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Jeroboam in the Bible. Was Jeroboam a good king?

It seems that the story of Jeroboam in the Bible began with Solomon being influenced by God’s prophecy. That his kingdom would be divided because of his idolatrous practices. And that the ten northern tribes would be given to his servant (indeed, Jeroboam had sought counsel with the prophet Ahijah). And he sought to kill—Jeroboam, who fled to Egypt. The fear expressed in Jeroboam’s thoughts. This leads to the apostasy he initiated, which has become the hallmark of iniquity throughout the centuries and is a choice built on another option. Jeroboam decides to take it upon himself to win and keep the kingdom. 

Jeroboam I was the first king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. He was a good king, and the Hebrew Bible describes that Jeroboam’s reign began after a revolt of the ten northern Israelite tribes against Rehoboam, which ended the United Monarchy. Jeroboam reigned for 22 years.

Jeroboam in the Bible was from the clan of Ephraim, a worker of King Solomon’s and the child of a widow. He later became the primary ruler of the isolated northern realm of Israel. He is first referenced in quite a while in 11:26: Jeroboam the son of Nebat, an Ephraimite of Zeredah, a worker of Solomon, whose mother’s name was Zeruah, a widow, additionally lifted his hand against the Lord. In Bible were 2 Jeroboams.

Are there two Jeroboam in the Bible?

How well the young fellow went about his responsibilities,” he put Jeroboam over the workforce of the clans of Joseph (1 Kings 11:28). At some point, the prophet Ahijah moved toward Jeroboam with a prediction. The prophet tore another shroud into 12 pieces and said, “Take ten pieces for yourself, for this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘See, I will remove the realm from Solomon’s hand and give you ten clans'” (1 Kings 11:31).

In the Bible, there are two Jeroboam: Jeroboam I and Jeroboam II. The icon love of the Israelites made God partition the realm (stanza 33). The place of David would hold the remainder of the domain, including Jerusalem, in light of God’s agreement with David (stanza 32).

After this, “Solomon attempted to kill Jeroboam, yet Jeroboam escaped to Egypt. Furthermore, remained there until Solomon’s demise” (1 Kings 11:40). Following Solomon’s passing, Solomon’s child Rehoboam became lord and stupidly took steps to cause some severe problems for individuals of the land (1 Kings 12:14). This prompted defiance to Rehoboam. The ten northern clans delegated Jeroboam as their lord (1 Kings 12:20). The division anticipated by Ahijah happened (1 Kings 12:15).

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Biography of Jeroboam

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Meaning of Jeroboam in the Bible

The first and most popular Jeroboam in the Bible is the child of Nebat and Zeruah. Lord of Israel (1 Kings 11:26). Ruler Solomon had named this Jeroboam as head over the constrained work of the domain of Joseph (11:28), and at some point, as he goes out from Jerusalem, he’s met by the prophet Ahijah. He lets Jeroboam know that the Lord will provide him with the ten clans of Israel.

The real meaning of Jeroboam in the Bible is associated with “the ruler who made Israel sin.”Jeroboam escapes to Egypt however returns after Solomon bites the dust and his child Rehoboam is ruling. In the northern clan’s revolt, Jeroboam sustains Shechem and Penuel and raises brilliant calves at Bethel and Dan. And keeps procuring his memorial, “the ruler who made Israel sin” (2 Kings 13:6). 

The subsequent Jeroboam is the child and replacement of ruler Joash of Israel (2 Kings 13:13) and an old buddy of the prophet Elisha (13:14).

Key Verse related to Jeroboam

“It happened at that time, when Jeroboam went out of Jerusalem, that the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite found him in the way; now [Ahijah] had clad himself with a new garment, and they two were alone in the field.”

1 Kings 11:29 (NIV)

Jeroboam in the Bible

What is Jeroboam in the Bible known for?

Jeroboam was the lord liable for tearing the northern clans from the southern lines. With God’s favor, he effectively drove defiance to Solomon’s child Rehoboam. Despite God’s beauty in his life, Jeroboam was not an unwavering devotee of God.

In the record of I Kings and II Chronicles, Jeroboam was known at first as lord of the United Monarchy of Israel. However, after the ten northern clans of Israel revolted in 932/931 BC to shape the free Northern Kingdom of Israel. Subject to Jeroboam, Rehoboam stayed as a ruler of the Kingdom of Judah, or southern.

Even though God had guaranteed Jeroboam an extraordinary and enduring line in the Bible.  Jeroboam dismissed God’s guarantee and invalidated it.

From what tribe was Jeroboam?

Jeroboam I was the primary lord of the northern realm of Israel, which included ten(ish) of Israel’s twelve clans. The Bible records his ascent to control in 1 Kings 11:26-14:20. He ruled for quite some time, from 930-909 BC.

Being from the clan of Ephraim, Jeroboam typically tried to lead his realm from that point. He invigorated the city of Tirzah in Shechem and lived there. Then, at that point, the town of Peniel, which was in the region, had a place with the clan of Manasseh. Researchers banter whether this implied Jeroboam laid out two capitals (one on each side of the Jordan River). Yet Shechem was his essential headquarters.

But, Jeroboam in the Bible was not from the line of David. He was one of Solomon’s managers, yet through the prophet Ahijah. God constrained him to revolt, promising to give him a line. As enduring as David’s-inasmuch as he submitted to God.

Primary Takeaways

  • Jeroboam stressed assuming the northern Israelites kept doing penances at the sanctuary in Jerusalem, they would betray him (1 Kings 12:26-27). So after looking for appeal, he brought back a natural type of love: an old-fashioned brilliant calf.
  • Jeroboam was the child of Nebat, an individual from the Tribe of Ephraim of Zereda. His mom, named Zeruah (צרוע “diseased”), was a widow. He had two children, Abijah and Nadab, who succeeded him in the privileged position.
  • Also, in the Bible, His name happens in the Old Testament in 2 Kings; 1 Chronicle, Book of Hosea, and Book of Amos. 


As Solomon’s servant, Jeroboam receives a message from God through the prophet Ahijah: So, behold, I will tear the kingdom out of Solomon’s hand and give you ten tribes.

Jeroboam II The record in 2 Kings 14:23-25 expresses that his realm reached out from the lines of Hamath (presently Ḥamāh, Syria) on the Orontes River to the Dead Sea, and he recuperated the region in Transjordania which had for some time had Damascus.