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Athaliah. How did Athaliah die?

When it comes to the character of a biblical woman, we automatically think of a few examples of women in the Bible. So we looked at two books to see what we could learn from them. In the first part, there will be positive examples, and in the second part, there will be negative examples. I found it interesting to look at the latter, because we often focus only on the good examples, forgetting that we have a lot to learn from the bad ones.

Athaliah was the queen of Judea, the wife of Joram, and she exterminated David’s entire family. Only her nephew Joash escaped and was put on the throne by the high priest Jehoiada, who had the people kill Athaliah. She died by being truly killed by treason.

The Bible has several examples of God-fearing women who made a difference at that time. These women stood out in a male-dominated world and showed that God uses all of us to accomplish his purposes.

Biography of Athaliah

Full name:Athaliah
Date of birth/ Feast Day:first century BC
Year of death:first century BC
Place of birth:Edom
Death cause:Natural causes

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What is the meaning of the name Athaliah?

The main thing you ought to be aware of assuming you are thinking about Athaliah for your child’s name is that in many nations all around the world the name Athaliah is a gender-neutral name, utilized as a kid name and a young lady name. 

The meaning of the name “Athaliah” is: “God is commended”. So on the off chance that you consider naming your child Athaliah we suggest you observe the unique importance and history of the name as your child’s name will assume a major part in its life and your child will hear it spoken consistently.

Many individuals also accept that the name can influence outcomes throughout everyday life, through their youngsters’ functioning profession and different conditions, so they pick more “good” names or name implications as they accept that the name significance mirrors the character of the kid.

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What did Athaliah do in the Bible?

At the point when Joram passed on and her child Aziah became ruler, she became ‘Gebirah’, the most elevated status lady in the realm. As the mother of the supreme ruler she out-positioned any of the spouses and mistresses of her child, and was a very influential lady. Be that as it may, her child Aziah just ruled for one year. 

Athaliah was a sovereign mother in the Bible, and she was the most influential lady in Judah. She was the main lady in the Bible to have ruled as a ruler. She was at last killed by a military general called Jehu, and by his unfamiliar warriors.

At that point, Aziah had been visiting his cousin Joram, ruler of the northern realm. It was an ideal chance for Jehu to kill the two of them together, and hold onto Judah.

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Key Verse related to Athaliah

“Two and twenty years old was Ahaziah when he began to reign; and he reigned one year in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name wasAthaliah, the daughter of Omri king of Israel.

2 KINGS 8:26 (NIV)


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Who were the parents of Athaliah?

In 1691, French dramatist Jean Racine composed a play about this scriptural sovereign, entitled Athalie. Also, the German arranger Felix Mendelssohn, among others, composed coincidental music (his operation. 74) to Racine’s play, first acted in Berlin in 1845. But one of the most often heard extracts from the Mendelssohn music is named “War March of the Priests” (“Kriegsmarsch der Priester”).

From biblical accounts we know that Ataliah was the little girl of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel of Israel, the sovereign associate of Judah as the spouse of King Jehoram, a relative of King David, and later sovereign regnant c. 841-835 BCE.

Records of the existence of Athaliah are to be found in 2 Kings 8:16-11:16 and 2 Chronicles 22:10-23:15 in the Hebrew Bible. Yet, she is normally considered to have been the little girl of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel of Israel. But a few researchers are of the assessment that Athaliah was the little girl of Omri, and that she grew up as a vagrant in the court of Ahab. 

Was Athaliah the daughter of Omri or Ahab?

In the Kings Books, Athaliah arises as the most eminent female char acter not just on the grounds. That she is the main sovereign who controlled alone, yet in addition be cause she fills in as an extension between the illustrious groups of Judah. (The Davidic administration) and Israel (the Omride tradition). That is, her ancestry connects her to the Omride administration and she ruled as the sovereign official of Judah. By goodness of her union with Jehoram, a scion of the Davidic line.

A few current scholarly specialists have inferred that Athaliah was considered the girl of Omri, not Ahab. They also legitimize their case through synchronization with the extended timetable of King Ethbaal of Tire. But Si don as well (father of Jezebel). 

However not noted by scholastic researchers, there are really middle age rabbin ic sources which additionally expect that Athaliah was the little girl of Omri.12 Rabbi Bahya ben Asher (d. around 1340) composes that the Hebrew word for “girl” can likewise imply “sister.”

Primary Takeaways

  • Athaliah was aslo hitched to Jehoram of Judah to seal an arrangement between the realms of Israel and Judah, and to get his position Jehoram killed his six brothers.
  • Jehoram became lord of Judah in the fifth year of Joram of Israel’s rule (2 Kings 8:16). Yet, Joram of Israel was Athaliah’s sibling (or conceivably her nephew).
  • Athalia died because she was also betrayed. 


Like her mom, Jezebel did befor her. She drove God’s kin in Judah, presently also the southern realm, away from Him. And to the love of the misleading Phoenician god, Baal. To stay in power as sovereign mother after her child. King Ahaziah kicks the bucket, she kills the whole male ascendacy line. Thank you very much for offering us your time! Take care of your souls!