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Is it a sin to smoke? Scriptures for deliverance from smoking

Is a sin to smoke a passion of dishonesty. Smoking and cigarettes affect us all, no matter how much we smoke. Things must be taken very seriously when a man’s freedom is violated. When a smoker can no longer give up cigarettes, his liberty is ultimately canceled, and bondage occurs. The moment a non-smoker inhales the tobacco smoke around him. The smoker violates his freedom.

What does the Bible say about smoking?

The Bible suggests that smoking darkens the soul and is a vice associated with suicide. One of the worst sins a man can commit is in the Christian view. Even if it does not directly subscribe to the Decalogue, smoking is considered in Christian dogma to be a grave sin. So it is a sin to smoke. It is associated with the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

is it a sin to smoke

According to Christian dogma, one of the most widespread vices is considered a sin. Primarily because of the harmful effects it has on the human body. Smoking, considered a sinful habit, is considered an insult to God. 

Smoking is a vice, in the complete sense of the term, a bad habit, a reckless persistence in evil. But this proves even more that it is also a sin. Someone said smoking is a permanent school of self-destruction. Of the corruption of the will and all the elements of life with it. You know the price of giving up the energy with every cigarette, but you go on. It was crushing little by little, without reaction, the resource of dignity, will, and life.