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Interesting facts about Luke. Why did Luke write his Gospel?

Why did Luke write his Gospel, and what are some interesting facts about Luke? Many of us have heard about Luke. But how many know who was Luke, the most excellent doctor and painter of all time? You may find the information you just learned. Did you know Apostle Luke is the greatest painter of all time and the father of iconography? Or that the Virgin Mary herself blessed his first painted icon?

Who was Luke?

One interesting fact about Luke, the Apostle, is that he was one of the 12 elect of our Savior Jesus Christ. In his youth, the Apostle Luke was a skilled physician. And later, he became a painter. He was well-versed in Jewish and Egyptian learning and was a brilliant man.

Jesus was walking around Jerusalem when he met the apostles and Luke, who testified that the Lord chose him out of 70 disciples he sent to preach the holy word. Even Luke was among them, but he had a more important place and role. He was one of the closest people known to the Saviour (if you want to know more about Jesus’ closest friends and apostles, you can access our article about Jesus’ Apostles).

Other interesting facts about Luke point to the idea that Luke showed himself as a great intelligent man before God, which is why people consider him holy. A man who knew the supreme knowledge of men chose to trust in the uncertain knowledge of an unseen but all-fulfilling God.

How does Luke portray Jesus?

The Evangelist Luke portrays Jesus as compassionate and loving. These virtues are found in healing the sick, helping the needy, and alleviating suffering. The beautiful work of Luke the Evangelist provides us with facts and records not found in the other gospels. Jesus is described as the World’s Light and the Almighty’s Son.

This book presents the teachings of the kind Rabbi who came and gave himself as a sacrifice for us. Luke wants this Gospel to be known to all the world’s people. The Gospel of Luke is the third canonical Gospel and contains 24 chapters. Luke had his origins in Antioch of, Syria, and it was there that he was learning and looking to the future.


What was Luke’s occupation?

Other interesting facts about Luke occupation were to be a physician, a medical doctor, a great painter, and later a writer. Luke wanted to go to art school because he liked painting. But he had moments when he doubted himself, so he chose medicine. Because in his heart, he thought it was more beneficial to become a helper for the people around him in the prologue to his Gospel.

interesting facts about luke

Luke the Evangelist confessed a fantastic fact: others tried to write something about the life and work of the Saviour, but these writings did not survive. God decided that there should be four Gospels, two to be written by the closest apostles and the other by representatives of the 70 disciples.

He is regarded as the one who founded and laid the foundations of the iconography of Christianity, being inspired by the Spirit. His first icon was the one in which the Mother of God holds the child in her arms without knowing that He will die repenting for the sins of humanity. Luke also painted two other portraits of Mary.

It is said that when Mary saw the icons painted by the Apostle Luke, she blessed him. She is blessed, and the paintings say that the gift birthed in her is from the Lord God and is with everyone who will look at them. The painter and the clever Apostle Luke also did paint the images of the holy Apostle Paul and the Apostle Peter.

It is said that from the tomb of Saint Luke flowed sweet-smelling myrrh. 

Who is Luke in the Bible- Summary?

The Apostle Luke was a disciple of Jesus. He was very confident in the Lord. And He saw all the miracles that Jesus did. We know Saint Luke the Evangelist was born in Antioch of Syria, and received a multi-faceted education. We say this because he was both a doctor and a skilled painter, as well as possessing a thorough knowledge of philosophy. Let us not forget that the Saint’s origin was pagans, but he became faithful by knowing the supreme truth.

According to his purpose, he was a cultured and educated man with an elevated vocabulary and an orderly, selective mind. As an artist and a servant of the Word, Luke interwove a journalistic style with a sensitive approach to the stories of his characters. He writes for non-Jews, but only with a thorough knowledge of Greek and Jewish culture. Biblical archaeologists and historians credit Luke with the accuracy of the historical data and geographical names used in his books. 

We don’t know how he got to know the Saviour, but no doubt it didn’t take many words to convince him to follow Him. The other evangelists do not mention his name. This practice is sporadic throughout all four Gospels. Most commentators on the Holy Scriptures say that Saint Luke is the same character mentioned in the last chapter of his Gospel. After the Resurrection of the Savior. Luke was a sharer in the preaching of Paul, who mentions him in his epistles. Thus, at the end of the Epistle to the Colossians, it is written: “Luke, the beloved doctor, embraces you.”


In what places did Luke preach?

The places where Luke preached were Rome, Greece, and Egypt. He covered a vast territory. Being well-versed in Greek, he chose to do missionary work in Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Upper Thebaida and Lydia’s cities were just two of his preaching places. Despite his persecution, he did not end in a martyr’s death but passed into eternity around 80. However, he seems to have preached in few places compared to the other apostles. Luke left two priceless treasures to Christianity: one of the four Gospels and the book of Acts.

Saint Luke was not only a companion to Paul but a reliable helper. He did not leave him when he was left alone to serve with the Apostle of the Gentiles. And went off on a separate mission. St. Paul testified his faithfulness and love in just a few words. Words which, however, reveal his esteem for him. The Apostle also preached the Gospel with great Spirit in Macedonia and Dalmatia. But especially in Greece, dying in Thebes in Boeotia, Greece.

