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Holy Guardian Angel | Who he is and what he does for you?

The holy guardian angel is a figure who accompanies the faithful on their life path, from birth to death. He stays by his side and helps him face the most challenging moments. This tradition is powerful in the Christian religion, even if the idea of ​​having a spirit that follows and supervises each human being was already present in many other faiths and Greek philosophy.

In this new article, we want to tell you who the holy guardian angel is and what he does for us. Keep reading!

The origin of the holy guardian angel

In the Old Testament, we find it written that God is surrounded by a host of celestial figures who worship him and perform actions in His name. Since ancient texts, we can find references to angels sent by God to protect the people and spread messages.

The holy guardian angel is a figure who lives in the grace of God. The fathers of the Church, such as Tertullianus, Sant’Agostino, Sant’Ambrogio, San Giovanni Crisostomo, San Girolamo, and San Gregorio di Nissa claimed the existence of a holy guardian angel for each person. There still needed to be a dogmatic formulation of this figure. Only after the Council of Trent, between 1545 and 1563, did it begin to affirm that each human being had his angel sent to him by God to watch over him.

Popular devotion began to increase in the 17th century, so Pope Paul V included a feast dedicated to guardian angels in the calendar.

Thus, in the sacred representations and images of holy devotion, the guardian angels appeared as the predominant subject, especially in protecting children from evil. If you think about it, from childhood, we are encouraged to address our prayers to the holy Guardian Angel. This sense of trust and unconditional love grows less intense and less present, as does the importance of reassurance that you feel as a child when you think of the holy guardian angel.

Beliefs about guardian angels

Let’s start immediately by saying that guardian angels exist, the Gospel affirms it and the Holy Scriptures support it with numerous examples and episodes. The course of the catechism teaches us to believe in him and to trust in his presence at our side. Guardian angels have always existed, as they were created with us and protect us from the very first moments of our life. God created angels in a single instant; he created thousands, and then he never began.

There is a kind of angelic hierarchy among the angels; only some are destined to become guardian angels. Each specific task holds a different position in heaven concerning God. Some angels are selected to take a particular test which, if passed, gives the angel the possibility to become a guardian. From this moment, when a child is born, one of the angels is chosen to stand beside him until death.

Each believer has one, and it is impossible to sell or share it with anyone. His task is to guide us on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. He certainly cannot force us to follow the path of good. He cannot decide for us or impose confident choices on us. We are always free to choose and follow what we believe is right. The guardian angel is like a silent counselor who accompanies us and gives us the right advice. He shows us the way to follow to obtain salvation and deserve Heaven.

Representation of the Holy Guardian Angel

holy guardian angel


Source: Wikipedia

What does the holy guardian angel do?

Indeed, our holy guardian angel fights with all his might by our side. Therefore, if you imagined his figure as that of a chubby putto and harp player, get ready to change your vision. The Guardian Angel is a warrior, a brave fighter who stands up against everything and everyone to protect us, especially when we are too fragile to do it alone.

The holy guardian angel never abandons us. So we can always count on him as an invisible friend who never leaves us alone.

It does not have a name; in any case, we aren’t usually the ones that handle establishing it. In the Holy Scriptures, we find some angels with names, for example, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. The church or the scriptures do not confirm other words attributed to heavenly creatures.

Who is the holy guardian angel?

A warrior, a trusted friend, a silent advisor, a heroic figure … the holy guardian angel is all we have told you and much more. Many mistakenly believe this celestial creature is the spirit of a dead person. It would be nice to think that our loved ones can turn into guardian angels after death and walk alongside us. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our angel is not someone we have known in our life. He is a spiritual presence that has always existed and is generated with infinite love directly from God.

Our Guardian Angel is a personal messenger tasked with bringing our messages to God and addressing His words to us. These creatures are a tool used by God to talk to us. Thanks to them, we can understand the meaning of his words, showing us the right path.

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The tradition of the guardian angel

Today the figure of the holy guardian angel is widespread, not only in the religious sphere. Since it is a figure closely linked to children. We often find it inside the bedrooms as paintings or tender knick-knacks. There are also jewels, such as necklaces and angel-caller bracelets. It is characterized by a metal pendant with a small sphere that generates light and delicate sound.

This accessory accompanies the child in the first moments of his life. Even before being born, it is given to the mother to draw the guardian angel’s attention for future birth, to be ready to watch over the children right away. The bedroom is undoubtedly where we see the images of these cute little angels appear. In stylized, realistic or playful, and colorful form to attract children’s attention. There are many solutions on the market of different sizes and materials. From the wooden squares with the silhouette of the holy guardian angel. With a stylized child to the colored magnets with the image of the celestial creature with large wings that protect the child.

A holy guardian angel pendant can become a fantastic gift idea for a newborn child. Or on the occasion of his First Communion. On Amazon, you can find numerous solutions suitable for all needs. Choose the right one for you!