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Did Jesus resurrect? Proof of Jesus Resurrection

Jesus is resurrect from the dead guarantees that we will be brought back to life. As Paul says when he states that if Christ has not been raised, your faith is in vain, you are still in your sins. But Christ has indeed risen, demonstrating that He has power over death. 

Jesus Christ rose from the dead exactly as the Scriptures and all the evangelists who witnessed this phenomenal event. The proof of Jesus’ Resurrection is found in the pages of the Bible, for all the apostles recorded in their writings that they witnessed a shocking event: the Resurrection of a Man from the dead.

On Sunday, even the women went to the tomb early in the morning for one purpose: to complete the burial ritual. Although they had been with Jesus for so long, they didn’t understand what would happen. They didn’t expect to find the tomb empty. Christian hope is alive because it is based on Jesus resurrect. 

Did Jesus say He would be resurrected?

Jesus encouraged Martha in faith. Saying: “Your brother, Lazarus, will rise again.” He took Martha’s thoughts beyond the immediate resurrection of her brother. To the resurrection of the righteous. He did this so that she would see the resurrection of Lazarus. A guarantee of the resurrection of all the righteous dead and an assurance that the Savior’s power would accomplish this. His answer was not intended to give her hope of immediate change.

Jesus said in John 16:16 that He would be resurrected in three days, according to the Scriptures recorded before the world’s creation.

The Holy Spirit will raise Him from the dead and conquer the grave and death forever! Just as He demonstrated with Lazarus and Jairus’ little girl. The resurrection is fundamental to God’s redemptive work and all Christian faith and existence. The Apostle Paul makes this point very clearly: And if Christ does not rise, then our preaching is in vain, and your faith is also in vain.

Did Jesus die and rise again?

Jesus resurrect the most fantastic celebration of Christianity, the fundamental dogma of the Christian faith. It is a celebration of complete joy, of divine light, of communion, of the soul. On the night of the Resurrection, Christians enjoy a particular state of grace, a special connection with their fellow men and God. 

Jesus died and then rose again with the help of the Holy Spirit and by fulfilling the prophecy of Psalm 16:10.

We know that death also marks the separation of the soul from the body. God made human beings to be embodied souls and embodied bodies, and death separates this union into two. We are told in the Bible through Psalm 16:10 a window into biblical teaching concerning the arrival of the Son of Man again into the world, but not by birth this time, but by resurrection. “For You will not leave my soul in the abode of the dead; You will not suffer Your beloved to see destruction.”

Key Verse related to Jesus’ Resurrect

They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.

jesus resurrect

Did God know that Jesus would be crucified?

Crucifixion is publicly killing someone, exposing them for all to see, and serving as a lesson for society. The condemned dies slowly and suffers from thirst. When it comes to the nails, they were not hammered into the bridge of the palm. As Jesus Christ is also depicted in icons. He was a man of reasonably lightweight, but not είναι the condemned were even, so the Roman method assumed that the nail passed through the wrist.

God knew that Jesus would be crucified because before the foundation of the world and the coming of Jesus, they had a meeting, and God asked Jesus if he would make the ultimate sacrifice for humankind. And to demonstrate that the Son of God can fulfill all the laws and Prophecies of the ages. But if he goes, he will suffer bitterness and torment and be crucified as a thief on the cross. Spat upon, nailed down, and sold by his friends.

The icon of Jesus being resurrected, depicted in His descent into hell, shows that God saved His Son and helped Him rise again. And how Christ emerges from hell, together with Adam and Eve and all the righteous of the Old Testament.

What is the evidence that Jesus died?

John Chrysostom claims that the Saviour uttered the prophetic words Eli, Eli, and lama Sabah Tani as a witness to the first death. In which God abandoned him. After the darkness was taken away, the Jews would understand that He had not died on the cross. He had made darkness on earth. Or if He had ceased to be God, He could not have brought darkness.

To make it evident that Jesus had died, the soldiers pierced his ribs and chest three more times. Does the Biblical evidence even say that it is known that Jesus broke the moment he cried ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACTHANI?

These words represent the cry of Christ on the cross. It seems incomprehensible that Christ, the Son of God, should utter these words to experience God’s parting. His body was full of spikes, pain, and sorrow for the world full of sin and death. But he endured terrible torments for us out of love for people.

And often, one concludes that His sacrifice was in vain, but it is not. Because Christ also prophesied that people would become worse and worse at the end of time, people will become worse and worse.

How do we know Jesus was resurrected?

The resurrection, however, is not only the causal factor. But also, the effect factor is beyond history. The resurrected Jesus Christ is not a historical person. Subject to the existential conditions of this life. The physical and spiritual causes that reign in the immanence. A wise person said that the importance of the resurrection surpasses all knowledge in the universe. Only the creation of the world has this importance and quality. Like creation, the resurrection is not a historical event because it is not due to planned and unknown causes.

We know that Jesus was resurrected based on biblical and scientific evidence that clearly shows that Jesus resurrect as written in the Bible and prophesied in the Old Testament.

The resurrection of the Lord is the most fantastic celebration of Christianity, an important event in a man’s life that happened two thousand years ago. Still, it continues to fascinate the entire human race. The resurrection of our Lord Jesus means that Jesus conquered death and brought light.

Primary Takeaways

  • The Resurrection of the Lord is meant to dye/ paint eggs red at Easter because when Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, a drop of blood fell on the eggs, and since then, it has been a tradition to dye eggs red.
  • Jesus Christ died for our sins; you have to believe. And trust that He has conquered fear and death.
  • In the Bible, Easter is on the 14th of Nisan. The Passover of the Resurrection of the Lord.


The report that water and blood flowed from the heart allows us to conclude that pleural and pericardial blood collection occurred. They eventually led to cardiac tamponade and intracoronary thrombosis through heart rupture.

We know that Jesus died because when the soldiers saw that he was out of breath, they crushed his feet, and he stopped moving. After three days, He stepped outside the tomb and proved to everybody that He was the Alpha and Omega.