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Is Jesus archangel Michael? Jesus and Michael the archangel

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is Michael because of C.T. Russell, the founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They expected the Second Coming before the great Adventist disappointment of 1844 when Jesus did not come. An article presented that Russell was greatly influenced by the doctrines of William Miller, which included the teaching that Jesus is the Archangel Michael, which Jehovah’s Witnesses took to extremes.

Jesus is not the Archangel Michael. But Jesus knows Michael the Archangel, and He is the Son of God, and Michael is the mighty and muscular angel of The Father.

Adventists do not believe that Jesus is an angel, as Jehovah’s Witnesses do today; it does seem, however, that some clarification needs to be made as far as Adventists are concerned.

What is the difference between Angel Michael and Jesus?

Archangel Michael is the oldest and strongest Archangel; he is an important biblical figure in God’s plan. But Michael is not Jesus Christ, the Son of God. One of the most beautiful accounts of Michael the Archangel is in the book of the prophet Daniel, when he prays, fasting hard, for the deliverance of his people. Michael is described as the guardian angel of the people of Israel, caring for them and delivering them from Babylonian bondage. The same Archangel is also expected to appear before the world’s end when all the dead will rise and be judged, as is also evident from Daniel’s prophecy. 

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The difference between archangel Michael and Jesus is that Michael is a mighty angel of God, while Jesus is The Son of God. 

Both of them will come on Earth, according to the words written in the Book of Revelation. But Jesus will be in front of His army, and Michael will come with his army behind Jesus Christ. There is also a difference between them: He is the lion of Judas, and Michael is a spiritual warrior of God

Who is Michael the Archangel to Jesus?

Jesus Christ is life. For everyone. Christ is the Light of the World, the Light of life for everyone on earth. He is the founder of the Church, of His house: in seen and unseen ways. He is the One who calls us to salvation, to repentance. Through the Holy Mysteries, founded by the Saviour Himself, we receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the power of divine grace.

Michael the Archangel is like an “employer” to Jesus Christ; he is His angel under His command. And whatever Jesus says, Michael has to accomplish.

By being united with Christ, true God from true God, through communion with His Holy Blood and Body, we also become members of His Church, glorifying and rejoicing Him through our return to the good faith, to perfection. Unseen angels are part of Christ; then, by nature to the bodily eye, angels were seen in different ways and, therefore, could be represented in the icon according to the symbols of their mission.

What doesArchangel do Michael look like?

Some theologians wanted to expose the inability of art, based on pagan models, to represent transcendent beings such as angels, opposing it to purely spiritual worship. Their views influenced the contrary heretical doctrine of the 8th-9th centuries. The rejection of angelic representations was directly linked to the fear of idolatry but problematic issues of the utmost importance to the early Church. Namely the worship of angels as deities and pagan attempts to identify Christian angels with their gods.

Michael looks like a very handsome creature. His body was like a chrysolite stone, his face shone like lightning, and his eyes were like flames of fire, but his arms and legs were like polished brass, and his voice thundered like the roar of a great multitude. He is also described as looking like the Son of Man from Revelation.


Biography of Michael

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Is Michael Jesus? 

Jehovah’s Witnesses are the ones who say that the Archangel Michael is Jesus Christ. There is no text in the Bible in which Jesus is identified with the Archangel Michael. Secondly, there is only one reference to the Archangel Michael in the Bible, although there are several archangels in Orthodox, Catholic, Christian, and Jewish traditions. In the Scriptures, the position of the archangel is associated with Jesus.

Archangel Michael is not Jesus Christ, the Son of The Living God. But Michael is a warrior in the heavenly army of God.

The Word of God calls Michael the archangel, the chief of angels. Michael is called the archangel, not the archangel, which shows that only one angel is occupying this position. Because of the verse from Thessalonians mentioned above, Jesus has the “voice of an archangel.” From this verse, it appears that Jesus is the archangel, Michael. From a different translation and version, Jesus Christ will descend from heaven at the archangel’s Archangel Jesus and the Archangel two distinct persons.

How will Jesus and Michael come again?

1. Jesus will come from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel’s voice.

The Scriptures promise that Jesus will return to this earth the same way He left. At His ascension to heaven in a visible, literal, bodily, and personal way. Matthew 24:30 says: “And they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” He will come in the clouds of heaven as an individual being with a flesh and blood body. And His coming will be visible. The Bible is evident on this point.

2. Michael will become a warrior and fight and defeat Lucifer.

The Holy Archangel Michael is said to have unparalleled power over the Sun and Moon, and when the evil Lucifer and his devils steal them, he is the only one who can free them. His control over the underworld extends to his wife, Scarabschi, named Mamarca. She would try to bring the most bitter frost among mortals. And also, if it were not for the Holy Archangel Michael to tame it and gradually release it to the earth. All that is soul would end up frozen forever.

Jesus will come on the clouds, followed by archangel Michael.

Therefore, Jesus will come in the clouds of heaven accompanied by all the archangels and cherubim. And behind Him will be the Archangel Michael. Holy Scripture deals with the issues of man’s salvation. And leaves interest in cosmic events and the future state of the universe in the background. So, saint Michael, the Archangel, remains one of the most honored of the Angels. The One who is always in battle with the forces of darkness, a tireless¹ fighter with the sword. Most of his iconographic representations depict him victorious in conflict with the dragon.