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Elisha in Bible. How old was Elijah when he died?

The work of the prophet Elisha in Bible in the 9th century BC comes down to us in the form of eighteen episodes covering over fifty years. Elisha worked mainly as the leader of the school of prophets, and his ministry was essentially public. It included signs and wonders on both personal and national levels. The prophet Elisha’s advice and help were sought by kings and commoners alike.

The holy prophet Elisha in Bible was a farmer. He was called by Elijah, by divine command, to the prophet’s mission. Elijah revealed divine revelation to Elisha and tearfully asked God, as the doubter, to give him the grace present in him. Elisha left his home and family and followed Elijah. He followed Elijah until Elijah’s ascension to heaven when he took his helmet and his prophetic gift.

From his birth, he was a great miracle worker, for a golden heifer from Shiloh, to whom the Israelites offered their sacrifices, died in the hour of Elisha’s birth and roared so loudly that her voice was heard to Jerusalem. Undoubtedly, God called Elisha; he had some extraordinary experiences that must have confirmed this call.

Biography of Elisha

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Biblical places from Elisha’s times

  1. Jerusalem- The exact location of Jerusalem and its temple
  2. Jordan- Where is it located?

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What is the story of Elisha in the Bible?

Elisha, whose name signifies “God is salvation,” was the replacement of Elijah in the workplace of the prophet in Israel (1 Kings 19:16, 19-21; 2 Kings 5:8). He was called to follow Elijah in 1 Kings 19:19, and he spent the following quite a long while as the prophet’s protégé until Elijah was taken into paradise. 

The story of Elisha in Bible is found in the two books of Kings from the Old Testament. They are two of the most eminent prophets from sacred texts assisting with reestablishing Israel amid insidious rulers. Elijah is introduced in 1 Kings 17 as the diviner who predicted a three-year dry spell in the place known as Israel. Around then, Israel was managed by defiled Kings whose detestable ways caused the dry season from God upon the land. Dwelling in the desert, God saves Elijah while ravens bring him more food amid the dry season than he anticipated. Elijah then, at that point, goes to the home of a widow and her child, where God had vowed to give food until the dry spell had stopped.

The story continues as Elijah defies the malicious ruler, Ahab, about being the reason for issues for individuals of Israel. Elijah challenges Ahab to a test of his god, Baal, versus the God of Elijah at Mount Carmel. The test is to offer penances to their gods and see what lights a fire to show their divine nature. Ahab’s prophets appeal to God for quite a long time to Baal, yet nothing occurs.

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How many Elisha is in the Bible?

The young lady’s name Elisha is also used as a kid name, much more often a kid name. It is articulated in English as it-LAY-SHah or it-LAY-SHah †. Elisha’s language of beginning is Germanic, Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Old Greek. It is overwhelmingly utilized in English and Hebrew. From Hebrew roots, its significance is ‘God is salvation. It is a scriptural name from el, which signifies ‘God, strong’; shall help, convey. The female name could likewise be gotten from the blend of Elise and Alicia. See Elisha for more data.

There’s just a single Elisha in the Bible. He is the prophet who succeeded Israel’s prophet Elijah the Tishbite (1 Kings 19:16). In the New Testament, his name is referenced just a single time, in LUKE 4:27, in the interested literal interpretation of Ελισσαιος; Elissaios.

The name Elisha comprises two components, the first being אל (El), either the noticeable Canaanite divinity whose name became applied to the God of Israel or the normal condensing of Elohim, the sort God.

What did Elijah do when he saw Elisha?

During his journey, Elijah was guided north. How different was the scene before him from how the country had looked a short time before! Then the fields were not tilled; the ground was scorched, for neither dew nor rain had fallen for three years. Now everything seemed to come alive as if to redeem the time of famine and want. The abundant rains had done more for the earth than for the hearts of men; the plains were better prepared for work than the hearts of apostate Israel.

When Elijah the prophet saw Elisha in Bible with his servants plowing with twelve pairs of oxen, he went out into the field and, as he passed by, unrolled his cloak and threw it over Elisha’s shoulders. Then he passed on as if the work was finished. But he knew that Elisha understood the significance of that act and left him without a word, leaving him to decide whether to accept or reject the call.

Elisha lived his life in expectation, with contentment, doing his work faithfully. Day by day, he learned to be correct and purposeful through practical obedience and the divine grace he trusted in. By doing his best to work together with his father in their household, he was serving God. He was learning how to work with God.

