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Is envy a sin in the Bible? Why is envy a sin?

Envy is a cruel disease and a sin condemned by the Bible. Reading this article will help you understand why envy is a grave sin. I hope you will find the information you need and that you will have an enjoyable reading time. Living in society, we envy and are envied. We should ask ourselves if is envy a sin in the Bible. For envy arises when we meet someone more gifted than ourselves, who is higher in the social hierarchy, or who possesses certain possessions that we only envy.

What does God say about envy in the Bible?

The mechanism of its appearance in the soul is simple: seeing a man who is doing well, the envious first wishes the same for himself, but when he realizes that this dream is unattainable, he ends up hurting himself, out of selfishness and boundless self-confidence. The envious cannot bear the good done by the one he envies, because it would spoil his apparent superiority.

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In the Bible, envy is presented to us as one of the greatest sins. And at the same time disease of the mind and rust of the heart, to envy another because of his virtues and happiness. That is, to hate in him one’s own merits or divine gifts, to turn another’s good into one’s evil, to be tormented by the prosperity of the more fortunate, to make trouble for himself by the glory of others, to feel his heart torn as by the executioner’s hooks, to make his thoughts and feelings a kind of instrument of torture, to tear his heart, to torment him to the core.

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What causes jealousy and envy?

The other evils have an end and end with their consummation. In adultery, the villainy ends with the doing of the deed. The robber reaches homicide and stops there, the rapacity of the predator is appeased by the taking of the prey. The counterfeiter has as his measure the accomplishment of the counterfeit, only envy has no limit. It is a permanent evil, a sin without end, and the more successful one has been, the more the envious burns in the flames of his envy.

Is envy a sin in the Bible? Because envy is caused by the hidden and evil desires of the heart. But also by the metaphorical desire to buy what you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress someone you despise. He whose soul is sick with envy finds no pleasure in food or drink, he is always sobbing, groaning, and suffering, day and night he is tormented and finds no solace.

Envy is the opposite of love. The two cannot coexist. Envy spoils love and kindness. I recently read in an article that the envious only feels good when others suffer. The envious person rejoices in the failures of others and bitterly resents their successes. He wants to see the good-looking one hated, the rich one poor, the talented one ungifted. The price paid by the one enslaved by envy is a heavy one: restless life, inability to love others, ungratefulness.

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Is envy a sin in Christianity?

An emperor wanted to find out which of the two is worse. The lover of silver or the envious, for neither, wants the good of the other. There is no more pernicious passion born in the souls of men than envy. It causes very little annoyance to those around it, but it causes personal harm to the one who is possessed by this uncontrollable urge. As rust eats away iron, so envy eats away at the soul of the envious.

Envy is considered to be a cardinal sin. For the passion of envy does not let the one possessed by it enjoy himself. Even on the occasion of the greatest feast, nor in the happiest circumstances. It always gnaws at his heart and soul like a worm, like a troubled sorrow, because the envious man regards his neighbor’s wealth and success as his misfortune, and when another is preferred it seems to him that he is unjustly offended.

What are the consequences of envy?

The consequences of envy are as follows:

  • destruction of life the ruination
  • nourishment of earthly beings the enmity of God’s gifts 
  • repugnance to God leading to spiritual death

Let us flee from this insupportable sin. Envy is the serpent’s teaching, the spawn of demons, the seed of the enemy, the harbinger of hell, the hindrance of godliness, the way to hell, the denial of the kingdom of heaven.

The envious know one another somewhat by face. Their eyes are dry and dull, their cheeks sullen, their brows furrowed, their souls troubled with passion, unable to judge truly. For them, nothing is worthy to be followed and glorified.

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