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How does the Bible end? Are we in the end of times?

The Bible is an unmeasurable source of knowledge. You should read the Bible to learn more about how Jesus lived His life. This is information that you’ll find in The New Testament. You will also see essential things from The Beginning of The World and its end. But how does the Bible end? It is written in the Bible that all good people go to Heaven. Reading this article, you can find important facts about how the book of God’s Love Story will end. 

The Bible begins precisely as it end -Unknown facts.

Genesis is the first book of the Scripture, and Revelation is the last one, but they have a lot of things in common. You will be surprised about details that maybe you still need to notice. In Genesis, we know that God made the Creation, which fell into sin. This is why God sent His Only Loving and Holy Son to die on the cross for our sins. And because Jesus set us free, the final test is to wait for His Second Coming for God to make a new Creation. And to achieve a new name, a white stone that is the equivalent of innocence and the hidden does the bible end

1. The Bible begins and end the same in Genesis. We see that there is a Creation of Heaven and Earth. And in the last Book of the Bible is written about the New Heaven and a New Earth. By reading it, we can find out how the Bible end.

2. It is also placed in a garden. In Genesis, we find out about the Garden of Eden, while in Revelation book, we find about The Tree of Life and The Garden.

3. At the same time, it is written in the second chapter of Genesis about The Tree of Life, just like in the 22nd chapter of Revelation.

4. The River follows it in the first book of the Bible. And then found the description again in the Revelation about The River of Life.

5. Genesis also refers to The First Marriage from the Bible, while Revelation to The Final Marriage and Jesus’ bride.

How will be the Second Coming of Jesus?

It is explained in the Book of Revelation and has yet to take its place. Israel has been God’s chosen and holy people since Abraham’s time. The people of God have a hard heart because they have ears and do not hear; they have eyes but still do not want to see. They also claim that The Messiah has not come to Earth at all. And they are still waiting for His First Coming, considering Jesus as a prophet.

But Jesus, The Messiah, has come, and His Second Coming is coming. Then it will be all over. His people will open their hearts when they realize that it was The Messiah in the first place. And they crucified Him on a cross. The most important effect of The Coming Back Again of our Saviour Jesus Christ is that He is full of goodness and wisdom to rule over the nations.

The signs of The Second Coming of Christ. Are we living the FINAL COUNTDOWN?

  • false Messiah claiming and telling that they are the Christ
  • false prophets who will delusion even some of The Chosen Ones
  • political upheaval
  • persecution of Christians
  • convulsions of nature
  • The Good News and The Word of God will be preached everywhere in all the nations
  • lack of love in the world
  • the emergence of the Antichrist will be spread worldwide, and people will worship the economic system, scared not to be desolated
  • pressures in Jerusalem
  • numerous deaths

In Matthew, chapter 24, we find the signs that Jesus prevents us will coming upon us at the end of time.

What is Tribulation in the Bible? 

The great Tribulation is a time of trial that will come upon the whole world but from which the church will be guarded. 
Armageddon is the battlefield, according to the Bible. It is a battle in the future, whose plan of attack and unfolding are made public, but the devil and his angels are not even seeing the doom that awaits them. It’s as if someone gave you the problem-solving sheet for an exam, but you don’t even look at it and prefer to fail it.
The whole world will go through the great Tribulation except the church of the Lord, which will be raptured before the Antichrist rises. What else is written at the End of the Bible? What will happen after the rapture?

Seven years of Tribulation. What will it be like?

This Tribulation will last seven years. In the first three and a half years, it will; the good, the Antichrist, will make a covenant with the people of Israel. At the midpoint of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will break the covenant with Israel, and the great persecution will begin.

Then the Antichrist will enter the temple in Jerusalem and pretend to be God. Then the word is accurate that says: those who will be in Judea shall flee to the mountains, shall not return to take their garments.

The Lord will take this curse to Jordan and will persecute them there. The inhabitants of the land, those who have not heard the Word of the Lord. And the Lord Jesus, before then, will be killed even then. The others who did not receive the Lord before the Antichrist will receive a work of reproof and believe the lie, which may be that aliens took the people who disappeared.

Those who do not renounce the Lord in those days will have their heads cut off. More Jews will die this time than in the holocaust; that’s about 2 out of 3. The rest the Lord will save in Jordan. The Lord Jesus will come with the church at the end of these seven years.

Salvation in the Tribulation

Earthly pleasures and human passions will darken the last times. But even then, the spiritual life will shine. And will shine more brightly than ever amid lives savaged by desires. how does the bible end

In Revelation, we find countless references to hymns of praise lifted to God in the Highest Heaven, as well as the specification that there will be 144,000 chosen people on Earth who will be sealed in the name of the Lord.
Too often, it has been suggested that no one will be saved then, but this is a misconception, contradicted by the Book of Revelation and the goodness of the God we serve. Nowhere does Christ tell us that we will no longer be saved according to the context of the time in which we live. However, our environment is sinful, and we are always free to choose virtue over sin.

Why is Revelation a book of joy?

 Because we look forward to discovering eternal life, the actual life found by the “merciful and loving God” does not make me sad. But rejoices me that every joy is sometimes preceded by great sorrow. As the Bible says: The pain you’ve been feeling can not compare to the joy that will come upon you. So let us await The Second coming of the Saviour with joy, not fear and dread. And even in humanity’s darkest and most despairing moments, those who have prayed have seen that God’s light is always near.

All you have to do is not lose hope and pray to God. So, love and joy. Only in this way will we receive Christ properly at the end. I consider the book of Revelation a book of liberation, of the fun of eternal life with God.

What a beautiful way for God to make us understand that it will be fine. It is found in Revelation, chapter 21. That He will take care of us and wipe all the tears found in our eyes, death will be defeated, and there will be no more mourning. Not even pain or crying anymore. Because Christ is Lord and all those things are from the past.

What is The Mark of The Beast?

It is written when we read how the Bible end that the number of the beast is 666 and is the name of man.

how does the bible end
If you study the book of Daniel, a prophetic book, you will find in there some “beasts” in Daniel’s revealed visions. These beasts correspond to kings and political and religious powers that have been in power throughout history.

But the beast that is expected in the last times of history is presented to us more fully in the book of Revelation in chapters 13, 17, and 18. It is a politico-religious power that will rule the world. And work against God and against those who keep God’s law and persecute them. As a token of loyalty, the beast will impose a universal mark that every man, small, excellent, rich, or poor, will have to receive on his forehead or right hand. When this religious-political power is universally recognized, and people are faced with accepting or not accepting this mark, the beast will have come.

I hope you had a great time reading this article, preparing for the countdown of Jerusalem, and finding out how the Bible end.