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The role of the godfather and godmother for the child

One of the most important roles for the child who begins his path of Christian faith is that of the godfather and godmother. These are two important figures chosen on the occasion of Baptism and Holy Confirmation. And who has a genuinely precious task? We live in a world where the actual value of this role is lost, even though it shouldn’t be. That’s why today we want to help you find out what they represent for the child. And also what tasks these figures are called to perform.

Continue reading our article; you will find many ideas for choosing the godfather and godmother and some tips to become a point of reference in the life of the young Christian!

Baptism and Holy Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation are the only two sacraments that require the figure of the godfather and the godmother. The reason is straightforward. Baptism is the first sacrament a believer receives and represents his entry into the religious community. For this reason, it is essential to choose a guide to help the child discover his faith in Christ.

In the same way, when the sacrament of Confirmation is reached, the godfather figure is essential to lead the boy. Now an adult, to complete knowledge of his faith and the life of Jesus. In general, it is the parents who choose the godfather or the godmother for Baptism. Once the Confirmation milestone has been reached, the boy will choose the figure who can hold this position.

Representation of the godparents

godfather and godmother


The role of the godfather and godmother

Traditionally, the choice falls on people with whom you have a particular bond. It is essential to remember that the chosen figure must comply with specific requirements like a relative or a friend. That goes well beyond the emotional relationship. A godfather or godmother must walk alongside the faithful. Just as Jesus himself would, you must offer him spiritual support and be a model of the Christian life. To help and inspire him in every moment.

For this reason, it is essential to choose a person who is fond of the child to be baptized. Or the one being confirmed, but who can understand that their task is not simply to accompany the altar. Or offer favors to guests during the party.

Let us remember again that Baptism represents the entry of the young faithful into the Church. At the same time, Confirmation serves to confirm his participation in the life of the Christian community. These are two highly solemn occasions that cannot be entrusted to people unsuitable for the role. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics and tasks of this figure.

The godfather and godmother: who are they, and what tasks do they have?

The godfather and the godmother of Baptism are the figures who accompany the godson or goddaughter to the altar. And assume the responsibility of attending to them during their human and spiritual growth. If the person being baptized is a child, the godfather and the godmother also have the task of making the baptismal promises in her place during the celebration.

While for Baptism, it is possible to choose two figures, on the occasion of Confirmation, it will only be a godfather or godmother to accompany the confirmation to the altar. The young faithful specially chose her.

What are the requirements the godfather and godmother must meet?

The requisites for playing this role are indicated precisely by the can. 874, about Baptism, while from a can. 893 of the Code of Canon Law, for Holy Confirmation.

Briefly, the main ones are the following:

  • He is to be chosen by the person baptized or his parents. Or by whoever takes his place, the parish priest or the minister. And who has the aptitude and intention to exercise this office;
  • Be a Catholic, have already received Confirmation and Communion, and lead a life respecting the faith. And consistent with the office he assumes;
  • Has reached the age of sixteen, provided that the diocesan bishop has not established another age. Or the pastor or minister deems it reasonable, for just cause, to admit the exception;
  • It is not the father or the mother of the one being baptized;
  • They are not only civilly married, cohabiting, and divorced. Or separated but cohabiting with another partner. In these cases, it is always better to contact the parish priest to assess the situation;
  • He is not trapped by any canonical penalty legitimately inflicted or declared.

As mentioned, there can be either a single godfather, a single godmother, or both at Baptism. However, two or two godmothers are not allowed.

The tasks and duties of the godfather and godmother

The godfather or godmother must be a guide, mentor, and teacher. These are people to whom parents would entrust their child in case of need. For this reason, these figures must be ready to take charge of the child in the event of the parent’s death, and above all, they must be able to accompany them and encourage them.

Together with the parents, the godfather and the godmother form a spiritual family united in faith and love, which works together to ensure the boy’s or girl’s physical and material well-being.

Their moral duties go hand in hand with religious ones, which is why they need to have the honesty to recognize whether or not they are worthy of this responsibility based on their life choices and their attendance at the Church. . If not, it is good practice to refuse the assignment and let it be entrusted to someone more suitable.

How to choose the godfather and the godmother?

After understanding these figures’ requirements and tasks, it will be easy for you to identify the people who respond appropriately to the role. First, the person must be chosen based on a living and proven faith, such as to teach the boy the pride and pride of being a Christian.

Pope Francis said: “You will help these children to grow well if you give them the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus.” The godfather and godmother must go further and set a good example.


Receiving the assignment to lead a faithful youth is one of the most important tasks to be faced. This is why one of the tips we want to give you is to prepare yourself to stay close to the godson at any moment of his life, especially in moments of difficulty and discouragement. It will be your task to be able to accompany him in every important step of his existence. He is starting with the sacrament that he is about to receive.

Remember to celebrate your faith regularly and to live your life according to the church. And to become an example for the child. From the moment you answered yes to the request from the parents or the child, you have taken on a commitment that lasts forever, which must be carried out with love, joy, and sharing.

Although the gift to be given to the young Christian is a secondary element compared to the depth of this moment. It is essential that the gift also lives up to the sacrament. Our advice is to choose something that can help the faithful remember the moment and relive it whenever he wants in his thoughts of it. Enter Amazon and be inspired by the gift ideas!