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Death of Jesus Christ. The plot against Jesus

Jesus Christ suffered on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins of all humanity, from Adam to Eve. The sufferings He endured were that He was: spat upon by the people He helped, scourged by those who would crucify Him, had a crown of thorns put on His head, and then had spikes beaten into His holy palms. Reading this article, you will find all the information you need about the death of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ crucified Himself for us, the sinners, and Jesus Christ’s death made Him suffer many sufferings. He loved everyone, even His enemies. Unfortunately, Judas was a part of the plot against Him. The giant priests and all the elders of Israel organized a secret meeting and asked Judas to come over. The meeting happened in Caiaphas’ dream house, part of the sanctuary. Annas, Caiaphas, and all the wise men made plans to kill Jesus, accusing him of blasphemy.

He was made to carry His burdensome cross. When Jesus became thirsty, He asked for water, and His lips were anointed with vinegar, nails were driven into his hands and feet, and a crown of thorns was put on His head. Oh, how big and horrible it was the suffering of Jesus. He stayed 40 days without drinking water or eating anything, and if you think we can’t resist fasting for a short period. He died for us, and He performed many miracles. This article is intended to highlight the suffering of Christ and the plot against the Savior.

The betrayal of Christ

Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 apostles, sells his Teacher for 30 pieces of silver to the Jewish priests. The highest priests called Judas to a secret meeting. Caiaphas and Anna asked Judas what he wanted to give Christ into their hands. And Judas saw an opportunity of getting money. And they made a plot of how to arrest Christ.

Further on, Judas’ actual betrayal takes place after the Last Supper, at which point Jesus tells the apostles that one of them will sell him. Jesus said that whom shall he kiss that one from the twelve will be the seller. And He kissed Judas and asked him why he had come; in the same verse, we find out that Jesus was still calling Judas a “friend.” The cheater understood that he had done wrong, but he did not complete his repentance, he did not change, and he remained in the sadness that the feeling of his sin had caused him, resulting in his being driven into despair.

Judas Iscariot, though close to the Lord, sold him for only thirty pieces of silver to the Pharisees and scribes who wanted to kill him. Judas’ gesture later led to Wednesday being declared a fast day, along with Friday. These two days are marked as fasting days all over the year, which is why Christians must fast on Wednesday and Friday.

Mary of Bethany and Jesus

Jesus spent Wednesday in Bethany, in the family of his dear friends, Lazarus, the risen one, Martha and Mary, and in the house of Simon the Leper. A woman came to him with an alabaster jar of sweet and expensive myrrh and poured it on His head as He sat at the table. And when His disciples saw it, they were sorry and said, “Why has this damage been done? This ointment could have been sold at a high price and given to the poor.”

But Jesus, understanding this, said to them, “Why do you grieve the woman? Because she has done good work for me. You have the poor always with you, but you do not always have Me. She poured this oil on my body and prepared me for my burial. And I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what Mary from Bethany has done will be told in remembrance of her.” Mary wanted to prepare the body of the Saviour for the darkest torments He was about to experience. But the Apostles could not understand the woman’s gesture.
They were not thinking of earthly things nor how the pouring of the ointment would be the beginning of preparation for the coming passions. There is also an article on our webpage about Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus.

Gethsemane Garden Bible

Bible offers us information about the Gethsemane Garden, saying that in Jesus’ time, there was a mysterious garden. The Lord prayed to weep, and His face was light and sorrowful to the grave. Many times on His face, He had fallen and prayed with unutterable bitterness. He was asking God to let the cup go away from Him, not to let Him drink from it. From the cup of Jesus’ suffering.
Gethsemane is an unforgettable garden because there, the Lord weeps bitterly. And then He puts on the robe of humility and prepares his way to Calvary. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus wept bitterly with sobs for humanity.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Lord stood with his enemies. They surrounded him and spat on the Lord. Among all his enemies, the Lord thought of us. He was just like a mother to her children; Jesus the Lord sacrificed Himself for us.

Jesus could say a word in the garden and lay an army of men low to the ground. But Thea Heavenly Father wants Jesus bound, to be put to death of Jesus Christ and then crucified. Jesus received his enemies in silence, very obedient.

