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Is God telling me to break up with my boyfriend? Find out why

Too often, we think about breakups and associate the end of a relationship with negative thoughts. They should not be like that because sometimes the most painful end can lead to the most beautiful beginning and love story. In this life, we cross paths with several people. These people can stay in our lives for eternity or only for a few moments. Both of them are a blessing. Because from each category, we can learn a valuable lesson. Reading this article, you will find answers to your question: Is God telling me to break up with my boyfriend?

God and relationships

Bible tells us that someone who doesn’t love does not meet God because He is the natural river of love. Love is all that is good, beautiful, noble, and worthy in this world. It enhances all that is good in you and each other. It gives you unsuspected powers; you find resources in yourself that you never thought you had. Love runs more profound than what someone is feeling. Fulfilling relationships are a continuous search for our souls. In relationships, we develop and heal all the wounds from the past. God considers love as being the freedom of expression and unconditional acceptance. 


Therefore, the family is the oldest human institution, the cradle of life and civilization, and the most appropriate environment for self-affirmation, self-fulfillment, salvation, and fulfillment.
Interpreting these words of the Holy Scripture, in the beginning, the general purposes of the family were: the propagation of the human race and the subduing or fulfillment of desires of a sensual nature. To these, however, is added the mutual help of the spouses within the bond created by marriage and their children; and their sanctification or perfection by communion and mutual support.

God likes boundaries between people.

God likes boundaries when it comes coming the subject of relationships. You are right if you set boundaries in your interactions with others, but please prioritize what is important to you so that you can offer time and resources from your approach. Not from the misconception that you are not valuable if you don’t do this. If somebody tells you to do something immoral, LEAVE THEM!

is god telling me to break up with my boyfriend

Whoever you are, whatever your name or origin, wherever you are, remember that you are the masterpiece of a perfect Creator, God. Who is not wrong about you existing in this time and place, in this context of your life; You are unique in the way you live your joy, in the way you show your love and care, and you are unique in your different life experience and the way you integrate your lived experiences; Regardless of your misperceptions of yourself, your mistakes or your past, you can make the necessary changes to make yourself better from now on.

You are the masterpiece of the Creator, so act like it, and if it’s needed, ask yourself, “is God telling me to break up with my boyfriend?” 

When God tells you to let go of someone

God is telling you to let your person go when there is no longer a place in your life for them. When joy transforms into sadness, and when the happy moments are just memories of a beautiful past spent together. A man often leaves his companion for someone not distinguished by beauty or wealth. One has to think: why is this happening to me? You may have become arrogant towards him without realizing it. You also need to separate God’s voice and your inner one. Sometimes it is NOT God who is telling you to break up.

Relationships wither because the conscious intention to invest in that relationship disappears. Mature love means waking up daily to support that relationship, whether building a unique setting, a nice gesture, a gift expressing appreciation to a partner, a supportive phone call, or kindness in words of appreciation. Is God telling you to break up with my boyfriend?

Unfortunately, these disappear so quickly after we get used to each other. Conscious love has at its permanent substratum: I choose to love you. My energy and intention are directed towards you, growing and developing our couple relationship. I invest extraordinary power in words, actions, and emotions, and the connection between us is built. This is the right attitude to make a wonderful life together and get God’s approval.

How to escape a toxic relationship?

The Bible teaches you to run away from the unbelievers or the people who are incompatible with your lifestyle. Toxicity is born from emotions, which are nothing more than the energy that arises from what we think, believe, and experience. If it’s this way, ask yourself, “Is God telling me to break up with my boyfriend?”. Their bodily response, appearing as a symptom or physical illness, allows us to identify something of their deeper cause and thus to understand and balance our being. The physical body is not the cause of disease but merely a reflection of what is happening inside us. It is a soil on which rises and grows the result of seeds sown deep within—transforming into holy ground

When dealing with any toxic relationship, it’s essential to focus on your health and well-being. Consequently, if you’re dealing with people who drain you of energy and happiness, consider removing them from your life or at least limiting your time with them. But if you are experiencing emotional or physical abuse. It is recommended that you seek the help of a professional therapist or counselor to help you identify the problem and set healthy boundaries in your relationships.


You have nothing in common.
Physical attraction is blind, but a relationship involves certain things you have in common. Even if your connection goes wonderfully at first, the lack of shared passions will become a big problem. Ask yourself again, “Is God telling me to break up with my boyfriend?”

They stop giving you respect.
No one’s asking for the moon, but some men forget to value small gestures that are important in any relationship, no matter how long it lasts. So, if your boyfriend cannot tell you from time to time that you are wondering if he will leave you alone at parties, and if he doesn’t even make a nice gesture to show how much he appreciates you, it is better to leave him.

He’s bored when he is next to you.
Routine is inevitable in a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be a negative phenomenon. Unfortunately, most men tend to get bored after a certain period. Out of a desire not to hurt the person they once loved or out of sheer cowardice, they don’t confess they’re true feelings and pretend to be bored. They cannot understand that it is better to admit you are bored than to bring your partner to the brink of despair.

He is constantly criticizing. 
Always complaining about how he doesn’t like the way you dress? Does he consider your passions superficial and unimportant? Doesn’t understand your ambitions? Doesn’t understand your spiritual side? Then why are you still with him? A man who constantly criticizes you doesn’t deserve your love. Many women lose their self-confidence because they waste their time with the wrong man, and I’m sure you don’t want to be one of them.

How does God remove someone from your life? Be wise and accept His choice

He sees what it’s best for you and acts like it; God will make you feel that you are no longer on the same path as your mate.

Be wise and know that God does not have bad intentions for your life. Wisdom is rarely made up of singular qualities. Just as you are cautious in some situations, you must be brave in others. Just as slow thinking is used when an important decision has to be made, so is lightning action necessary when faced with a force majeure. The wise man knows how to combine opposites: slow and fast, kind and harsh, and prepared for intellectual and physical work. Wisdom is an accumulation of qualities, not the choice of one over another.

God has someone better for you.

God already prepared someone for your future you can’t even imagine. But for the next relationship, you must think that we must never forget that every human being is free. Children often turn out differently than we would like to see them, but that is their right. He is your child, but he is not your slave. God made him through you but gave him free will. Even the child, the body in your body, has the right to their own life! If his parents do not respect his opinion and his right to life, he will not have a good relationship with them. Let alone a husband or wife. He is another man. He has the right to his own life. I think this must be understood. It may be painful, but it is indispensable.

The purpose of a good relationship is the salvation of the soul or sanctification. The family, unlike “open” or “free” sinful relationships, lacking in perspective, morality, and responsibility, is aimed not only at the fulfillment of fleeting, fleshly pleasures but at the happiness of the spouses, one with the other, and of the whole family, not only here and now, in this world, but eternity.
Choose a partner who will bring you closer to Christ, and if it is the wrong one, ask yourself if God is telling me to break up with your boyfriend—wishing you a perfect day and a blessed life!