You are currently viewing New Jerusalem on Earth. What kind of work will we do in Heaven?

New Jerusalem on Earth. What kind of work will we do in Heaven?

God has not promised that we will not have false friends or that we will not be lonely. Or that we will not be depressed at certain times of life. He has promised that He is with us, watching over us every step of the way. But you know they often say we can find God’s footprints in the sand? Meaning He was present and is present there if you hit certain waves of life. It might seem that His presence is not there. But God is sovereign and in control. So we must not panic and wait for His guidance: to become His servants in eternity and in the New Jerusalem on Earth at the end of our journey. 
new jerusalem on earth


In Heaven, we will all serve God for eternity. Without getting bored. And we will be angels of the Lord. Heaven is the inner state, the radiance of the inner world, which is born of our need here, for it is not through the bodily senses that we reach heaven.

Instead, we can see this divine radiance within us with our senses by healing our sin-sick nature. The beauty of heaven is unlike this earthly beauty, with rivers and fruit trees. But is altogether unearthly¹.

It must be a divine service to stand near the Highest and be an angel of Him. To see God face to face and need nothing but His presence. He has ordained all this for us because He loves us dearly, but we must fight here on Earth because this life is just a road to New Jerusalem on Earth. So here it is, the Valley of Grief, where some do not end because of life’s little pains. Or others, through untold suffering, manage to make it through Jordan: they will be rewarded. God is waiting for us on the other side of the river to wipe away every tear from our eyes, for every tear is noted in His book.

The primary and only job in Heaven will be the glory we offer to God, which will never end. Heaven is a place created by God for angels and older men. It is a special place in heaven. Heaven is serious work, but also heaven is unparalleled. Paradise, heaven, and earth.

You look at heaven. Once you get to heaven, you can never go back to tell about the experience. No one can tell what heaven is like. We’ll get there if we deserve it.