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How to start a prayer | Prayer Journaling

Many consider prayer excessive or inappropriate for the emancipated man of our time. For what, they say, can prayer bring? Or how can you feel emancipated and worthy since you resort to prayer? In reality, however, these questions must be turned upside down: How can man live without prayer? Or how can he feel fullness and freedom if he does not feed on worship? It is an ontological necessity of the human being. Reading this article, you will find details about prayer journaling and advice on how to start a prayer.

Prayer is man’s relationship to God, communion, and union with Him; if we open our hearts towards God, we will start our prayer and union with Jesus. Prayer is not a magical practice but an act of freedom. While the magical procedure is done to satisfy the human will, whether or not it is in accord with God’s will, prayer is done by man’s free entrustment to God’s will. It is a magical practice when prayer is not done in these conditions but aims at fulfilling man’s will.

To approach God, man must leave all worldly cares behind, detach his mind from facts, and raise it to their Maker. And to do this, he needs to work on that great reason called attention or mindfulness.

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How do Christians pray?

Without remembering, we have no true prayer. And when the mind is attentive to God, it unites with the heart and unifies the whole man. According to scriptural teaching, man’s heart, which constitutes his deepest self, remains unknown to the man himself. Through prayer, man finds the charismatic knowledge of God and union with Him. In this way, he also penetrates his subconscious or unconscious area, illuminating it with divine light.

The model prayer of Christians Christians pray for is the Lord’s Prayer. Through it, God is called the Father of all: “Our Father who art in heaven.” The God to whom the Christian prays is one and whole: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Prayer elevates man to his archetype, to God, and makes him the true hypostasis or actual person. It is the most incredible privilege given to man. But, to feel it as a privilege, one must have a spiritual maturity befitting and divine rapture. Spiritual immaturity does not let him cherish and live prayer properly. He considers it heavy duty.

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Jesus teaches how to pray.

Prayer is addressed to God the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus. 1 Tim. 2:5: “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men: The man Jesus Christ,” prayers that are not interceded for by the Lord Jesus, sent in the name of the Lord Jesus, are in vain, of no effect. We pray in the name of  Jesus; He loves us, forgives us, and takes away our sins.

In Luke 11:1, the Lord Jesus taught His disciples to pray when He presented them with the “Our Father” prayer. He wanted both disciples and us today to understand that prayer directly communicates with God the Father. Teaching children to pray is part of our responsibility as parents to bring children to Jesus.

Prayer is communication with Jesus and with God. Children can also learn how to communicate directly with God. They can understand that God is always close to them, and they can call on Him for help at any time.

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How do you think you could start a prayer journal?

How do you think you could start a prayer with a prayer journal? Have you ever heard of this type of journal? Or have you heard of someone keeping one but never asked what it’s for? We keep track of everyday events, special happenings, musings, personal questions, and quotes in a journal, and quotes.

To start writing in a prayer journal, you will need to start thinking of 5 things you thank God for and write them down on the first page. The rest will come naturally. The prayer journal is a collection of written prayers in electronic format, but most often in the classic paper format.

It depends on your time and mood and how much you write in the journal. But you will be able to see more clearly your moments of ascension or cooling in your spiritual life; you will see your troubles at a given moment and how you have overcome them through God’s help. You could inspire someone who is going through a similar situation to you. We can’t remember everything in our lives. Recollecting, we may be surprised that we have gone through something and don’t remember it.

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Prayer Request Journal

Requests… these are the order of the day. Every day we need different things… health, wisdom, victory, help at work, and general as well as specific requests.

You can keep track of your requests in a prayer request journal so you remember any when you pray. If you have special cases where you are asked for prayer support, you should write them down. (For a person away on a mission, for a stranger struggling with an illness, for a church under construction, for a relative in need or trial… there are lots of Christian requests all around us).

God gives us answers to prayer in His time, not ours. By noting them, we can always see our victories. We can notice what we have done while waiting. We can write down praises to God.

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Prayer Journal Ideas

 Journaling is a (desirable) daily process of examining and evaluating one’s personal life, or prayer, in written form, which helps us discipline ourselves. Our hectic and busy lives often cause us to lose sight of what is essential – connecting with God through prayer. Without prayer, we cannot receive the strength to live a spiritual life. Without prayer, we remain without guidance, wisdom, enlightenment, and help from the Heavenly Father. We often feel that we are praying, but our thoughts fly away.