By not laying them down with power, He gave them the possibility to see Him who He is, and may if they have the opportunity to see Jesus face to face, they will know His Father is Creator God. Jesus Christ showed His power by giving Himself into their hands.

The betrayal and arrest of Jesus

The betrayal and arrest of Jesus happened following a plot to capture and kill Him. Jesus Christ is the one who has endured through the ages, the one who has changed the world through the new law, the new teachings brought to the people, whereby the law of retaliation, “an eye for an eye,” corresponds to the Old Testament is replaced by the law of love, of the power to forgive, of harmony, revenge being forbidden. His whole life is marked by simplicity and sacrifice.

Sacrifice reflected in His arrest, beating, unfair trial, and death of Jesus Christ was accompanied by unimaginable physical pain. But His moral suffering or His spiritual pain was at least as significant. The injustice of the people to whom He did nothing but good, the rejection of His message of forgiveness and love, and the abandonment of his disciples culminated in the betrayal of Peter. The loneliness of anguish or the experience of total abandonment made Him express already in Gethsemane that His soul is sorrowful unto death. The Garden of Gethsemane is a place that witnessed the Savior’s arrest. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is supposedly sweating blood. Because of his prayer, He asked His Father to remove the chalice of great suffering from Him. 

Annas was also a political leader in Jerusalem.

After being betrayed by Judas, Jesus is brought before Annas. Annas was one of the two high priests, a prophet, and a politician with the right to political leadership.

Annas does not decide His fate and refers to sending Him to Caiaphas. But since Caiaphas cannot decide Jesus’ fate and refers to sending an agreement with Anna to send Jesus to Pilate of Pontus, the Jewish prosecutor, it is up to him to decide whether or not Jesus will be crucified. Annas is just like Caiaphas, two great powers that could have nullified the false testimonies and accusations against Jesus.
Anna was also Caiaphas’ father-in-law.

Peter denies Jesus

Jesus told Peter before it happened that when the rooster crows, he will deny Him three times. And Christ was right, Peter in front of a servant girl, he had denied Christ. Can you believe it? The brave older man and that courageous apostle deny Christ?

Around the fire, many people warmed themselves, and many a foul word and jest the people uttered: This Jew was from Galilee, you know, is a Christian and walked with Jesus. First a maid, then the two men; in turn, they tempted him to the very heart of those assembled.

They mercilessly attacked the apostle and two Jewish men. And Peter, one by one, responded and even cursed himself: “I do not know Who this is!” And right then, he denied Jesus, and in the next moment, a voice came from the garden, from the tree: The rooster, as the Lord called him, with a loud voice sang.

Jesus saw this scene through the window that separated them, and He looked at Peter, standing by the fire.
Then Peter wakes up, “Lord, I have sinned!” He quickly departs, leaving those who tempted him. And all the while, he went on his way, remorseful, thoughtful, For his conscience rebuked him, for he had betrayed Jesus, his Master.

Jesus was accused of blasphemy.

The position of this court is judicial; He received it from the Father: to die and be judged by sinners. Jesus, to comfort Himself, thought about Pilate, that His Father in Heaven had given him to be His judge. All the Archpriest asked Him. And Jesus said that He is the one, and they will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Almighty, coming in the clouds of heaven. And the high priest, tearing his clothes, said: What guilt He must bear.” They all judged that He was guilty of death.

Jesus had nothing to do with Pilate but to respect the will of the Father in heaven as He commanded. Through the army in the garden, and an unjust Pilate, Jesus still wanted to die for all man kinds. 

Jesus did not lie when He said He was the actual Son of God. But the priests cursed and arrested him because they didn’t like Him. Because He knew much more and spoke to everyone, and that’s why they wanted to kill Him to erase any trace of His existence.

Jesus in front of Pilate

Then Jesus was sent to the great Pilate. Jesus was standing in front of Pilate because Caiaphas accused Him of blasphemy. He asked He Christ if He was the Son of the Blessed One. “For what have you given Him to me? What guilt have you given Him?” Pilate asked them and also mentioned. , If He were not a wrongdoer, I would not have given Him to you.” 

