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Daniel and the lions den story. Was he the greatest prophet?

We’ve all heard about the famous and brave Daniel. But do we know how Daniel and the lions den story? However, it can be said that the Prophet Daniel is a model of faith. And the confession of God to those who do not believe in Him. The Prophet Daniel is an excellent example of faith for us, the greatest Prophet of all. He felt so strongly in God that he would not bow to the gods. And was thrown into the den of lions. There he prayed to the Lord to perform a miracle. So that he could escape unharmed in the Daniel and the lions den story, and the lions did not eat him. In conclusion, he is an example of faith for each of us.

Little information is known about this extraordinary man. In the first place, as a young man, he was taken as a slave from Israel to Babylon; in bondage, he decided not to lose his Jewish nationality, refusing to defile himself by eating food from the Emperor’s table. In the second place, put in school, he soon showed a wisdom that was quite out of the ordinary. So he stood out for his supernatural ability: the thalassotherapy of dreams and visions. He was promoted to the highest imperial offices. There too, however, he kept his desire to live as a devout Jew and was thrown into a den of lions, from which God miraculously rescued him.

What is the story of Daniel?

Darius occupied the land, and his arm all conquered and settled, and they stayed where he ruled over the land. Indeed, he placed other rulers over the land and controlled the ground. And over these, three were placed above and still knew what was happening. Even at close quarters, three chiefs who met the king noticed and informed him of all that was happening. Nothing could escape their notice. In the group of three, it was Daniel the wise. He ruled wisely and was a just and intelligent man. And Darius, he was thinking of putting him in charge. Many envious people wanted to bring Daniel to death.

And they sought to slander and harmed him if they could, and they tried every step they could follow, constantly missing him. They offered Dariu a month just for him to lie down. And let this be told, and let everyone hear the commandment well. They all knew Daniel would pray to his Lord and not give up; nothing could change him.

Primary Takeaways

  • King Darius wanted to do justice. So he ordered the rulers and rulers who had plotted against the Prophet Daniel to be thrown to the lions, and the lions rushed at them and ate them.
  • Because of his faith, because he trusted in God’s justice and help, the Prophet Daniel escaped unharmed from the den of lions because God protects the innocent and, sooner or later, does justice to them.

Key Verse

” Daniel distinguished himself among the administrators and the satraps by the exceptional qualities that the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom.”

Daniel 6:3 (NIV)

Moreover, somebody once said that the upright character of Daniel and the lions den story. Belonging to the superhuman world of divine revelation helped him to float like a ship over the stormy waves of history. In either case, the world’s monarchs succeeded one after the other. And Daniel, who was liked by all of them, always remained at the imperial court—being gifted to be a kind of divine announcer in the imperial courts of the earth. So he died in his 90’s, probably of old age. Daniel and the lion’s den story end in Susa, where he died in the capital of the Babylonian empire. 

Biography of Daniel

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