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Jehoash of Judah. Who was King Joash in the Bible?

Religious apostasy reached such a pitch in Israel during the reign of Ahab and Joram (2 Kings 8:27) that Elisha instigated a revolt. Who sent a prophet to anoint Jehu king (9:1-13). This revolt was also supported by elements among the people, the Rechabites (10:15-16). Jehoash of Judah killed Jehoram and Ahaziah, king of Israel, who had come to meet him.

Jehoash of Judah is a warrior of Benjamin who used both hands with equal skill, helped David at Ziklag, and later became a King (1 Chronicle 12:3). He is also the fool with a pure heart; he takes in his chariot Jonahadab. Son of Rechab, the teetotaller (nonconformist) with an equally pure heart. And, joining hands, they go forward united in their zeal for the Lord. Tearing down what the world worships and trying to build up what it despises has remained. A thankless task even for 21st-century society. Saying a resolute “No!” to all the madness with which the present delights us. Let us wisely choose the “madness” of the cross of Christ.

He persisted in apostasy by worshipping the golden calves of Bethel and Dan, and for this, God punished him through the Syrians, led by Hazael, who annexed part of his territory. Later in Matthew’s gospel, we see from the story that Jesus was viewed as Joseph’s child, similarly as much different youngsters that Mary and Joseph had together. Individuals of Nazareth ask after Jesus tells a progression of stories, “Isn’t this the woodworker’s child? Isn’t his mom’s name Mary, and aren’t his siblings James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas? Isn’t every one of his sisters with us? Where, then, at that point, did this man get this many things?”

Biography of Jehoash

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What is the meaning of Jehoash?

As per the second book of Kings, Jehoash was corrupt and did evil, according to Yahweh. For enduring the love of the brilliant calves, yet he loved Yahweh. He ruled as ruler of Israel for quite some time. And drove the Israelites through a few conclusive fights. He was incorporating a conflict with the realm of Judah.

In the Bible, Jehoash’s name signifies “Yahweh has given,” which was the twelfth lord of the old Northern Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) and the child of Jehoahaz. He was the twelfth ruler of Israel and ruled for quite a long time. William F. Albright has dated his rule to 801-786 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 798-782 BC. When he climbed the high position. The Kingdom of Israel was experiencing the predations of the Arameans, whose lord Hazael was decreasing how Israel constrained much land.

Jehoash went to visit the prophet Elisha, who was debilitated with the ailment that would ultimately prompt his passing. He held the prophet, Elisha, in honor and sobbed by his bedside while he passed on. Jehoash tries to satisfy Elisha, tending to him in words. When Elijah was conveyed up into paradise, Elisha himself had utilized: “O my dad, my dad, the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof.”

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What did Jeoash do in the Bible?

Jehoash of Judah was a child at that point, and he and his medical attendant were safeguarded and concealed by Jehosheba, a little girl of King Joram (2 Kings 11:1-3). They were hidden in the sanctuary, and during the seventh year of Joash’s life, the cleric Jehoiada uncovered him to the commanders of the watchman and went with an arrangement for the insurance of the sanctuary and the lord. Joash was blessed lord of Judah at the youthful age of seven years of age (2 Kings 11:4-12). 

Ruler Joash administered in Judah for a considerable time, and keeping in mind that Jehoiada the cleric was alive training him, Joash “made the wisest decision according to the LORD” (2 Kings 12:1-2). The Bible generally examines Joash’s monetary dealings as lord. He charged fixes to the sanctuary of the Lord (2 Kings 12:4-16). He gave cash and gifts, including ancient rarities from the cover, to prevent King Hazael of Syria from going after (2 Kings 12:17-18).

Individuals proceeded to forfeit and make contributions to the high places. This left an entryway open to evil, and sadly, after Jehoiada passed on, Joash paid attention to the devilish impacts in his area. He carried back a symbol of love to Judah and would ignore God’s prophets who came to bring him admonitions (2 Chronicles 24:17-19).

