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Jesus Christ friends. Are we His friends?

Friendship is God’s gift that goes beyond and further than death. Friendship means finding each other as a place of reference. Through Christ, a new friendship has been imprinted on the social life of humanity. A love of devotion for our fellow human beings. Who are Jesus’ friends, and whom He believes are worthy to be His friends? Reading this article, you will find what friendship means. Who are Jesus Christ friends, and why He chose them?

Biblical friendship 

Jesus Christ friends represent the love that feeds on itself. It is timeless, reveals, and activates our intellectual and spiritual resources. At every step, it makes it visible, as if they were noble elements with which we greet success and failure and joy and sorrow. And also flight and fall. Its fruit comes after long and distinct experiences and trial and error. But also suddenly, when it seems to find the nuance or purity to express itself almost at once. And the fruit is sweet, regardless of the weight of the journey or apparent inconsistencies. What does it mean to be Jesus Christ friends, and what is the biblical definition of friendship?

Friendship is never guaranteed, and therein lies its beauty. It seems to wait for us and seems to delay us. Friendship is a state, an encounter to which you show up uncovered since you cannot know in advance how the friend can turn the obvious minus into a plus by the simple fact that he gets to know you, operating on him as if he were healing his wound. But if you find a suitable mate, you are blessed. What would the world be without friends?

In Holy Scripture, all those who do His will are called Jesus Christ friends: (“You are my friends if you do what I command you” – John 15:14) and householders (“…you are fellow citizens with the saints and householders of God” – Ephesians 2:19) of God.

 Jesus Christ's friends

Friendship can help you grow spiritually and cultivate virtue in yourself. When the center is Christ, God, and goodness, those friends help you; if the concern is drunkenness and fun, even if you strive for spiritual life, they drag you down. Friendships today are precarious; this is why we have to be very careful while creating companies. This is why you must become one of Jesus Christ friends.

Friends of Jesus in the Bible

In the Bible, Jesus Christ friends are presented as everyone who does His will. Jesus Christ Friends are warned, “You are my friends if you do what I command you.” In other words, “When I say that I lay down My life for My friends, you can know that you are My friend and that My sacrificial life matters to you if you do what I command.” “You are My friends if you do what I command you.” It’s a big “if,” a very big “if” – “You are My friends if you do what I command you.” Eternal life depends on that “if.”

We have in our nature the power to love our neighbor as ourselves. The characteristic of love is precisely its permanent openness, unsullied by the irony of society’s false models. Friendship is the quintessential actuality of a love that is faithful. It is the flower with which spring can be made. It has the nimbus of holiness regardless of burdens, hardships, and fears.

Many of us misunderstand friendship, and that’s why we think it has to be unconditional. This is because friends are often understood as partners for fun, gossip, and games. Without the friendship being related to the commandments of the Gospel. This is also the cause of so many disappointments in our companies.

Jesus and friendship. What was His definition?

The Saviour Jesus Christ friends say that there is no greater love but for a man to offer his soul for a friend. So the ultimate proof of love is that you are willing to die for them. Now let’s consider how many friends we have for whom we are eager to pass. This is the level of friendship we should reach. It isn’t easy to go to the last group of companies if we speak from a spiritual point of view.

Being one of Jesus’ Christ’s friends means going beyond the individual, on the one hand, and the social, on the other. The most unselfish side of the soul is imbued with love and fellowship with one’s neighbor. Man no longer seeks only his own identity about others. But listens to and worships only what his inner self dictates. From the extremes of the lords as “hills” and the oppressed as “valleys of weeping.” The person finds himself in Christ with values of the heart, in the complete sense of the person. On the one hand, escaping from the bondage of lust and oppression is true liberation.

God and friendship

God came lovingly to meet us when we were in darkness and didn’t even have the strength to recognize Him. Christ, God’s Son, fulfilled the purest and most perfect friendship.

He is bearing in mind that based on the commandments given by the Saviour, Christ is love. They must not be understood as a condition but as a desire to respond with our passion for His love. We’d like to let you know that we have received it in the Kingdom. God has given us freedom, which is not violated, even in this case. The Kingdom is open, but no one can enter against his own will. Therefore, every human friendship must be related to the commandments of Christ, and thus, it will become eternal. What is not according to these commandments, let us not count it company, but rather an enemy who can deprive us of everlasting joy. Do not let yourself trample on the divine commandments for the sake of the human company. Remember what Bible says: bad friendships influence and corrupt good morals and character.

How to develop your friendship with God. How to do it?

God is a best friend, which everyone can have; God tells us several times to search for Him with our hearts clean. He can develop a relationship with God by seeking Him and doing His will.

The power of faithful love has at its foundation a hope full of immortality. Which heals the individual self-assurance that closes the heart: The Lord is saying that cursed be the person who trusts fully in a man. And also makes his support and hope out of human flesh. And a person whose heart turns away from Him for a human friend. Individualism is the way of closing the seat under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Sown in the world by the one in whom the Light has become the darkness of cruelty.

Being a “friend of God” is far beyond our comprehension. Beyond awe, fear, or obedience, friendship implies a certain familiarity, a warm closeness, and reciprocity. To consider God a friend seems, to many of us, a boldness, perhaps rightly so. But Jesus called “his friends” all those who, like his disciples, follow his commandments.

At the same time, Holy Scripture tells us about some people who were expressly called friends of God, and one of these is  Moses. His boundless devotion to the Word of God and, at the same time, unfailing love. For the destiny of the people he was born with, Moses is the perennial paradigm of the intercessor.

Jesus is a true friend. Why is He the best friend?

Jesus is a true friend because He never leaves us. He is the main goal in Christians’ lives. Christians want, above all, to become friends with Jesus, the final Bridegroom. By listening to Him and finding the greatest joy in this obedience. ,  All,” he has told us: all our Church has passed on to us. Not seeing God’s friendship and not wanting it is, after all, a suicidal sin. When Judas came with the messengers of the archbishops to arrest Christ, Christ asked him, in Matthew 26:50, “Friend, why did you come?” if Judas had paid attention to this friend, he would have been saved.

But the whole feeling and living of this friendship with the Son of God come through the pure and straightforward embrace with your friend beside you. Whose gentle and encouraging smile is also proof of God’s existence for you.

Friendship is mutual interiority. It is together in suffering and joy to a greater extent. Even the most significant grief fades, in part, when you experience it with your friend. So choose wisely because you do not want to make a friend who will stab you in the back. Take care of yourself, and thank you so much for offering your time while reading this article to understand who were Jesus Christ friends.