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Feast of the Holy Trinity. God in Three Persons

The Son is the light of the Father, who came into the world to light our way to eternity. And the Holy Spirit is the warmth that comes from the Father. To warm our hearts and kindle in them the love of God. Thus, the sun and the light, and the heat are one. So are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – the feast of the Holy Trinity.

The dogma of the Christian faith teaches that The Feast of the Holy Trinity promotes the Son. Jesus Christ, born of the Father and the Holy Spirit, proceeds from the Father before all ages. That is, from eternity. How can this be? It is not impossible to answer: the Son is born of the Father, as the word is born of the mind. And the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father as the will move from the deed. The term is taken from the mind, not born. And the act is born of the will, not held. In the same way, The Son is born, and the Holy Spirit flows from the Father.

This is, very briefly, the Christian teaching about God, which the whole Bible believes and testifies to – the essential masterpiece and testimony to the truth of God’s existence. The more than eight hundred million Christians believed and testified to the teaching who today count under its wings Christianity.

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Why is the Feast of the Holy Trinity celebrated?

The personal spiritual perfection of man through his eternal unconfused union with God. It can only take place where one believes in an eternal eschatology of man. In his union with God. Such an eschatology is the natural following of the triune God.

Christians celebrate The Holy Trinity because it is the foundation of Christian teaching and belief about God. Faith in the dogma of the Feast of the Holy Trinity distinguishes Christian education about God. From other doctrines and conceptions, in the sense that only Christian teaching shows us that God works salvation in a man who comes to Christ.

The Church has a Trinitarian foundation which is not to be sought in philosophical speculation but the mystery of the everyday life of the divine Persons.

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Key Verse related to The Holy Trinity

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Feast of the Holy Trinity

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Was the Holy Trinity found in the Old Testament?

During this period, God did specific works, which can be divided into two main categories, the result of creation and the work of salvation. In these works, all three Persons are involved, each having a specific role.

The Holy Trinity is present in the Old Testament in the actions that God did, and we find these three concepts running through the Old Testament: God, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God. However, the Old Testament did not fully reveal that although God is one, three Persons are equally God.

The fact that the revelation of God is progressive does not mean that what God revealed about Himself, in the beginning, becomes false later, but rather that new truths are revealed about Him, which further complement and illuminate the first truths.

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In what is the Christian faith found?

Human perfection can only occur when God is not conceived as a single person. But as a community of Persons in perfect unity, in one Being. Of the believing man, in a union by grace with Him.

Christian faith is found in one God as Being. But Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, show us that God is transcendent and immanent simultaneously. That He is above the world but is in the world.

Only a personal God, who is the supreme and inexhaustible source of love. And who considers man a person, cherishes man as such and wants to raise him in this love dialogue. But without taking away his freedom of will, that is, only if man wills it.

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Is God found in three different persons?

Christianity is a monotheistic religion, a religion that believes in the existence of one God. The feast of the Holy Trinity is the foundation of Christian teaching and belief about God. Faith in the dogma of the Holy Trinity distinguishes Christian education about God from other doctrines in that only Orthodox teaching shows us that God works salvation in a man who comes to Christ.

One of the fundamental teachings of Christianity is that there is one God, but He exists eternally in three equal and distinct Persons. The teaching about the Holy Trinity is radical and separates Christianity from all religions.

God has revealed himself to man through what he has created, as Paul tells us in Romans 1:19,20. God has also revealed himself in man’s conscience, as we see in Romans 2.14,15. He has also revealed Himself in the Holy Scriptures.

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Primary Takeaways

  • The acts of the revelation of the Trinity are saving and indicative actions, lifting us into communion with the Persons of the Holy Trinity through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • All the prayers of the Church begin with invoking the Holy Trinity, thus showing that no prayer can be made with the hope of fulfillment without faith in it.
  • The Holy Spirit brings life and interregional love; in fact, he raises the whole of creation on the plane of interregional love and indwelling, which knows no bounds. Therefore, the Church of the Holy Spirit, especially in the Holy Eucharist, is within the Holy Trinity.

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The belief in the dogma of the Feast of the Holy Trinity distinguishes Christian teaching about God from other doctrines and conceptions that only such a Godhead is uniquely saving as the basis of loving communion with us as persons in eternity.

Our spiritual life has as its starting point the communication of the Trinitarian life and love, which is maintained by the inexhaustible energies of the Holy Spirit, who helps us in our ascetic needs. All the good deeds are done for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and when we reach the highest heights of this life, they maintain it in continuous progress.