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How does God decide who goes to Heaven?

According to the Bible, not all humanity will be admitted into Heaven. This is the reward for a well-defined group of people who, thanks to their good faith and the sacrifices faced for their faith, will have earned and deserved it. This group has specific characteristics and excellent prerequisites required by their Lord. Upon which they have offered their impeccable character and exemplary lives. But how does God decide who goes to Heaven?

The Bible asserts that God decide who goes to Heaven according to every human being’s faith and deeds. These are the main two criteria on which God decide who enters Heaven. In the Septuagint, God said that “faith by itself, if good deeds do not accompany it, is dead.” (James 2:17)

Faith in Jesus Christ and doing good deeds are just two requisites a Christian must have to access Heaven. Thus, if we look for detail, we find the other fundamental aspects in God’s words.

Who will go to Heaven?

Firmly believing in God and in all, He has commanded you to think and consider dispensable for God to decide who goes to Heaven. The creed is verbalized with the testimony of Faith. And with the actions that put this belief into practice. This testimony embodies pure monotheism, which is the essence of Christian belief. For this reason, God Almighty has made it the key to access Heaven, just as His Son, Jesus.

God says that whoever believes in the truths revealed by God and His Son, Jesus Christ, will go to Heaven. Also, God decide who goes to Heaven. And these people are those who habitually live in the grace of God by observing his Commandments, attending the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist, participating in Holy Mass, praying with perseverance, and doing good to others.

In summary, whoever dies without mortal sin is saved by the Grace of God and will go to Heaven after Jesus’ second coming. Whoever dies in mortal sin is damned and goes to Hell. 

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how does god decide who goes to heaven

Who will go to Heaven, according to the Bible?

Being good boys, good children of believers and good Christians do not ensure access to God’s grace, His forgiveness, an abundant Christian life, or even Heaven once one’s earthly existence ends. The yardstick for achieving all this is clearly expressed in the Bible: God’s grace. It is an undeserved favor that the Lord gives freely to all without regard to the personal skills or merits of the recipients. “He has saved us not by righteous works that we have done, but by his mercy, through the washing of the regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit.” (Titus 3: 5)

According to the Bible, the people who will go to Heaven are the ones who believe in God and accept eternal life for the merits of Christ Jesus, the Savior. What a precious love of God: one enters heaven for the values of Jesus on the cross and not for one’s own. Faith in His Name is the key to heaven.

Without direct contact with God, the world’s best and most educated person is separated from Him. And this makes them a sinner: one cannot come into possession of all those “gifts” contained in the Bible that grace gives. You can’t enter heaven if you don’t believe in God. “We know the works of the law do not justify that man, but only by faith in Christ Jesus …” (Galatians 2:16).

Who will go to Heaven on Judgment Day?

According to the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, men are judged immediately after death ( particular judgment ), and their souls enter Heaven or Hell directly or, in the case of Heaven, after a more or less intense phase of purification in Purgatory. But the Bible asserts that Jesus Christ will judge everyone on Judgement Day, and only at that moment will Saint Peter open the gates of Heaven.

On Judgement Day, the Christians who are worthy of God’s grace will go to Heaven. God is the one who decide who goes to Heaven.

Sinners undergo a punishment called “retaliation”; that is, it has a symbolic relationship of analogy. Or contrast with the sin committed: thus, the lustful are dragged by a hellish storm. As in life, they were by passion; fortune-tellers walk with their heads thrown back for having.

Who will not go to Heaven?

Jesus begins by saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a king who made a wedding feast for his son” (Mt 22: 2).
Communion with God is presented with a wedding feast for the king’s son. As the most loving and most beautiful event in public and social life. An event where nothing is missing. It is a great honor to be invited to this party. But some reject it, others despise it, and others don’t even want to hear about it. They want to consume their time for something else. They exclude themselves from the party.

The people who will not go to Heaven habitually live in a state of grave sin—thinking of nothing but enjoying life. Whoever does not reflect that will have to give an account to God for all his actions after death. Also, the people who never want to go to confession so as not to detach themselves from the sinful life he leads. 

Fornicators, thieves, drunkards, and those who desire to gain money are condemned. Cheat people with all kinds of schemes, murderers, scoffers, lazy people, lovers of mockery, and the insane. And also the people with evil thoughts, singers of a certain kind of music, and actors (so-called “artists”). Whether men or women, whether they sin knowingly or not and many others, will not go to Heaven. Such affairs lead to hell; they are sins for which you go to hell. You can’t spend a lifetime with the devil and then expect to be in eternity with God.

Who will not go to Heaven, according to the Bible?

Those who will not go to Heaven will go to a different place. And that is hell. Hell is not a biblical term; it is derived from the cave. In ancient Judaism, it was assumed that the souls of the wicked would be gathered in hell-fire caves until the end of time

The people who will not go to Heaven, according to the Bible, are the following ones:

  • those who, to the last moment of their earthly life, resist and reject the grace of God, which invites them to repent of their sins;
  • the people who refused to accept His forgiveness;
  • those who distrust the infinite mercy of God, who wants everyone to be saved and is always ready to welcome repentant sinners.

