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I am Legion for we are many meaning. Where demons live?

Matthew’s Gospel it is described an incident where Jesus meets a man. The man possessed two demons who responded to Jesus that his name is Legion, for they are many. Monsters live in unexpected places, such as the human heart, desires, mind, and physical locations.

Legions of Angels means.

Angels are the servants of the Lord. A Roman legion had between 4000 and 6000 soldiers, so companies of angels. Depending on the number of souls, they can also be larger or smaller legions and the size of the territory.

Thus, each archangel leads a country on a spiritual level. It has several dominions, depending on how many regions a country has. And each rule has a legion of authorities— powers, sentinels, and angels.

They differ, however, some in enlightenment, in rank, either having the level according to the degree of sophistication. Or participating in the culture of the degree to which they are. They enlighten each other according to the superiority of rank or nature.
The angels’ mission is to worship God in the proper knowledge and unconditional fulfillment of His will. Thereby acquiring eternal happiness in communion with God.

Cherubim and Seraphim Angels in the Bible

 The seraphim are standing around God, having six wings. The Seraphim kindle men with the fire of divine love, as their name indicates, for in Hebrew, “Seraphim” is rendered “he who kindles” or “warms.” After the Seraphim, stand before God the wise Cherubim, the many-eyed, who, more than any of the other groups below, shine unceasingly with the light of understanding and knowledge of God.

The Cherubim, enlightened in the mysteries of God and the knowledge of the depths and divine wisdom, inspires others also. In the same Hebrew language, “Cherubim” is rendered as “much understanding.

The Thrones stand before Him, who sits on a high and holy seat. That is, not with the being, but with the service and the gift.

 They “being free and casting off all fear of the servant, willingly and cheerfully serve the Lord without ceasing.” These angels help men to control their senses and to humble their unruly passions, subjecting the body to the spirit.

Satan Myths

Throughout the ages, stories about the devil have been based on people’s vivid imaginations. And a multitude of myths about what the devil is like. How he acts, and even what he looks like. And reading this article, you may find some tales you never heard of.

  • The devil lives in Hell. Folktales show that the devil conducts his diabolical activity from somewhere amid hellfire, but this is not a biblical concept. 
  • Satan’s fears cross, holy water, and icons. Yet Satan is not afraid of religious people. The devil wanders around religious buildings as long as the people inside don’t believe in God.
  • The devil is everywhere. Because God is omnipresent, the devil does not have this power, and Satan has divided his demons into different regions.

i am legion for we are many

Where does Satan live?

Satan lives in the most dangerous places, spreading all over this planet. But Satan’s home is in the area of the abode of the dead. In the Old Testament, the deceased’s residence is the place of the souls of the dead, both the righteous and the wicked. In the New Testament, the Hebrew word “Sheol” is translated as the Abode of the Dead, as is the description of Sheol in the Old and New Testaments. It has some similarities to Hades in Greek mythology.

This place is underground and is like a city with gates and bars. 
It is a land of darkness, where shadows and the famous “My name is Legion for we are many” live, and the shadowed souls of men dwell. And it is the land of oblivion, where there is no work and no wisdom. The most significant thing is that the abode of the dead is a place where no one praises God.

Where did Jesus go when he died?

After he died for sins, Jesus traveled to the Place of the Dead, the City of the Dead, and broke the gates off their hinges. When Jesus died, He went for three days in Gehenna, as the Greek knows. Gehenna means Hell. So let us find out where Jesus was on Saturday. Based on Jesus’ words to the thief on the cross in Luke, some Christians believe that after his death, Jesus’ soul went to heaven to be in the presence of the Father. But Luke does not say that Jesus would be in the fact of God; it says he would be in the thief’s company. And based on the Old Testament and Luke 16, it seems that the thief, now repentant, would be at Abraham’s bosom, a place of comfort and rest for the righteous dead. Which Jesus here calls “heaven.”

Thus, He delivers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, John the Baptist, and the rest of the Old Testament believers, being redeemed from the abode of the dead. They had waited so long without receiving what was promised that their spirits would be perfect.

Beginning of Satan

The devil has been recognized since the beginning of humanity, for he said: “I am legion for we are many.” There has always been a struggle of good against evil, with the devil recognized throughout the world as the enemy of God. Throughout the ages, various myths have arisen that the devil is everywhere, all-powerful. He is to blame for all the evil in the world; he has horns or fears crossed. And holy water and icons.

When the enemy begins to make war against us with his lying, deceitful ways, by thoughts of unbelief in our minds, then we must quickly drawback from mind to mind, saying: “Go back, Satan, Father of lies, for I do not even want to hear you, for it is enough for me to believe what the Holy Church of Christ believes. And if the serpent enemy shall bring you into doubt what the Church believes, pay him nothing and do not answer anything to his temptations. But, seeing his lies and cunning, be very wary of him. He said indeed that is not just a single devil but “My name is Legion, for we are many.”

How to overcome Satan?

The easiest way to overcome Satan is to pray and fast; this is how the enemy runs away from us. In the Bible, the Devil is suggested to be very dynamic: he “prowls,” “walks,” “roams,” “roars like a lion,” and “seeks and does not find.” It is closely related to space, “wandering through waterless places,” “up and down.” What is it looking for? The dwelling. The search for habitation measures the relationship between man and the devil. Man is defeated when he offers shelter to the unclean.

In Job, chapter 1, verse 7 speaks of the discussion between God and Satan, after which the latter is given the freedom to test Job through various tribulations to verify his faith in God. Beyond this well-known detail of Job’s story, the example of the suffering holy man, the brief dialogue in which God asks, “Where did you come from?” and the devil answers, “I have gone about the earth and walked up and down.” It clearly defines what evil, personified by the devil, means. Thank you for understanding the meaning of “My name is Legion, for we are many.”