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Jesus relationship with his mother

Does the Bible tell us about Jesus’ relationship with his Mother? The Bible does not refer directly to the relationship of Mary with Jesus. Nor does the Bible recall neither the birth of the Virgin Mary nor its passage to the Lord. The Gospel does not reflect the Mother of the Lord except tangential:

In good Vestiture, in the birth of Jesus, in bringing the prince to the temple. The last mention of the Mother of the Lord in the New Testament is found in Acts of Apostles,1, verse 14, where it is said that. After the Apostle’s elevation to heaven, the apostles stood hidden from the fear of the Jews in a room above the house, with them being “the women and with Mary, the mother of Jesus.” 

Some modern exegetes consider that the last mention of the Virgin Mary in the New Testament is in the text of Revelation 12:1, where there is talk of “a woman with the sun and moon was under her feet, and on her head wore the twelve-star. According to this text, the interpreters claim Virgo Maria would be a heavenly reinsurer of the apocalypse. Does the Bible relate to Jesus’ relationship with His mother?

How was it possible that a Virgin should bear Jesus?

 Mary remained pregnant by the Holy Spirit, the active force of God. (Matthew 1:18) the angel said to him, “the Holy Spirit shall come upon you, and the power of the Priest shall cover you with his shadow. Thus, he who is born shall be called the holy Son of God.” * (Luke 1:35)

 “The Virgin Mary showed on the earth as a miracle of miracles and passed through the shine of the skylight and mind of the heavenly” (St. Grigorie Palama).

How can Mary and Elisabeth be relatives of one of David’s and the other of Aaron’s?

Belonging to the genealogical line was always seen from the father’s perspective. In the case of Elisabeth and Mary, the father was obviously from Judah’s fireplace and Levi’s tribe. Yet not their mothers. As for Elisabeta, her Mother, probably, was from Judah’s fireplace, and the two could be relatives. Some Bible scholars say this is very likely because the two seminars used to marry each other, thereby joining the two essential aspects of Messiah, King (through Judah) and High Priest (through Levi).

jesus relationship with his mother

Virgin Mary was grateful for her Son.

 Mary was grateful to meditate on the privilege received from God: To raise him and train the man who would become the Messiah. She must have felt unparalleled joy while listening to Jesus, the most outstanding teacher of all time, who taught great-depth lessons starting from everyday things and scenes.

Did Jesus speak ugly to his Mother?

No, Jesus merely tried to guide his Mother carefully. “They have no wine,” she said. What would Maria have wanted Jesus to do? We can only suspect. But there is one thing to be sure: She knew her Son was a great man who would do great things, and he probably thought he would begin then. She wanted to say, “son, help him, please!”

Indeed, Jesus’ answer came from him. He said, “What do I have to do with you, woman?”
These words of Jesus were not disrespectful, as some misinterpreted them. So how was His relationship with His mom? He corrected his Mother gently, reminding him that he did not have to direct how he did his job. The only one who could do this was His father, God. 

Virgin Mary trusted Jesus.

 Mary trusted Jesus. Maria understood that her role in directing her Son was over. Now she and the others had to accept his direction. Jesus, in turn, showed that he shared his Mother’s compassionate feelings for the freshly married couple. He made the first of his miracles on that occasion, turning water into high-quality wine. What was the result? “His disciples believed him.” And Mary believed in Jesus. To her, Jesus was not only her Son but also her Lord and Saviour.

Did Mary understand why her Son acted that way?

Mary had to pass through the experience of the division of his family caused by the public appearance of Jesus because his brethren did not believe in him (John 7:5). They wanted to intervene in the situation described in mark 3:20–35. As the Mother of the Messiah, we can suppose that her confidence in Jesus was never shaken. Nevertheless, in this conflict, Jesus clearly explained—not only to his other relatives but also to his Mother—that spiritual relations are the priority of blood relations:
“Look,” he said, “My mother and my brothers! For whoever does the will of God is my brother, sister, and mother.” (Matthew 12:48–50)

Why does Jesus entrust his beloved Mother to John?

Because Jesus trusted and loved John. Standing by Jesus’ cross were his Mother, his Mother’s sister, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, Clopay’s wife. When Messiah saw his Mother and beside her, the most beloved disciple, he said to his Mother, “woman, this is your son.” Then to John: “This is your mother!”

And from that moment, John acted like Mary was his Mother. (John 19:25-27).

From this, we understand that Jesus’ care for his Mother was considerable and that his relationship with his Mother was close.

When was the last time Bible spoke about Virgin Mary?

The last time Mary was reminded in the Bible, she was at a meeting with her sons, where they prayed. What an excellent end to the story about Maria. Do we find out more about Jesus relationship with His mother?

Did Mary have other children ever come after Jesus?

Yes, Mary had other children too. The following is also told in the Gospel after Matthew:
He came to his homeland and began learning people in the synagogue; those who heard Him were aiding, saying, “where does he have such wisdom and miracles? Isn’t he the Son of the carpenter? Isn’t Maria his Mother? And Jacob, Joseph, Simon, and Judah, aren’t his brothers? “And aren’t his sisters all among us?” Then where does he get all this?” (Matthew 13:54-56)
So Jesus had brothers and sisters.

False accusations against Mary

Other apocrine writings speak of Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. Some of these works say of the Mother of God in a defamatory manner. Thus, in one of the writings of the heretic Celsus, fought by Origen (one of the greatest Christian writers) in work “against Celsus,” we speak of Virgo Maria as a concubine of a Romanian soldier, Panthea. 

This Roman soldier, after Celsus, would be Yaisuah’s illegitimate father, who reputed Mary, accusing her of infidelity. Of course, this legend is fought with clear arguments from Origen.
Another apocrine in which Virgo Mary is mentioned is the work of “Pilate’s works,” where there is talk of the great Jews who went to Pilate with the judgment of Jesus, saying that this would be a bastard. Also, even if this event at the trial of Jesus had been confirmed, the accusation of the Jews is a desperate attempt to find human guilt for the accused.

Where is the grave of the Mother of Christ?

The tomb of the Mother of the Lord is in the Gletsimani Garden in Jerusalem and is not attested to testimonies of men who would have seen its rise in heaven, as it was in the case of our Lord Jesus Christ. About the Mother of God’s rising to heaven wrote St. Simeon Metafrath, referring to Juvenile, the bishop of Jerusalem (between 422-458, referred to as a Saint on 11 July), who says he would have heard this from an old tradition. 

He also wrote of the Mother of God and the event of her rise and the Holy Maxim the Maravior, 580-662, doing detail but not indicating the sources from which he took this information. I draw attention to the fact that more than 500 years have passed since the death of the Mother of God until the time he wrote Maxim.

Is Romania the Garden of Jesus’ mom?

No, Romania is not the Garden of Jesus Christ’s Mother simply because Maria has never been to Romania. But Pope John Paul II 1999 visited Romania when he attended the sanctification of the place, the cathedral of the nation’s redemption. The former leader of the Catholic Church said that “Romania is the Mother of God’s Garden” and that he came “to look at the image of Jesus in our Ch.” ch.” 

 Athos mountain is a small peninsula in Greece where several Orthodox monasteries and churches are concentrated. It also received the Mother of God’s Garden qualification. According to the Orthodox tradition, Mount Athos was requested by Maria, the Mother of Jesus, as a legacy.

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