The Bible is generally very reserved when it comes to depicting heavenly joys. The Holy Book doesn’t offer any other otherworldly paradise or clues. A typical divine symbol is a celebratory meal. 

Will everyone go to Heaven?

An exemplary character and an inclination for good and good behavior are other essential qualities for hoping for Heaven’s reward. The Bible describes what believers must be: righteous people with magnificent attributes, obedient to God in joyful moments and in difficult times. 

Only some people will go to Heaven. Paradise allows entrance only to saints and righteous Christians. And the Gospel talks about what the saints do in Heaven and tells us they spend time with God and enjoy eternal life.

Those who fulfill the covenant made with God and who do not break the covenant will go to Heaven. Those who unite what God commanded to be united fear their Lord and a terrible account. 

How many souls will go to Heaven?

From John’s apocalyptic biblical fragment, it is clear that the 144,000 people are “the sons of Israel.” Who will perform a specific task for the Lord at the world’s end? The Bible says that the 144,000 are descendants of ethnic Israel. What will their role be? That of being witnesses to the Gospel on earth. Jesus Christ prophesied that the “Gospel of the Kingdom” would be preached in the last days before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Then, the Antichrist will reign on Earth, and the 144,000 will be the Lord’s servants in the world, preaching the Gospel.

Religious scholars believe that 144,000 souls will go to Heaven during the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

After the Second Coming of Christ, which will happen during the moment of Rapture, people on Earth will be tortured for 997 years. Because Satan will have 1000 years of reign, but in the first three years, he will soften them up. And make the unbelieving worshippers accept him. There will be so much pain and suffering that people would rather die than be tortured by these demonic beings. Instead, the only ones protected from these attacks will be the 144,000 whom Jesus will take into the sky. Thus, they will be a clear sign that God has chosen them.

Do sinners go to Heaven?

The path to heaven is narrow. God hates lying, pretense, drunkenness, whoredom, money-grubbing, empty glory – all that is sin, all that is sin. Duplicity, whoredom, drunkenness, love of money, fornication, pride, lying, abandoning children, laziness, and many others lead to hell.

According to the Bible, sinners do not go to Heaven. It is believed that all sinners will be cast into the fires of hell, and not a single sinner soul will enter the Kingdom of God. The issue of life and death is severe, so go through the course if you want to know things fully spiritually level to do well in this life and the next real one.

Some people do not love God but love sin. But sin separates man from God in this life and the next. A virtue brings man closer to God both in this life and in the next.

Can sinners go to Heaven?

There are two kinds of sinners: the first kind goes to repentance, falls and rise again. Others do not go to repentance. But with great difficulty, they rise from their fall but are eager to repent. Indeed, there is also a third kind of sinners, who have fallen into disobedience, have hardened their hearts, and have forsaken God. And also have delivered themselves into the hands of the enemy and have found themselves in the book of perdition. But it is not of these that the word is now spoken.

The biblical accounts demonstrate that sinners can go to Heaven if they genuinely repent. Only in this way can the sinner be worthy of being with all the saints who have pleased God.

Sinful man, remember, however, that without repentance, you will not be saved. And so do not postpone your repentance to the time of old age. You may come upon you with a swift and deadly disease, and then you will repent. But it will be too late, you will lament your sins, but there will be no more time. Please take care of this now, repent sincerely, and you will be mentioned in the assembly of the Saints. But do not think that you have no place there, and do not deny your salvation.

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God wants everyone. Of course, the picture of the Last Judgment is not the only statement in the Bible about the outcome of the Last Judgment. Paul writes: “God wants all men to be saved. And to come to an understanding of the truth” (1 Tim 2:4). In his letter to the Christian community in Rome, the apostle concludes that God will redeem his people even though they have fallen from the faith. 

Apostle Paul goes on to write in his epistle: “Just as there was condemnation for all men through the transgression of one man (Adam). So also through the righteous act of one man, there will be a justification for all men which gives life” (Romans 5,18). So God wants all people to fellowship with him in the end. Those who believed in him and loved him. And those who passed their lives without him.

Who will not go to Heaven? Bible verses

“For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.”

Ephesians 5:5 (NIV)


When all people come before the judgment seat of God, will everyone then enter into fellowship with God and go to “Heaven”? The answer seems clear: No, not all are redeemed for fellowship with God. Some have lived far from God during their lives and have gone against his will. And these will also spend eternity far from him, in “hell.”

The biblical parable of the Last Judgment speaks clear language and details how God decide who goes to Heaven. Jesus will divide the people like a shepherd separates his animals: the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. To those on the right, he will say: “Come, you who are blessed of my Father, receive as an inheritance the kingdom prepared for you. From the foundation of the world” (Mt 25:34). And to those on his left the king will say: “Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (Mt 25:40).