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Chasuble Catholic | How to choose the right one?

Chasuble Catholic sacred vestment is much more than just a piece of clothing. It certainly cannot be compared to the everyday clothes that the same priest wears daily. Please think of the priestly chasuble; its meaning goes far beyond its use during the Eucharistic celebration.

The priestly chasuble, more rarely called planet, is one of the best-known liturgical vestments. This is the robe the priest must wear during the celebration of the Eucharist. It is an essential element for the Mass because it is part of the priest’s trousseau and linked to a series of gestures and actions on which the Eucharistic celebration is based.

Today we would like to help you choose the priestly chasuble. Read on, and let’s find out how to do it together!

Priestly chasuble: history and tradition

The priestly chasuble Catholic is just one of the vestments that the priest uses to celebrate liturgical rites. It can be of various materials, with different finishes and colors that vary according to the liturgical time. Some chasubles are made for specific holidays. In other cases, it is part of the vestments that make up a coordinated outfit, including the miter, dalmatic, and cope.

Chasuble Catholic derives from the term “small house” because its shape is very enveloping and puts the priest at ease, just like you feel inside your home. Initially, the chasuble completely enveloped the priest and left only the head on the outside. Over time the chasuble Catholic has been transformed into a garment made up of semi-rigid parts, one back and one front joined and made with precious fabrics and materials, adorned with embroidery and decorations.

Have you ever visited the exhibits of the treasures of the largest and most influential churches? You will undoubtedly have noticed that the chasuble Catholic is an inevitable component in the largest ecclesiastical collections.

Materials of the sacramental chasuble

The modern chasuble Catholic is made in different designs and materials. You can find it in light wool, silk, or polyester. The dimensions of the vestment vary according to the build of the priest. For this reason, it is generally recommended to have it made to measure, considering the height and shape of the priest. Like any other garment, several “standard” versions on the market feel the most common measures.

According to tradition, the priestly chasuble Catholic must be circular, with a diameter corresponding to the width of the priest’s outstretched arms. In other cases, it can be elliptic, therefore, less comprehensive. A third solution sees the chasuble Catholic in the shape of a  hut covering the priest’s body as a sort of cone.

Representation of Chasuble Catholic

chasuble catholic


What are the most popular decorations?

Priests generally love modern geometric designs or chromatic games constructed with fabrics of different colors. In other cases, it is preferred to follow the ancient style, with hand-made embroidery embellished with gold and stones. Therefore, in the Marian chasubles catholic, on the other hand, the decorations representing the Virgin Mary are accompanied by the Marian initials placed at the base of the neckline to be visible to those who observe the priest.

The most crucial chasuble Catholic for the priest, to whom he must show particular attention, is the one he will wear on the day of his ordination. This must represent his approach to the priestly ministry and his way of conceiving the liturgy. This is why this garment must not only be beautiful and solemn but also express an entirely personal liturgical style.

It is important to remember that the priest must wear his chasuble Catholic daily. This is why it is considered the most used vestment, one of those that is ruined first and for this reason. It is essential to have several models available.

What color is the chasuble?

The chasuble catholic, together with the stole, is the priestly vestment that distinguishes the style of the minister of God. Generally, it is advisable to have a chasuble Catholic of each color according to the type of liturgical celebration. And the celebratory occasion. The primary colors are: white, red, purple, green, pink, and black.

  • The white chasuble Catholic is used on Sundays and solemn feast days such as Christmas, Easter, and baptism. First, communion, marriage, ordination, and so on. The color symbolizes purity and faith in the glory of Christ.
  • The green chasuble is suitable for ordinary time, the period of the liturgical year that covers the days when there are no solemn holidays. Typically this period begins on the Monday after the Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord. And continues until the beginning of Lent, to resume after Pentecost until Advent. The green color invokes hope.
  • The red chasuble, on the other hand, is worn on the occasion of the pontifical funeral. Or for the feasts dedicated to the martyrs on the occasion of Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Pentecost, etc. The color indicates the blood of Jesus and the flaming Holy Spirit.
  • The pink chasuble Catholic is used only on special occasions, in particular, twice a year: on the third Sunday of Advent and the fourth Sunday of Lent. Pink is a mixture of purple, the symbol of penance, and white, used on holidays. The priest can choose not to wear it, as happens with the black chasuble, and to replace it with the purple chasuble.


As mentioned, the chasuble Catholic is one of the most used vestments. And as it represents the visiting card of the priest, it is essential to have different models available. It is the garment that the faithful observe for the entire duration of the celebration. And for this reason, it must always be impeccable and appropriate to the situation.

Why choose the chasuble Catholic as a gift? First of all, it has a high symbolic and liturgical value. Moreover, there is a wide choice between the various models according to the taste of the priest. To make it even more special, you can have it personalized with handmade decorations and embroideries.

Have you chosen to buy a priestly chasuble? The chasuble as a gift idea for a priest is the best one. You can find different models on Amazon; you can find various models, from the most modern ones to those in line with the traditional style. Visit the page now and choose the chasuble Catholic that’s right for you!