Many great ideas on making a Prayer Journal can be found on the Pinterest app. There we will find design ideas, prayers, and whatever our soul desires to write there.

Also, we can expand this journal and add quotes or ideas from sermons, the lyrics of a favorite song or Christian events we would like to attend, and study notes. But this can be another journal. It can be January 1 to start it. You can now take a notebook, a diary, or a simple notebook and a writing instrument. How do you think you could create a prayer? Keep discouragement getting better if you have yet to write for a day, a week, or a month. Keep going. Feel the freedom to build it at your own pace.

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How to start a prayer

How to fast and pray for a breakthrough?

If you pray, you must believe that God exists, that he is good, that he loves you, and that he is your Father. How to start a prayer?  First, you must believe that in the blood of Jesus, you are cleansed of sin, so the Father listens to you. To think that the Holy Spirit teaches you how to pray. Have faith that God hears and answers prayer. How does he respond? God is Father, and like any father, has three answers: Yes, No, Later!

To receive a breakthrough, we must pray with tears and fast. Prayer must always be accompanied by fasting; together, they are like two wings, with the help of which we can climb to the heights of spiritual life, constantly aA father met him

 Also, the Saviour came down from Mount Tabor, where He changed His face; a father met him with a lunatic child, at whose prayer the child was healed. To the question of the Apostles, “Why were we not able to cast out the demon?” he answered, “Because of your little faith… for this nation can come out of nothing with nothing but prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:20-21; Mark 9:28-29).

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Things that you might want to know…

How to pray effectively?

How to start a prayer? Although more than 80% of the population prays to God, only 15-20% get the desired results on average. Did you notice how we were told “learn” at school, and some students managed to learn in 5 days as much as others in 5 months? That’s how the results differ with prayer. Some people know how to pray effectively! But the problem is that if you ask them, they can’t explain how they do it and why they succeed in getting the changes they want in their lives.

For a prayer to be very effective depends on the following factors:

  • Your level of consciousness (trust and union with God)
  • Clarity of thought
  • Clarity of the emotions you express (state)
  • Intensity, the strength of your desire (alignment and emanation of energy centers)
  • Total trust in yourself, in your power to create. Not pity and doubt.
  • Wishing yourself 100%, not partial.
  • To desire from the soul (heart), not the mind.

Also, the level of consciousness you have at the moment of prayer. The level of consciousness differs from person to person. It means the level of perception, understanding of Life, conscious connection to God’s creative energy within you, and the level of activation of your multidimensional DNA. Each level of consciousness includes a specific geometric pattern. It is a precise science. Unique, intense details about consciousness and sacred geometry can be found in the book Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

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Primary Takeaways
  • How to start a prayer? The prayer of the Christian must be enlarged unceasingly to embrace the whole world, as is the blessing of the Church. All are God’s works. And Christ became man for the salvation of all. The Church does not call to her bosom only certain people but all, without exception.
  • The Christian with the required spiritual maturity feels prayer as a privilege and prays without ceasing. The prayer of a loved one is pursued and cherished in itself, not out of obligation or interest. Prayerful devotion shows the love of God.
  • Unceasing prayer needs a climate of silence that is appropriate to it, almost unknown to the world, to lay people. Life in the world is noisy and tiring. It is full of obligations and disturbances. This does not mean, however, that this prayer is impossible in the world or that it is only for monks. According to his will and possibilities, every believer is obliged to devote himself to this prayer.

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What is light to the eyes of the body is a prayer to the eyes of the soul. Through it, the man knows God better and becomes a partaker of the divine life. It overcomes the physical mind, broadens the conscience, and gives the right direction to life. Moreover, the glory that man gives to God ultimately returns to himself. And the gratitude he expresses to the Lord becomes the measure of his virtue and perfection.

The invocation of God and the cultic relationship to Him makes the man “in the image of God.” As the sunflower, turning to the sun is nourished and inspired by him, so man, turning to God through prayer, is nourished and spiritually inspired by him. God, as the fire that burns and the light that enlightens, makes Himself felt in the time of prayer in one way or another, according to the state or spiritual measure of the believer.