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Gift ideas for Baptism | 10 Genius Ideas

Baptism is the first sacrament that brings the little faithful closer to the church. It is an extraordinary moment and of great importance for the whole family. Baptism celebrates the child’s entry into a joyful life that will lead him to the discovery of spirituality with the attentive guidance of his parents, godfather, and godmother. Like any great religious feast, this one is also made up of objects and gift ideas for Baptism that enhance it and make it an unrepeatable moment in the life of every Christian. The symbols are different and can take on a significant spiritual and precious meaning.

To properly celebrate this great day, we have recommended 10 original gift ideas for baptism, indicating both religious gifts and valuable for parents to care for the child. Enjoy the reading!

What is given at baptism?

The day of baptism marks the beginning of a journey for the child. Given this day’s importance, giving gifts that are up to the occasion is essential. Gift ideas for Baptism are precious gifts that will accompany the child throughout his life, thoughts that will always remind the child and the family of this holiday.

As the church advises, many parents choose to baptize their children when they are still small. This is why this occasion often represents a way to introduce the little one to the whole family and friends. For this reason, it is natural to think of good gifs, while the more demanding gift ideas for Baptism belong to the most intimate guests, such as relatives, who prefer to make elegant gifts so as not to disfigure. So, what is given to a baptism? Here are 10 original ideas!

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Representation of gift for Baptism

gift ideas for baptism


1. Chain with Angel of God pendant

The angel is one of the most common charms when choosing to give a jewel for baptism. It protects the child and can be used more efficiently by boys at an early age. Just choose a delicate, simple, and elegant pendant to be sure it makes a perfect gift!

2. Picture of the Holy Family in gold leaf

A picture with the Holy Family in the gold leaf can be displayed in the child’s room and become a truly original gift ideas for Baptism. What better occasion to give the little one a precious representation of the Birth of the Child Jesus? As he grows up, he will have an image to which he can turn his prayers and build his path of faith.

3. Silver necklace

The necklace is one of the most popular gifts for baptism in gold or silver. Typically the pendant of the necklace is a beautiful cross with a small representation of Jesus on the Cross. The chain is one of the most precious gifts a child can receive. For this reason, this is usually the perfect godmother and godfather gift, as unique as it is symbolic.

4. Swarovski cross

The Swarovski crystal cross is an elegant gift for a little girl. It is a delicate pendant, simple but at the same time of significant effect, which the birthday girl can use on one of the most beautiful occasions of her life. You can choose from the many colors available that best represents the little one who will receive the gift.

5. Sacred icon of the guardian angel

Do you want to make gift ideas for Baptism that protects the child and brightens his room? A chubby, smiling guardian angel is the right choice. As mentioned, the angel is a recurring sacred icon when looking for a religious gift for a child. You can opt for a gold version to give a precious little angel and increase its value. 

6. Bible

What better gift ideas for Baptism than a beautiful Bible? You can choose a more adult version or a lighter one designed to bring the child closer to the life of Jesus. These are Bibles for children and teenagers that tell the story of him.

7. Wooden picture with prayer

Have you ever thought of giving a wooden picture with a prayer engraved? Just choose a colorful and cheerful style to give the little one’s bedroom a more lively touch. In this way, the child can easily approach prayer, following the simple but decisive words suggested by the little angel.

As we have anticipated, in addition to religious gifts in recent years, less spiritual but valuable thoughts for the child’s care have appeared more frequently.

8. Pet lamp

You know, little ones don’t like sleeping in the dark. For this reason, giving a pet lamp as a gift can help the child to familiarize themself with the darkness of the night and accompany their dreams. Indeed, you can opt for a version with some silver inserts and pastel pink and light blue details.

9. Baby food set

The baby set is a helpful gift ideas for Baptism that is very popular with parents. As the child grows, he will use it first with the help of his mother and father and then by himself. So, the plate with the matching glass and the cutlery set make up the perfect baby food kit. Choose a colorful pattern to stimulate the child’s curiosity, and that’s it!

10. Brush and comb set for the baby

Regarding baby care, two accessories that cannot be missing immediately come to mind: the brush and the comb. These are objects designed especially for the little ones, with soft and delicate bristles that respect the child’s sensitivity. In addition to being functional in this case, the gift ideas for Baptism can become a memory of his childhood. Would you like to embellish this gift? You can choose the version with silver details to make the set even more elegant.

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Gift from godmother and godfather for baptism

The godmother and the godfather play a vital role on the day of baptism. Therefore, after receiving the sacrament, they officially become guides who will help the little one face his faith journey. Indeed, that’s why there are a lot of expectations about their gift. The gift ideas for Baptism we just told you about can also be suitable for a godmother and a godfather, especially for religious ones.

If you are looking for some gift ideas for your future godson, choose something that can represent in the right way this important step for you, for the parents, and above all, for the child.

You can find many gift ideas for the Baptism occasion on different online shops. Visit Amazon dedicated to religious gifts and be inspired by their ideas!