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Origins of Cross | 3 Things You Didn’t Know About It

Christians from all over the world celebrate the cross. They carve it in sculptures, wear it as jewelry, use it in churches, and remember Christ whenever they see one. However, only a few of them know the origins of cross. And while it may be sad at times to think about its origins, given how Jesus was once left to die on one, every Christian needs to understand how God transformed such a horrific experience into something that gives hope to all humankind. And it shall forever remain a symbol of hope.

While some people may believe that the cross was always a symbol of Christianity, history teaches us otherwise. The origins of cross are, at best, complicated. The first time people ever saw something resembling the cross was in Ancient Egypt. There we found the “ankh,” an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol.

The ankh was used when Ancient Egyptians were referring to “life.” However, the cross became a beloved symbol of life and love for all Christians hundreds of years after Jesus was crucified.


Why Is the Cross Important for Christians?

The cross is significant to Christians because it symbolizes His ultimate love for us. He sacrificed for all humankind so that we can be forgiven. And presented with a place next to Him in Heaven. Although historians might have troubles when it comes to the origins of cross. There is one thing people from all corners of the world believe. The cross, once a symbol of pain and heartbreak because Jesus suffered on it, nowadays holds a special place in every Christian heart because of Him.

A valid symbol of life, the cross is there to remind us that no matter what we go through in this life, God will always suffer for us and with us until we overcome anything and can go to Heaven to be with Him.

The cross represents salvation. It gives hope to every Christian and proves that the afterlife is real, just like Jesus said. We know He died on the cross and rose to cleanse the world of sins. It shows Christians that even if the cross was originally used as a torture device where people would ultimately find their end, the end is not the end until He wants it to be. The cross is the perfect example that His love is infinite.

The cross is here to remind us forever that even if people once treated Jesus in a way that no living creature should be treated, He still loved them. He still sacrificed for them.

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What Do the Origins Of Cross Mean Today?

The cross was once a symbol that nobody wanted to see, let alone touch or experience. Because it was used in executions, people feared it and never wanted to be in its presence. However, this all changed after Emperor Constantine the Great rose to power. He didn’t want people to be scared of this cross symbol because God sacrificed for them. So instead, he built churches and used the cross and the origins of cross to show people how great God is and how far His love for them will go.

Nowadays, Christians use this symbol to remind them of the Christian origins of cross. It’s a forever bold statement that Jesus is with them. And the best part about the cross is that it can hold different meanings, depending on the person wearing or displaying it. For many people, the cross is still a symbol of hope.

For others, it’s a symbol of strength. As an example, many Christians own a rosary and usually pray to hold the cross part of it. They believe that in doing so, they are celebrating Jesus and proclaiming their love for Him. Others keep crosses for protection, believing God will protect whoever owns a cross.

One thing is for sure; the cross represents a unique item for all who use it and is no longer considered a bad or terrifying thing in the eyes of Christians, all thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. On the contrary, it is celebrated worldwide for many reasons, some previously stated in this article. Whatever this symbol means to you goes way beyond the origins of cross. And it will most definitely remain a relevant and essential part of Christianity for all eternity.


When Did the Cross Become a Symbol for Christians?

Constantine the Great is also known as “the first Christian Emperor.” It is written in Ecclesiastical History that “Constantine called on God with earnest prayer and supplications that He would reveal to him who He was and stretch forth His right hand to help him in his present difficulties. And while he was thus praying with fervent entreaty, a most marvelous sign appeared to him from Heaven. He saw with his own eyes the trophy of a cross of light in the heavens, above the sun, and bearing the inscription, ‘Conquer by this.”

The first person who acknowledged the cross and its importance was Emperor Constantine the Great. He was also the first person to legalize Christianity. But, believe it or not, there was a time when Christians were persecuted and even sanctioned for expressing their love for God.

Emperor Constantine the Great was the one who decided to put a stop to the horrible cross execution and introduced the cross as a symbol that Christians quickly started venerating. To this day, his decisions that favored Christians are considered a massive turning point. People refer to this as “the Triumph of the Church, the Peace of the Church, or the Constantinian shift.”

After this event, the cross, alongside the phrase “Conquer by this,” were painted on every shield and used by Constantine’s people. It is essential to understand that when Constantine became an emperor, only 10 percent of the people were Christians. However, he made Christianity the official religion and would pray and thank God often for everything that he had achieved.