Pilate asked Jesus several times: “Are you the King of the Jews? Speak of yourself! Do you say this of yourself, or did they tell you of me? What have you done? Your people and your priests have given you to me. Don’t you know that I have the power to deliver you, and I have the power to crucify you?” 

And Jesus answered Pilate: “You would have no power over Me if My Father would not give it to you. He has delivered me into your hand, and also, My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, My servants would have fought for me, and I would not have been condemned to death!” So Pilate asked Jesus if is Him a king, and Jesus answered yes.

Claudia Procula dream

The Jews chose to release Barabbas and crucify Jesus. But Pilate’s wife, Claudia Procula, told him not to do anything to this man because she had suffered much from last night’s dream. Claudia asked Pilate to defend Him. Pontius knew in his heart that he could not support Christ; this is why Pilate then gave him to the Jews to crucify, saying that he did not want to be responsible for the blood of this innocent man.

Claudia Procula wrote a letter to her best friend, Fulvia Romena. She noted there: “The fate Plato predicted for some of the righteous, it seems to me, will befall Jesus. He will be persecuted, despised, and handed over to be condemned to a cruel death.”

Claudia said bedtime came, and she laid her head on the pillow. “Some mysterious power seemed to take hold of my mind. I saw Jesus, as Salome described her God. His face shone like the Sun with such greatness. He flew somewhere above the Cherubim’s wings and sprang the flames that fulfilled His will from His being, always ready to judge the people gathered before Him by the outstretching of His mighty justice.

death of jesus christ

He separated the just from the former and ascended to Him full of the greatness of eternal youth and Godly excellence. But the latter was cast into the lake of fire, beside which Ereba and Plegetona are nothing. Then the divine judge, showing the multitude the wounds that had impaled his body, said with a loud voice of thunder, “Give me back the blood that I shed for you.”

Pilate’s wife’s nightmarish premonition

What Claudia dreamed was a sign from God, a hunch about what will happen. But even if Pilate’s wife wanted to save Jesus, God still knew His plan for Christ. This is why Pilate could not move a finger. Also, in her dream, wretched men begged the mountains and caves of the earth to swallow them up, covering them. , In vain did they feel they were without suffering; in vain did they feel immortal and despair less while they were on earth. They perish. What a dream, or rather a premonition!

As soon as the dawn began to break and to gild the temple towers, I arose with a heart seized with horror at what I had seen and sat down at the window to get fresh air. But it seemed to me that from the center of the city, a noisy sweat could be heard, even more, terrifying than the raging waves of the ocean reached my ears. I continued to listen, my heartbeat fearfully, and my forehead filled with cold sweat. It was not long before I heard that noise approaching, closer and closer, until the steps leading up to the Palace of Justice shook under the weight of the mob that had come in a vast number.” wrote Pilate’s wife to Fluvia.

Barabas, the thief

All the high priests and people yelled: Crucify Him”. But Pilate said to them: “Take Him away from yourselves and crucify Him. I find no fault with Him. I see no evil in His face, only rays of light!” By releasing Barabbas, they condemned Jesus, and in a terrible beating, crucified on a cross to die, they led. Jesus is now officially in their hands.

Although He was not found guilty, people wanted to crucify Him and release a bearded butcher, as it was the custom to remove a man at Easter. Jesus was bound, beaten, spat upon, and taken to carry his cross to Calvary. The place is called the Place of the Head. He could fly from the world. And then the whole crowd would have asked for Barabbas for nothing. But Jesus thought of us. Of the Barabbas found within us all. To rid the entire world of sin, shame, and death, Jesus died on the cross in Barabbas’ place.

He spared the thief Barabbas from a tragic end. Jesus was the one who spread peace and Barabbas, the darkness and sins of this world. But the sinful crowd put them both in the balance, and the thieves chose their thief.
A Christian song goes like this: If we only knew what a night it would be when suffering knows no haste or hurry. And we will weep forever and remember that Jesus sacrificed Himself by dying on the cross in our place. All of us. And we did not accept Him.

What happened to Barabbas after he was released?

