In this category, The Old Testaments wants to present a series of events that happened before Jesus Christ came. You will find answers to all your specific questions and you will understand the Bible more. Old Testament wants to tell a beautiful and sad history. Of the people who had a strong personal relationship with God. And of those who fell in sin and forgot about The One who created the stars.

Jesus did not want to change the past and the laws, but to fulfill them.

Scripture not only prepares us to live in the future life but also in the present.
In Julian Melgosa’s book, The Benefits of Belief: How Faith in God Impacts Your Life. Is presented, citing several studies. To demonstrate that young people who systematically study from God’s Word have a better sense of direction in life. They are less likely to fall prey to depression, are better prepared. And in addition, their conduct is far better than that of young people who do not read.

We need to have a personal relationship with the Author of the Bible and respond to His timeless message with an obedient heart. If we let God’s Word speak to us, we will live changed and experience real blessed lives.