Key Verse related to Elisha

“And Jehu the son of Nimshi shalt thou anoint [to be] king over Israel: and Elisha, the son of Shaphat of Abelmeholah shalt thou, anoint [to be] prophet in thy room.”

Kings 1 19:16 (NIV)

Elisha in Bible

What happened to Elisha in the Bible?

Elisha was a significant prophet who drove God’s oracles during the fierce season of the rulers in Israel’s set of experiences. He shows up on the Biblical Timeline with world history during the eighth century BC. This prophet effectively performed marvels and prophesized through the rule of four lords. Elisha played out his administration for God for 60 years. Elisha’s name signifies “my God is salvation.”

To Elisha, it is known in the Bible that God has a plan of salvation and performed miracles through him. Yet again, later, Ahab’s child, King Ahaziah, requests Baal to recuperate him from a physical issue, and Elijah maintains the selective freedoms of Yahweh by cutting down “fire from paradise.” After he gives his mantle to his replacement, the prophet Elijah, Elisha, is taken more time to paradise in a hurricane.

Elisha spent numerous years preparing under Elijah before the old prophet was taken into paradise. God chose to bring Elijah into heaven instead of letting him encounter demise. Elisha and Elijah were going toward the Jordan River, close to the furthest limit of his lifespan. While they were strolling, a gathering of prophets might approach Elisha and tell him, “the Lord will remove your lord,” and he would answer, “I know.”

Prayer to Saint Elisha

Saint Elisha was a famous miracle worker. Among his miracles were the parting of the waters of the Jordan, the sweetening of the bitter waters of Jericho, the multiplication of a poor widow’s oil, and the blinding of the Syrian army. So we should offer him a small prayer:

“Let us sing to the Lord, Who led His people through the Red Sea, a song of victory, that He has glorified Himself.

Stich: Holy Prophet Elisha, pray to God for us.

Rejoice, O Prophet Elisha, who hast appeared in the likeness of angels, living in the flesh as without flesh.

Stich: Holy Prophet Elisha, pray to God for us.

By guarding, O prophet, the eye of the soul without matter, with the ray of the Spirit, you could see the things to come.

Stich: Holy Prophet Elisha, pray to God for us.

Ask of God, Elisha, healing for those who are sick and cleansing from faults for those who praise you.

Stich: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.

Let us sing to the Lord, Who was pleased to be born without the seed of the Virgin, for our salvation and deliverance.”

What was the miracle of Elisha?

A supernatural occurrence in Scripture, by definition, includes God saving the specific laws of nature. We might hear people alluding to “the marvel of nature” or “the wonder of labor,” and these are genuinely exceptional, however as far as possible, the utilization of the expression “marvel” to occasions that are significantly more noteworthy, in that they supplant the laws of typical event.

In the following illustrations, it is known that Elisha’s miracles are that he parts the Jordan waterway. Also, he mends a harmed water supply; Bears kill 42 oppressive young people; Elisha duplicates a widow’s oil; a lady becomes pregnant; Elisha rejuvenates a dead man, Elisha makes toxic food-safe, Elisha increases portions, Heal Naaman of infection, Elisha makes a hatchet head float, Elisha opens his worker’s eyes to see holy messengers.

Elisha hits the Syrian armed force with a visual deficiency; Elisha reestablishes seeing the Syrian armed force; Elisha says food will be bountiful and Receives a dead Moabite man. In 2 Kings sections 3-5, there is a progression of marvels performed by Elisha, the new head of the “children of the prophets” in Israel. Every wonder that Elisha performs affirms that he is to be sure a prophet of God and that his assertion is to be viewed as the Word of God.

Primary Takeaways

  • It would be good to meditate on the case of Elisha when he was chosen for His ministry. The prophet Elijah was about to complete his church on earth. Another was to be called to carry on the church for that time.
  • God worked many miracles through the prophet Elisha.
  • Elijah’s attention was drawn to Elisha, son of Shaphat, who, with some servants, was plowing with twelve pairs of oxen. Elisha had received his education away from the city and the waste of the court. He was taught to live and obey his parents and God.


Nonetheless, Prophet Elisha, one of the most blessed among God’s Prophet, kicked the bucket sick. In His lifetime, Elisha raised the dead without talking a word. He only laid himself on the dead body two times, and the dead rose. After his demise, his dry bones returned to life as a dead man. However, with all his blessing, he passed on wiped out.

Now Elisha was tired of his infection, which he passed on. Furthermore, Joash, the ruler of Israel, descended unto him, sobbed over his face, and said, O my dad, my dad, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof.

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