When Barabas was released, he continued to live as a thief. The Bible does not mention anything about his life after the death of Jesus Christ. All we know is that choosing to release the murderer, Barabbas was a pure act of weakness on the part of the people of Israel. Who was also indulged in their sinful habits and would never have chosen Christ over their earthly beliefs? 

Why does Pilate wash his hands?

 Pontius Pilate washed his hands not to assume the guilt of the death of Jesus Christ. The prosecutor of Judea washed his hands, which means he wanted to avoid responsibility, especially if the fault was essential, to avoid taking responsibility. He let someone else decide for him. When Jesus is brought to trial before Pilate, he does just as Annas and Caiaphas did. In other words, he refuses to pronounce condemnation or pardon and shows Jesus to the crowd. Alongside the condemned robber Barabbas, he asks those gathered there to choose for themselves. Who will be pardoned, and who will be condemned? And, as we know, the crowd decides to explain Barabbas and crucify Jesus.

What was Jesus’ crown of thorns made of?

The Lord wore the wreath of thorns made of the most painful local area thorn bushes twisted into a circle to look like a painful crown. The crown’s symbolism demonstrates that this is what the King of the Jews, Jesus the Nazarene, looks like. The peak was with physical thorns and Juda’s kiss on Judas. The lost apostle, having been caught by the devil’s enemy and having to humble himself, stretched his wickedness to the end, for he led the haters of Christ to see the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The crown of thorns was just the beginning of the pain, not the end of the climax. Blood was pouring from His forehead and head. As He mentioned at the Last Supper, His blood was dripping and breaking for all humanity. To forgive the sins of all. Above His head, on the cross, they put a tablet on which Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews, was written.
They wanted to insult him. But in the end, when the temple curtain was torn and night fell over the whole world, everyone was filled with terror and fear. At Jesus’ death, even the centurion who had struck him and guarded him on the cross said that he was sure that the one on the cross was the Son of the Highest, and we had killed Him.

Simon of Cyrene at the crucifixion

Jesus, despised by everyone, carries his cross on his back. Through the narrow streets of Jerusalem. He climbed Calvary paying the price of holy blood. While the people and Jesus walked, the priests saw a man called Simon from Cyrene. The cross had almost 40 kilograms.

They forced him to help Jesus carry His cross for almost 1 kilometer. Simon of Cyrene: was the man caused by the Romans to take Jesus’ cross on the road to Calvary, where Jesus was to be crucified. He was a Jew who had come to Jerusalem for the feast. To hasten Jesus’ execution by the death of Jesus Christ, the soldiers forced Simon to carry the cross.

A journey like that of Simon of Cyrene is harrowing. Physically and spiritually. He had to carry the burden of the meek Lamb, which was a tough road for him.

Christ was crucified

The springs and the mountains weep for the Lamb’s sacrifice and the Lord’s death. For at Calvary, high on a cross, love throned and supreme sacrifice and reconciled all humanity to the Holy Father. God is holy and just. He, in His holiness, must punish sin. The wage of sin is death. Blood is life. Before, in His love, He accepted the blood of animals as a substitute for the sinner. Then, seeing that man was sinning more, He sent His Son to pay the price for our sins. God gave his only Son for the salvation of our souls. That’s why Christ was crucified.

death of jesus christ

What did Jesus drink on the cross?

Jesus became thirsty on the cross, and the soldiers gave him vinegar to drink to mock him. But this also happened to fulfill the prophecies of Isaiah. On Friday, Jesus was in the darkest torment. There was no moon and no sun. The King of the Jews drank vinegar and gall to weep and wash the whole world clean of sin.

Darkness covered the earth for 3 hours.

In Bible, it is written that the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ moment, while the Bible, it is written that the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ moment, on about the night that gripped the world at the time of the end of Jesus Christ as a cosmic or worldwide event: ‘At the moment of Christ’s death, the flight departed from the Sun, and the earth was darkened in the middle of the day.

