bible?

Ahaziah is the child and replacement of Ahab. Also, he followed the advice of his mom Jezebel and imitated in evil the methods of his dad. During his rule, the Moabites revolted from under his power ( 2 Kings 3:5-7 ). He also joined Jehoshaphat in trying to restore oceanic exchange by the Red Sea, which demonstrated a disappointment ( 2 Chronicles 20:35-37 ). So his couriers, shipped off to counsel the lord of Ekron in regards to his recovery from the impacts of a tumble from the rooftop display of his royal residence, were also met on the way by Elijah, who sent them back to let the ruler know that he could never ascend from his bed ( 1 Kings 22:51; 2 Kings 1:18 ).

The Scriptural Name Meaning of Ahaziah is Seizure, a vision of the Lord. Hebrew Baby Names Meaning: In Hebrew Baby Names, the importance of the name Ahaziah is: God has taken. Also, the child of Joram, or Jehoram, and the 6th ruler of Judah. But he also was called Jehoahaz ( 2 Chronicles 21:17; 25:23 ) or Azariah ( 2 Chronicles 22:6 ). Directed by his worshipful mother Athaliah; his rule was heartbreaking ( 2 Kings 8:24-29; 9:29 ).

He joined his uncle Jehoram, lord of Israel, in an endeavor against Hazael, ruler of Damascus; however was injured at the pass of Gur while endeavoring to get away and had the strength to arrive at Megiddo, where he kicked the bucket ( 2 Kings 9:22-28 ). He ruled for just a single year.

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Who is Ahaziah, king of Judah?

Ahaziah of Judah was the most youthful child of Jehoram of Judah. As per 2 Chronicles 21:16-17, his more established siblings had been carted away in a Philistine and Arab assault. Affected by his mom Athaliah, Ahaziah presented types of love that insulted the Yahwistic party.

Ahaziah of Judah, or Jehoahaz I (2 Chronicles 21:17; 25:23), was the 6th ruler of Judah and the child of Jehoram and Athaliah, the little girl (or perhaps sister) of lord Ahab of Israel. He was likewise the primary Judahite ruler to be slid from the House of David and the House of Omri through his mom and replacement, Athaliah.

As per 2 Kings 8:26, Ahaziah was 22 years of age when he started to rule and reigned for one year in Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 22:2 gives his age as 42 years when his reign began in Jerusalem. Most researchers respect the 42 years in 2 Chronicles 22:2 as a copyist’s blunder for a unique 22 years. The age of 22 is additionally found in a few Greek and Syrian variants of 2 Chronicles 22:2.

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Key Verse related to Ahaziah

“Ahaziah, the son of Ahab, began to reign over Israel in Samaria the seventeenth year of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, and reigned two years over Israel.

Kings-1 22:51 (NIV)


When did Ahaziah become King of Israel?

Ahaziah prevailed as lord of Israel with no child through Joram, his more youthful sibling. As indicated by the Second Book of Kings, he didn’t recuperate from his wounds and passed on.

Ahaziah was the eighth ruler of the northern Kingdom of Israel between 0850 – and 0849 BC and the child of Ahab and Jezebel. Like his dad, he ruled from Samaria. William F. Albright dated his rule to 850-849 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 853-852 BC.

His couriers, shipped off counsel Baal-Zebub (the lord of prescience in Ekron) regarding his recovery from the impacts of a tumble from the rooftop display of his castle, were met on the way by Elijah. He sent them back to let the ruler know that he could never ascend from his bed for his deeds and for looking for a divine being that was not the God of Israel (1 Kings 22:51; 2 Kings 1:18). 

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What does the Lion of Judah represent?

The Bible is brimming with characters and imagery. The Lion of Judah, for instance, is an appellation used to allude to Christ. In Christianity, the Lion of Judah sobriquet is utilized to indicate Jesus Christ, yet that is not where the pertinence and importance of this image closes.

The Lion of Judah addresses and represents the Israelite clan of Judah throughout the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible.

The image likewise includes the token of Jerusalem. He perceived the first clan and prisoners of the Biblical Yehuda or Judah. Generally, the clan is addressed by a lion. The image traces back to the clan’s patriarch Jacob. Who alluded to his child Judah as ‘Gur Aryeh’ or ‘the youthful lion’ (Genesis 49:9).

Various genuine Christian services utilize this image as their token or name prefix. Also, the reference shows up in the Book of Revelation 5:5, in the New Testament. The idea is perused and perceived as an immediate reference to Jesus. Yet, he is viewed as the ‘lion of the clan’ and ‘Foundation of David.’

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Primary Takeaways

  • William F. Albright has dated his rule to 842 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the date 841/840 BC. As made sense in the Rehoboam article, Thiele’s order for the principal rulers of Judah contained an inward irregularity that set Ahaziah’s rule one year after his mom Athaliah usurped the privileged position.
  • Later, researchers adjusted this by dating these rulers one year earlier so that Ahaziah’s dates are taken one year sooner than Thiele’s.
  • Ahaziah had a very guilty spiritual heritage, for in addition to the homegrown idolatry of the “way of Jeroboam,” he retained the bad Canaanite religion imported by his parents. He walked in the way of his father and the form of his mother.

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The writer of the Books of Kings condemned him for following the methods of his dad Ahab and his mom Jezebel. Biblical pundit Albert Barnes notes that the expression “in the method of his mom” doesn’t happen elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible and exhibits the unmistakable inclination of the essayist of the Books of Kings regarding the impact of Jezebel.

Ahaziah shaped a business association with Jehoshaphat, ruler of Judah, to develop an armada of exchanging ships. Nonetheless, because Jehoshaphat had made a partnership with Ahaziah (who was doing likewise shrewd as Ahab and Jezebel, his dad and mom. In the realm of Israel), the boats were destroyed and never set sail.