Key Verse related to Jehoash

“Jehoash king of Judah took all the holy things that Jehoshaphat and Jehoram and Ahaziah, his fathers, kings of Judah, had dedicated, and his holy things, and all the gold that was found in the treasures of the house of the LORD, and of the king’s house, and sent it to Hazael king of Syria: and he went away from Jerusalem.”

2 Kings 12:18(NIV)

Jehoash of Judah

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What was King Jeoash known for?

Jehu’s child is Jehoash, and Jehoahaz’s child is Jehoash. Like this, Jehoash was a second-age relative of Jehu, who has the possibility of partaking in the guarantee God has made to Jehu, for God said that He would let the first to the fourth era relatives of Jehu rule as rulers over Israel. Lord Jehoash was the twelfth ruler of the northern realm of Israel. He reigned for quite some time in Samaria, their capital city.

King Jehoash was known for seeing the LORD and for being the twelfth who ruled Israel. He followed the excessive religion of venerating the brilliant calves, which King Jeroboam I established.

During the rule of King Jeroboam II and King Jehoash of Judah, the realm endured seriously under the oppression of King Hazael of Syria. Nonetheless, the enduring of Israel on account of the Syrians traces back to the rule of King Jehu.

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Was Joash a righteous king?

The narrative of King Joash of Judah begins with that of King Jehu of Israel. First, Kings 21:25-26 gives the justification for the judgment: “There was never anybody like Ahab, who offered himself to do evil according to the Lord, asked on by Jezebel his better half. He acted terribly by pursuing icons, similar to the Amorites the Lord drove out before Israel.”

There are two lords with the name Joash (or Jehoash) in the Bible: one a ruler of Judah (ruled 835-796 BC) and the other a lord of Israel (ruled 798-782 BC). Both of them were righteous kings and followers of the law.

God had told Ahab, through Elijah, “I will welcome debacle on you. I will clear out your relatives and cut off from Ahab every single male in Israel-slave or free. . . since you have stirred my annoyance and have made Israel sin” (1 Kings 21:21-22). Ahab answered the prediction with grieving and lowliness, so God yielded, saying that He wouldn’t acquire the debacle of Ahab’s time yet during his child’s rule. Jehu was God’s instrument to satisfy the prescience.

Primary Takeaways

  • At the point when he was blessed, lord, individuals of Judah cheered. Athaliah was killed, and the sanctuary of Baal was annihilated (2 Kings 11:13-21).
  • All Jews were slid from Abraham. Yet, Jesus was not plunged from David. Who was from the clan of Judah through his mom Mary, since she was instead a relative of Aaron. From the clan of Levi. We know this since Luke’s gospel lets us know that Mary was a “relative” of Elizabeths, a “relative of Aaron.”
  • When Joseph plummeted from David. Wedded Mary, this additionally comprised his legitimate reception of the child she would bear. The language of Matthew’s lineage mirrors this fair agreement: “Joseph, the spouse of Mary . . . the mother of Jesus.”


When Jehoash of Judah neglected to submit to Elisha’s directions, Elisha anticipated that Jehoash would lose the Arameans multiple times. As opposed to five or numerous times, which might have been to the point of finishing the Syrian threat. In three signs and progressive triumphs, Jehoash conquered the Syrians. And retook from them the towns which Hazael had caught from Israel.

Ahaziah (unique, the next child of Ahab who at first succeeded him) was the ruler of Judah at that point and was with Joram. Jehu killed both Ahaziah and Joram; executed Ahab’s better half, Jezebel; killed Ahab’s relatives. And “cleared out Baal from Israel” (2 Kings 10:28, ESV). Tragically, Jehu didn’t stroll in the ways of God; in any case, since he had been dedicated to God’s call to free Israel of Baal’s love, God guaranteed that the four ages of his line would be lord of Israel (2 Kings 10:30).