The unliving nature loosens its voice, reacts, and weeps His sufferings. The Sun is darkening, the moon no longer sheds light, the tombs are opening, the earth is shaking from the depths, and those close to Him can no longer contain their weeping and anxiety. Daughters and sons of Jerusalem, do not mourn for Me, for I will rise again; mourn for your sins that you may become children of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Jesus and the thieves on the cross

The goodness of the Lord is not stopped by suffering, as it is with us men. The integrity shown to the one who wants to be saved relieves his pain and comforts him in his great suffering. Therefore, to the words of the thief: Lord, call me when you come into your kingdom, he responds with a very close promise and the sweetest kindness: Today you will be with me in heaven.

The Saviour on the cross is even waiting for Judas to come and grant him forgiveness, as he received the thief in the last moment of his earthly life. But Judas was ashamed and committed suicide. (If you want to know if Judas could have repented, access our article about Judas’ story.)

What did Jesus say before He died on the cross?

When Jesus was still on the cross before his death, he yelled at God: “ELI! ELI! LAMA SABACTANI?” His final words were IT HAS FINISHED ALL THE PROPHECIES. The Son of God cries out; what He said means: My God, why did You leave me? Jesus cried out to his heavenly Father because he felt His Heavenly Father was no longer answering him. But God could not watch His son Emmanuel’s agony and torment. And for what? For the people who do not recognize Him as Lord and Savior anyway? For future wars? Jesus to die for the tortures and killings there are about to come?
God turned his face away when Jesus was tortured on the cross. Because of the pain his holy Son experiences. 

Jesus went to Hell for three days.

In the three days after the death of Jesus Christ, He went to Hell for three days to preach His words to everyone. There are also rumors that Jesus descended into Hell to retrieve David from there. “For You will not leave my soul in the abode of the dead; You will not suffer Your beloved to see decay. ”

This passage directs us to the typical case of what happens when a human dies before Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. The soul was abandoned “to the abode of the dead,” and the body saw corruption or decay.
In Acts 2:29-31, Peter tells us that David, in writing this psalm. Foresaw Christ’s resurrection: He was not abandoned to the abode of the dead.
In the book of Revelation,n we are of the dead, great and small, standing before the throne. Some books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged according to their deeds and what was written in those books. The sea gave back the dead who were in it.

Death of Jesus Christ and the Dwelling of the Dead gave back the dead in them. Each one was judged according to his deeds.

The funeral of Jesus

After Jesus’ death,h he did not have a regular burial but was mourned very hard by his mother and his beloved disciples. A boy from Arimathea decided to ask for the Lord’s body. Joseph took the body of Jesus, and Joseph was a counselor from Arimathea. Joseph took down the body of Jesus, and he is one of the hidden disciples of the Saviour. When Jesus’ body was lower from the cross, Mary held her Son in her arms.

When He came down from the cross, he wrapped Jesus’ body in a cloth. The cloth was made of linen, and he placed it in a tomb dug in a huge rock where no one else had been. It was the day of preparation and the beginning of the Sabbath.
And the women followed Joseph and returned to prepare oils and spices for embalming Jesus. And on the Sabbath day, he rested.

Guarding the tomb of Jesus

The guarding of the tomb was done at the suggestion of the chief priests and Pharisees. They feared that Jesus would be resurrected and the apostles would steal his body. The news of the Lord’s resurrection would have been worse than the claim that Jesus died for. That the Messiah is the Son of God.
The priests asked Pilate to post a special Centinela in the tomb, and Pilate replied that he would give them a stake and let them guard the grave as they knew best.
But, they sealed the tomb and strengthened it. They placed a huge stone at the entrance and guards. But still in God’s plan for his Son Jesus. After three days, an angel of God would open the tombstone, and Jesus would rise.

Biography of Caiaphas

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Jesus was beaten and stabbed 

Sometimes, we wonder why Christ came into this world because it is again full of sin and darkness. His sacrifice and devotion were huge. How could He give up everything He had and leave Heaven, where He is King, to come down to earth? To be beaten and stabbed by the most appreciated people and priests. Do we even realize that the death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, made Him destroyed, crushed, spit on, and pushed, and He did not fight back, But in return, He blessed everyone? Also, His body was pierced, and He shed tears and had His palms pierced on a cross for a new nation.

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