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He must increase, I must decrease meaning. How to place Jesus first?

We all heard the words “He must increase, I must decrease” and thought of their meaning. The words were spoken by John the Baptist himself, Jesus’ cousin referring to honoring Jesus. At the time his disciples came to him and complained that people were following Jesus. The world is still divided between repentant and unrepentant people. So what is the meaning of “He must increase, I must decrease”? John’s disciples were aggressive and made a challenge others who were not like them. This is a sign that they were novices who had more zeal than discretion. God’s truth has often suffered because of the prigishness¹ of those who committed themselves to defend it sooner than they were able. The dispute was between John’s disciples and the Jews who had not submitted to his baptism unto repentance. 


The meaning of the following Bible verse “He must increase and I must decrease” is that Jesus must be glorified and we must humble our beings a little. “He must increase”. John speaks of the meaning of Christ’s increase and decrease, not only as necessary and unavoidable but also that it is right² and pleasing and that it gave John great satisfaction. The lesson from John 3:30 is that we must place God first, instead of our needs or beings. Because God is the One who deserves all the glory and power.


John has to receive instructions from Jesus and is ready to carry out His commands. He must want to have proof that Christ speaks through him and is with him. John finds it fitting, as the friend of the bridegroom, that Christ’s interest and reputation be promoted and He not diminished.

What does God call himself in the Bible?

God is the one who created us, the one who created animals, plants, and the environment. He is our Heavenly father. He is a spirit because we cannot touch him. God is the master of heaven and earth. He created everything alive and everything that is on the face of the earth³ and we are his creation. Christianity has an important role in our lives because it develops us as people and makes us better, following the path of the Eternal.

God is called Yahweh by Himself in the Bible.

Christians should also look forward to meeting Yahweh the Lord. When one becomes a Christian, he or she becomes a child of God and a member of His family. A child’s greatest joy is to have fellowship with his father and to know him as well as possible. We can do the same with our heavenly Father when we spend time in silence with Him, with the Creator of The World.

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Biblical places from the times of Jesus Christ

  1. Kinneret- Is Kinneret located in Jerusalem? Is it the sea?
  2. Gethsemane-Where is it located?
  3. Jerusalem- The exact location of Jerusalem and its temple

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What must He increase, I must decrease mean?

John the Baptist was pleased to see the Kingdom of God begin to be known and taken by storm. The Kingdom of God is and will be a kingdom that grows like the morning light, like the mustard seed. He showed no sign of being displeased that the effect of this was to diminish his interests. “I must shrink.” Everything excellent is created under this law I must decrease.

The meaning “He must increase, and I must decrease” refers to letting the eternal brightness of the Lord’s glory be more visible than our transient self.

The brightness of God’s glory eclipses the brightness of any other brightness. Every competing glory, that of the world and that of nature diminishes and loses ground in the soul in which knowledge and love of Christ grow and gains ground. As the light of the morning grows, that of the stars grows dimmer. If our dimming and humility can at least contribute to the advancement of Christ’s name, then we joyfully must obey and be content to be “nothing” so that “Christ may be all”.

Key Verse 

He must increase, but I must decrease.

John 3:30 (NIV)

he must increase I must decrease

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Primary Takeaways

  • God is the only being from which the being cannot run away. It is the only relationship you cannot get out of, now or in the future. Even the atheist, who denies His presence now, will not be able to escape the encounter then.
  • God accepts us all as we each are, good or bad, he does not want the death of any sinner but his return to faith.
  • We can run away and close every other relationship, we can run away from the devil, we can run away from people, but we cannot escape our relationship with Him.

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We begin to have a relationship with God from the moment we are born, but later on, it is up to us whether we keep this relationship, it is in our power to always improve it. Let us raise it to the sublime by our deeds, by our love and respect for our fellow man. In the same way, we are the ones who damage this relationship by our attitude, our behavior, and the evil that sometimes inexplicably erupts in us. God can be in any of us, provided we allow Him to guide us. For this we must understand the real meaning of “He must increase, I must decrease.”