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Amaziah of Judah. What happened to Amaziah the priest?

Amaziah of Judah served Baal and worshipped him, provoking the LORD God of Israel to anger, just as his father Ahab had done. But judgment immediately followed because of the rebellious king’s sins.

There are four unique men named Amaziah in the Bible. But the most well-known one is the Amaziah of Judah, the child of Joash and Jehoaddin, and the for the most part equitable, eighth ruler of Judah (2 Kings 14:1). Lord Amaziah recruits a military from outside Judah, yet sends them home again when a prophet rebukes him for it (2 Chronicles 25:7). With his local armed force, he battles and overcomes Edom in Beth-shemesh and his men mass-execute 10,000 Edomites by pushing them off a bluff. While this savagery is going on, the unknown armed force sent home returns scours Judah’s urban communities, killing 3000 Jews.

During his father’s reign, Ahaziah had witnessed the wondrous works of the Highest. He had seen the fearful evidence God had given apostate Israel of how He views those who set aside the urgent requirements of His law. Ahaziah had worked as if these alarming realities were just empty words. Instead of humbling her heart before the Lord, she had gone after Baal and finally ventured even into the most audacious act of iniquity. Rebellious and unwilling to repent, Ahaziah died according to the word of the Lord spoken through Elijah.

Who was Amaziah the priest?

After Jehoash passed on, Amaziah experienced an additional 15 years. It is obscure whether he got back to govern in Jerusalem; regardless, the men of Judah were plotting against him, making him escape to Lachish in southwestern Judah. Yet, the professional killers sent after Amaziah tracked down him and killed him. Amaziah might have had a long, fruitful rule had he kept adhering to the Lord. Yet, his story turned into one more practical example of the destiny of the rulers who went aside to worshipful admiration.

Amaziah of Judah, minister of Bethel, was an enemy of Amos; advance notices him not to forecast about God. In the book of Amos, there is referenced a person known as “Amaziah, minister of Bethel.” This Amaziah (totally unrelated to other Amaziahs named in the Bible) was an agnostic cleric offering worshipful penances in the city of Bethel.

The Bible sums up Amaziah’s rule along these lines: “He made the wisest decision according to the LORD, yet not as his dad David had done” (2 Kings 14:3). One of Amaziah’s shortfalls was that, while he drove individuals of Judah in adoring the Lord, he neglected to eliminate the high spots where individuals proceeded to forfeit and consume incense infringing upon God’s guidance to offer penances in Jerusalem (stanza 4; cf. Deuteronomy 12:13-14).

Biography of Amaziah

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Was Amaziah a righteous king?

Amaziah’s first go about as ruler was to rebuff by death the people who had killed his dad. In this, he strayed from the custom of likewise executing the crooks’ beneficiaries rather than running just the actual schemers and acting as indicated by the Bible’s preclusion.

Amaziah of Judah, according to Bible, was a righteous king and a ruler of the southern realm of Judah from 796 to 767 BC. He succeeded his dad, King Joash. Who was initially an equitable ruler but turned aside sometime down the road? And was killed by his authorities (2 Kings 12:20-21). One of Amaziah’s first demonstrations was to bring equity upon his dad’s killers (2 Kings 14:5).

A line war broke out between Judah and Edom. Amaziah assembled his multitude of 300,000 individuals for the fight. He was taking into account this deficiency. He recruited 100,000 extra men from adjoining Israel at the cost of almost 4 tons of silver. A prophet let King Amaziah know that on account of Israel’s wrongdoing, the LORD would go against Amaziah’s military. Assuming Israel walked with them. Submissively, Amaziah sent Israel home, relinquishing the installment he had made.

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Who defeated Amaziah in the Bible?

Amaziah was a quarter-century old when he became a lord. Around fifty years sooner, Judah had arrived at perhaps the absolute bottom in her set of experiences. After the demise of King Ahaziah, his mother, Athaliah, had held onto control of the lofty position and endeavored to kill every one of the legitimate beneficiaries of the throneóher own grandkids. Luckily, her endeavor to eradicate the genuine beneficiaries had been unsuccessful. Having been stowed away by Ahaziahís relative, Joash was announced lord when he was seven years of age.

According to the Bible, Amaziah of Judah was defeated by the Edomites, and his loss had made him arrogant, so he sent a test to King Jehoash of Israel to meet him in a fight (2 Kings 14:8; 2 Chronicles 25:17). Jehoash perceived Amaziah’s haughtiness and denied the test, realizing that he could without much of a stretch lose the more modest region of Judah (2 Kings 14:9-10; 2 Chronicles 25:18-19). Be that as it may, Amaziah wouldn’t withdraw. Thus Jehoash went after, overcoming the multitude of Judah and catching Amaziah. Amaziah was taken to Jerusalem, where Jehoash pillaged the sanctuary before returning to Samaria (2 Kings 14:14; 2 Chronicles 25:24).

When King Amaziah returned from overcoming the Edomites, he carried symbols from Seir, set them up as divine beings, and bowed before them. When this drove the LORD crazy, and He sent a prophet to caution him, Amaziah reprimanded the prophet. He then, at that point, announced a battle with King Joash of Israel. 

Key Verse related to Amaziah

“Amaziah was twenty-five years old when he became king and reigned in Jerusalem for twenty-nine years. His mother’s name was Jehoaddan; she was from Jerusalem. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not wholeheartedly.”

2 Chronicles 25 (NIV)

Amaziah of Judah

Where was Amaziah killed in the Bi,ble?

Ahaziah of Judah or Jehoahaz I (2 Chronicles 21:17; 25:23), was the 6th ruler of Judah. And the child of Jehoram and Athaliah, the little girl (or conceivably sister) of lord Ahab of Israel….Ahaziah of Judah.

Amaziah of Judah was killed at Lachish, to which he had escaped. His body was brought to Jerusalem, covered in the illustrious tomb (2 Kings 14:19-20; 2 Chronicles 25:27-28).

Individuals were angry with King Ahaziah because he permitted agnostic divine beings to fill the land, which infuriated the Lord. Ruler Amaziah was 25 years of age when he took the privileged position, and he ruled for quite some time. 2 Chronicles 24: 17 – 27 Joash’s malicious deed prompts his death by a gathering of guides.

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Primary Takeaways

  • The Hebrew importance of the name Amaziah means Strength of God; God reinforces. Swahili meaning: Unusual; remarkable
  • In the meantime lord, Amaziah fancies the divine forces of the Edomites he recently killed. And neglected YHWH, who just gave him his triumph. The Lord hence has him realize that his time is up. Resolute ruler Amaziah asks lord Jehoahaz (or Jehoash) of Israel for some acknowledgment.


Amaziah of Judah vanished from the Edomites and stupidly brought back their divine beings and forfeited them to them. This worshipful admiration brought about an anonymous prophet coming to Amaziah and criticizing him. Amaziah disrespectfully opposed the prophet’s words, sharing with him, “Since when have I made you the lord’s advisor?” (2 Chronicles 25:16, NLT).

The prophet was not to be scared, in any case. He told King Amaziah, “I realize that not entirely settled to annihilate you, since you have done this and have not stood by listening to my direction” (stanza 16).