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Only 144.000 go to Heaven? It is a misunderstanding or not?

Revelation Book chapter 7 presents that John heard and knew the number of people born again. 144.000 of believers from Israel’s tribes from every corner of the world. Do you know if this is true? Only 144.000 go to Heaven? Or is it a drastic misunderstanding? You can read this article to learn more about this subject. I have for you below why some Christians believe that only the people presented in the book of Revelation will go to Heaven.

Who is God, and what does He want from me?

God is our Father, the heavenly Father, who supports our earthly parents to raise us beautifully, dignifiedly, and courageously. He is the One who not only made heaven and earth but also protects it from us, humans, and our wickedness. He is the Father because He revealed Himself to us in Jesus Christ, His Son, Who became incarnate – that is, took on flesh like ours, apart from sin – for the forgiveness of our sins through suffering, death, crucifixion, and resurrection. Only 144.000 go to Heaven.

After His Resurrection and His Ascension into heaven, He gave us in our midst God the Holy Spirit, the heavenly King who is everywhere and fills all. This is why he is God the Trinity, that is, God is Father and Son and Holy Spirit. What does he want from you and me? We may be human, attentive to the beauty of the soul and full of joy, ready to fulfill the things of our life for ourselves. Let us remain human when others lose their humanity, not because they lose it, but because we believe in God and His power to keep us alive beyond death.

Who are the 144.000 in the Bible?

Only 144.000 go to Heaven are the 12 tribes of Israel, referring to the true believers and followers of Christ, regardless of their race or ethnicity. In the book of Revelation, in chapter 7, it exists an interlude between Jesus’ signs of return. The one that occurs with the breaking of the sixth seal. And the second one, the mysterious silence at its breaking. In chapter 7 of Revelation, we can find a question that sounds like this: Who is the one who can stand up before the Lord of Songs?

The naming of the 12 tribes does not indicate bodily belonging to Israel but quite the opposite. The 12 tribes have long since ceased to exist since most have long since intermixed with the Gentiles. While the Jews, Levites, and a negligible number of the Benjamites and Ephraimites have combined. Since the first Christian millennium, they are becoming one tribe. Any attempt to evade this historical fact leads to absurdities.

Initially, the angels hold the four winds. Then we learn that they have been permitted to blow away the earth and the sea. The sealing takes place in a last-ditch effort to hold back the great storm, following an emergency cosmic order after the angels had been permitted to blow away the earth and the sea.

Every tribe, every nation Bible Verse

You may also hear an expression such as The four corners of Earth. It comes from the old times when Earth was considered a flat one. The Bible has a poetic and symbolic value. Here it refers to the cardinal points: North and West. And South and East. And from them, only 144.000 go to Heaven.

Servant of God is such a beautiful and noble title. This is what the great prophets and even the Messiah Himself were called. Enslaved people are bought, ransomed, and inherited; they are the property of the master and have a duty to obey His orders and serve Him. In a religious sense, devout worshippers of a god were called ‘slaves’ of that god in ancient times. The expression “our God” indicates the categorical opposition of Heaven to other lords and gods worshipped by the world’s religions and, at the same time, a collective attachment to God. It also indicates the identification of heavenly beings with believers on earth.

only 144.000 go to heaven

I will give you a new name. Jesus will offer you a title only you will know.

From Revelation, we learn that every new being will receive a new name. A name only God and them will know. The trumpet of the Lord will announce the judgment, and that great day will come. And all the faithful will gather around Him singing His glory.
On the day when the saints of the Lord shall rise from the dead and in immortality be clothed in white raiment. When they will all be reveling in His light, we must encourage the faithful to sing them in chorus. The Lord’s Bride up in heaven will triumph. And in His holy tabernacle shall dwell. And golden crowns above in great glory all the faithful shall wear.

What is Mt Zion in the Bible?

Mount Zion is located in the old part of Jerusalem and has historical resonance, as Zion was first identified with the “City of David.” The Savior’s ancestor in the flesh. Zion is also referred to in the Old Testament as His Holy Mountain. The same name was also given to Mount Judea, where the western hill of Jerusalem is located.
Zion is called not only the earthly Jerusalem but also the heavenly Jerusalem. In a spiritual sense, Zion means the Church of Christ.
Located near the Last Supper, David’s Tomb is also a stopping point for us Christians. 

God will reward you for your faithfulness.

Writing this article, it came to my mind a Christian song from the Romanian language, which is translated, and it sounds like this: The years fly by, the days look like passing. Like a dream, life is over. You will leave soon and go into the grave. What you have done to Jesus, you will have. The second verse is this: If you’ve been a merciful man, you’ll have mercy. Jesus will call you by name: My faithful servant on earth you lived.

And you always thought of me. Then you’ll meet your ancestors who died in Jesus faithfully. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Samuel. David, Nathan, and Daniel. With the apostles persecuted by the people and with the bands of martyrs. Who has watered the earth with their blood? And Jesus, they did not forsake.

The song also wants to present the Divine Bridegroom and the table prepared for them. And one by one, He will serve them all. And all the tears on the cheek shall be no more for with Jesus we shall rejoice. So Today, Heaven will rejoice over you. And the angels will sing in chorus. Heaven’s door will open wide and let the faithful soul enter. What a beautiful way to know that God is waiting for us.

Let us not disappoint Him and go and ask Him for forgiveness to be present with the only 144.000 who go to Heaven. He is The Heavenly Father who knows your heart and accepts you just as you are. Play a nice Bible TRIVIA about Rapture.