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Immaculate Conception. Why Do We Celebrate the Immaculate Conception?

Key Verse related to Virgin Mary’s Conception

The misinterpretation of the Virgin Mary’s conception led to the first Mariological innovation of the “immaculate conception” in the Roman Catholic Church. So in the writings of Paschasius Radbert. According to the dogma of the “immaculate conception, ” the Mother of God was also free from ancestral sin. She was born like the Saviour through the shadow of the Holy Spirit. And indeed, not through the bodily union.

The Immaculate Conception is the day Saint Anne announced that she would give birth to the Birth of God. And it is crucial because, on this day, the bonds of sonship are loosened, for God hears Joachim and Anne. Above all, hope made it clear to them that they would give birth to the daughter of God. Of whom the Unborn One was born, becoming a man. Commanding the angel to cry to her: Rejoice, full of grace, the Lord is with you!

Saints Joachim and Anne are depicted as follows: the right-handed Joachim is described as old, grey, with around beard. Saint Anne is depicted as old, wearing a red waistcoat and a green himation. They are shown in various scenes from the life of Our Lady: her conception and birth. Her blessing by the priests and Our Lady’s Entrance into the Church.