Luke and Jesus

Luke and Jesus had a close relationship as disciples and teachers. His life changed when he met the Saviour in Jerusalem. When he heard Christ speak and understood His teachings, he realized that his mission was to know the true God and to teach others how to know Him. 

interesting facts about luke

God had already allowed before Jesus came down to earth that Luke would be a great evangelist who would spread the existence of God and turn from unbelief to faith. Jesus chose him as he walked through Jerusalem.

In the time of the great and supreme sufferings, when the shepherd was beaten and the sheep of the flock were scattered, this happy Luke went about mourning and weeping for his Lord. Who willingly was willing to suffer. And as he sowed with tears, so he reaped with joy. For when Christ rose, Luke and Cleopas went to Emmaus and spoke to each other mournfully of the sufferings of their beloved teacher. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, by His appearing. He comforted them and wiped away the tears from their eyes. So, walking and talking with Him, he uttered deep, unutterable wisdom. (If you are interested in the one who planned Jesus’ death, access the following link: Annas and Caiaphas).

How dear to Luke was the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus, with His mouth, told the story, beginning with Moses and all the prophets, and interpreted to them all the Scriptures for His sake. Therefore Luke, the good disciple of Christ, who taught God’s mysteries, also brought all the cities of Boeotia to the holy faith. And many who were in the darkness of ignorance of God he enlightened with the light of the understanding of the Holy Gospel. 

Characteristics of the Gospel of Luke

  1. It is a Gospel written by being guided by the Holy Spirit
  2. It contains 33 parables
  3. The Gospel presents interest in people
  4. It gives the life of Jesus Christ
  5. It is given devotion to all man kinds
  6. Luke had written his Gospel in a universal way

Luke’s Gospel is notable for the wealth of parables and parables noted, making it the most complete. No less than 33 parables adorn Luke’s Gospel. Some commentators claim that St Luke is the real author of the Epistles to Timothy and Titus, attributed to St Paul. However, the central argument supporting this claim is not very strong. The language alone and a few misplaced ideas in the wording are not enough to shake the authorship of the Apostle Paul. This would make an exciting triptych: Holy Gospel – Acts – Pastoral Epistles. 


Interesting facts about Luke

Some interesting facts about Luke are that he wrote a Gospel and the book of Acts addressed to the regent Theophilus. The Gospel is notable for its wealth of parables – 33 parables adorn Luke’s Gospel. After the martyrdom of Saint Paul, Luke preached the Gospel in Italy, Dalmatia, Macedonia, and Greece.

Some scholars proved some interesting facts about Luke that the early Christians discovered the tomb of Saint Luke early on. It is said that where he was buried was rained with collyrium, water that cured eye diseases, which is also a testimony to the Saint’s profession during his lifetime. It was Constantius, son of the Holy Emperor Constantine the Great. They brought the relics of St. Luke the Evangelist to Constantinople, where they were buried under the holy table in the Church of the Holy Apostles. Saints Andrew and Timothy were also buried there.

interesting facts about luke

One of St Luke’s miracles occurred during the procession of his relics from Constantinople. A famine of the imperial palace, named Anatolius, lay seriously ill but, hearing of the relics of the Saint, made great efforts to reach him and pray for his recovery. Despite being in intense pain, Anatolius reached the shrine and, touching himself, was miraculously healed. He did not leave immediately but stayed on, thanking the Saint and being one of those who carried the coffin on his shoulders to the church where it was placed.

St Luke’s symbol meaning

Luke’s symbol is the winged ox, also presented in Ezekiel’s prophecy, symbolizing his faithfulness. It also means his sacrifice, devotion, and strength. The “fat calf,” which, according to the parable of the prodigal son’s return, is sacrificed at the feast.
The calf seems to be the most appropriate symbol because he is the only Evangelist who speaks of the calf, the “fatted calf,” which, according to the parable of the prodigal son, the good and forgiving father slaughters for the feast he is preparing in honor of his returned son.

Why did Luke write his Gospel?

Luke wrote His Gospel to lead Theophilus, a lost and pagan man, to genuine faith. To prove the life of Jesus Christ is told by God, who sent him the Holy Spirit to guide Luke. We know everything we know about the Savior’s beloved doctor and evangelist apostle from the New Testament. (If you want to know more about New Testamental Bible Stories, you can access our link about New Testamental Facts to get there). That is written after the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to their tradition, he and Cleopas met the Lord Jesus Christ on their path. After the Apostle Paul died, Luke spread the good news of salvation throughout Dathroughoutll over Italy and Egypt. He’s to pull many, grow and win many souls for the Lord in Greece.

Many people there had not heard the good news of the Lord’s salvation. And when they learned what it meant, they chose to dedicate themselves wholly to Christ. Just as Christ would have asked you to make disciples of all the nations of the world. Brittanica also mentions that Luke had a significant influence on the development of Christianity.

How did Luke die?

Luke was martyred by hanging by pagans. He passed away at 80 when pagans hanged him from an olive tree in the fortress of Thebes in Boeotia.
People speculate that it rained clear, cloudy rain on the spot where he was buried. Moreover, this water healed those suffering from eye diseases. 

Primary Takeaways

  • Luke’s Gospel reports everything that happened from the time of the birth of the Messiah to His Ascension. Continuing later in Acts.
  • Luke was baptized with the Holy Spirit before he wrote the Gospel.
  • He was one of Jesus’ closest friends.
  • Saint Luke preached and wrote the Gospel to all nations, telling everyone all the miracles Jesus performed.
  • He died for true faith, suffering martyrdom.

Biography of Luke

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