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The true meaning of the TAU cross

The TAU  is a letter that is part of the Hebrew alphabet and has been used since the Old Testament. Because of its substantial symbolic value and meaning. The true meaning of the TAU cross sign indicates the salvation and love of God for men. It is also mentioned in the book of the  Prophet Ezekiel. In the section where God sends the angel to imprint this individual salvation on the servants’ foreheads. Reciting these words: “The Lord said: pass through the city. Into the midst of Jerusalem and marks a TAU on the foreheads of men who sigh and cry ”. 

The TAU is, therefore, a sign of redemption that allows the way of living the Christian life. To be externally manifested according to the rules given by the church. The Holy Spirit’s seal provided a warning to the faithful by the Holy Spirit’s seal provided on the day of Baptism. Let’s find out together what it represents for the church. And what lies behind the simple lines of the TAU cross?

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The origin of the TAU cross


As we have anticipated, the origins of TAU are very ancient. The Hebrew script and its alphabet were codified almost 200 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. For this reason, many letters underwent variations in form based on the regions where the Jews lived, both in Israel and in the diaspora (places outside Israel).

In Hebrew, the last letter of the alphabet is represented and still means. The fulfillment of the entire revealed word of God. This letter was called TAU (also known as TAW, pronounced Tav in Hebrew). And could have also been written / \ X + T.

This symbol has been used since the Old Testament. In a passage from the book of the Prophet Ezekiel. The people of Israel are recommended to remain faithful to God until the end to be recognized using the sacred seal of the TAU applied on the forehead of each faithful. As a people chosen by God until the end of life. Earthly.

The TAU corresponds to the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet; even if it was no longer in the shape of a cross, the first Christian writers began to use it to comment on the Bible. Its Greek version is called the “Seventy.” This translation of the Hebrew scriptures is called the Old Testament by Christians. The TAU was written in the following form: T.

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TAU cross

Representation of the TAU cross


The use of the TAU for Christians

The first Christians began to use it for two reasons. Since it is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, it was considered a prophecy of the previous day and therefore played a role very similar to that of the Greek letter Omega. As it appears from the Apocalypse: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To those thirsty, I will give freely from the fountain of the water of life … I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end “(Rev. 21,6; 22,13).

Secondly, Christians adopted the TAU symbol because its shape was similar to the Cross on which Christ sacrificed himself for the world’s salvation. The TAU cross’s meaning and value are also highlighted in the Apocalypse (Apoc. 7, 2-3). It is essential to remember that the TAU is not a magical amulet, a fetish, or a superstitious object of any value. It is not a symbol of good luck to carry with you just because it “brings good.” The meaning of the TAU cross is profound and cannot be disconnected from the Christian value.

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What is the meaning of the TAU cross?


The meaning of the TAU cross is the concrete sign of Christian devotion, of the commitment of the faithful to lead a life according to the dictates of religion and to remembering the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. As described in the book of the Prophet Ezekiel, it is a sign of recognition of the Christian as a child of God and therefore represents a sign of protection against the evil of great strength. (Ez.9,6)

Furthermore, it is a sign willed by God for the faithful and a divine privilege (Rev.9,4; Rev.7,1-4; Rev.14,1). It symbolizes the dignity of the children of God because the Cross supports Christ. It is the distinctive sign of the Lord’s redemption, of the blameless, of those who trust in him, of those who recognize themselves as beloved children and who know they are precious to God (Ez.9: 6). The TAU cross is a sign that reminds the Christian to be strong in the face of life’s trials, ready to obey the Father, just as Jesus was at the beginning of the Father’s will.

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St. Francis and his connections with the TAU cross


Because of the substantial similarity that the TAU has with the Cross, St. Francis of Assisi had this symbol very close to their heart. So much so that it played an essential role in his life and his gestures. In the TAU, the saving force was identified, and the beatitude of poverty was represented—one of the fundamental pillars of Franciscan life.

“With this seal, St. Francis signed himself whenever. Either out of necessity or out of a spirit of charity. He sent some of his letters” (FF 980); “With it, he began his actions” (FF 1347). This was one of the most cherished signs for St. Francis, his seal, the revelatory symbol of a profound spiritual conviction that sees in the Cross of Christ the only possibility of salvation for every man.

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Why is the TAU made of wood?


The reasons why TAU is traditionally produced in wood relate to the characteristics of this material. Wood is a poor and ductile material that reminds the children of God of the importance of living simply and the poverty of spirit (Mt 5.3).

Furthermore, wood is a material efficiently worked just as the baptized Christian must allow himself to be molded in everyday life by the Word of God and be a volunteer of His Gospel. In some way, the similarity with the wooden Cross is inextricably linked to the life of the Christian from the very first moments of his entry into the religious community.

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Given the importance for the Christian, the TAU cross is a symbol to always carry with you or to keep inside the house to always keep in mind the meaning of being children of God.