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Josaphat in Bible. Who was King Josaphat?

Profoundly, Josaphat in Bible positively started his reign. Second Chronicles 17:3-6 gives this tribute: “The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he followed the methods of his dad David before him. He didn’t counsel the Baals however looked for the God of his dad and followed his orders instead of the acts of Israel. The Lord laid out the realm under his influence, and all Judah carried gifts to Jehoshaphat, so he had extraordinary abundance and honor. His heart was given to the methods of the Lord; moreover, he eliminated the high places and the Asherah shafts from Judah.” furthermore, Jehoshaphat sent men all through the realm to show individuals the Law of God (2 Chronicles 17:7-9).

Ruler and King Josaphat in Bible was the fourth lord of Judah under the separated government, the child of Asa. We are first acquainted with him in quite a while at 15:24 however are told just that he succeeded Asa. Afterward, 1 Kings 22:42 lets us know that he was 35 years of age when he started his rule and that he ruled for a long time (from 873 to 848 BC). First, Kings 22 gives a concise record of his rule, with 2 Chronicles 17-22 disclosing everything.

Militarily, Jehoshaphat braced his guards fundamentally against the northern realm of Israel (2 Chronicles 17:1-3). The encompassing countries dreaded Judah and brought recognition (2 Chronicles 17:10-19).

Biography of Josaphat

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Where did King Jehoshaphat work?

We are aware of numerous great rulers of Israel since we name our kids after them: David, Josiah, and Jedidiah (Solomon). However, shouldn’t something be said about King Jehoshaphat? This ruler did incredible things for the sake of the Lord, but then, we dedicate no youngsters after this ruler from the realm of Judah.

Ruler Josaphat in Bible drove for the most part prosperous life, and he worked on the military and monetary ability of the southern realm. All the more significantly, he fixed the agnostic customs and landmarks that different lords who preceded him had polished and venerated. He had good motives, possibly slanting unruly when it came to companionships. How could he bite the dust, assuming God safeguarded him in the conflict Ahab brought him into?

The Bible doesn’t say, yet we can accept that he passed on from advanced age. “Stand by a moment! Did he pass on at 60? That is old?” Indeed, in the old times, futures didn’t surpass much past the age of 50. From the absence of bloody subtleties, we can accept that he took his life in harmony and died from common causes.

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What age was Jehoshaphat when he started his rule?

Despite his previous involvement in Ahab, Jehoshaphat went into one more partnership with Israel. Through Ahab’s child, malicious King Ahaziah. Together they fabricated an armada of exchanging boats to go to Ophir to gather gold. Yet God objected, and the boats were destroyed before they could head out.

Jehoshaphat, whose name signifies “Jehovah has judged,” was 35 years of age when he started his rule and was ruler for a very long time. He was covered at age 60 in the City of David in Jerusalem. Per custom, Jehoshaphat was covered in a glorious way to mirror the activities of King David.

Josaphat in Bible fortified Judah militarily by building a military and many strongholds. He battled against excessive admiration and for the restored love of the One True God. He taught individuals in God’s regulations with voyaging educators. Jehoshaphat set harmony among Israel and Judah. He was submissive to God.

Key Verse related to Josaphat

Then Jehoshaphat stood up in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem at the temple of the Lord in the front of the new courtyard and said: Lord, the God of our ancestors, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you.

2 Chronicles 20 (NIV)

Josaphat in Bible

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Who are the three Josaphats from Bible?

Ruler Jehoshaphat, a child of Asa, ruled for quite a long time. Once he took the lofty position at 35 years old. He endeavors to wipe the slate clean with the northern realm of Israel yet winds up getting tangled in a few terrible fellowships en route.

Aside from the men named Josaphat (a contracted type of Jehoshaphat), in the Bible, there are three men and one valley called Jehoshaphat:

  1. A child of Ahilud, who filled in as a recorder under rulers David and Solomon (2 Samuel 8:16, 1 Kings 4:3).
  2. The child and replacement of lord Asa of Judah and his better half Azubah (1 Kings 15:24). Lord Jehoshaphat is by. He was considered a decent ruler, aside from his inability to get rid of agnostic focuses of love, and his devotion to the evil lord Ahaziah of Israel, with whom he attempted to set up a gold exchange with Tarshish (1 Kings 22:43-48).
  3. The dad of lord Jehu of Israel, the child of Nimshi (2 Kings 9:2). Since this lord Jehoshaphat is a precursor of Christ as indicated by the Solomonic parentage of Matthew, he is additionally referenced in the Greek New Testament: Ιωσαφατ, Iosaphat, which a few interpretations decipher as Josaphat (MATTHEW 1:8).

The child kid’s name Josaphat is articulated as JHOWSaa-FaeT. Josaphat is utilized overwhelmingly in English and German and is gotten from Hebrew starting points. Josaphat’s importance is Yahweh has judged. A scriptural name is obtained from the components ‘Yahweh,’ the  word of God; ‘shape at’ means to pass judgment. The name was borne in the Bible by the fourth lord of Judah, after whom the Valley of Josaphat was named.

Primary Takeaways

  • Jehoshaphat was a renowned Judean ruler who drove his kin back to the genuine love of God during his rule. He was the child of another real Judean pioneer named King Asa.
  • He was 35 years of age when he governed the realm of Judah. He ruled for quite a long time. Jehoshaphat shows up on the Bible Timeline Chart with World History 928 BC.
  • The prophet Joel talks about the valley of Jehoshaphat. Where God will assemble all countries, expressing, “For there I will sit to judge all the encompassing countries,” and the frightening, “Hoards, hoards in the valley of choice!” (Joel 3). The valley of Jehoshaphat is equivalent to the valley of Armageddon.


A strong and unwavering devotee of Yahweh. Josaphat in Bible counseled God’s prophets before simply deciding and crediting God for each triumph. A successful military pioneer, He was respected and made well off from accolades. Thank you very much for offering us your time! We hope you found valuable information!