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Phanuel. What is archangel Phanuel known for?

It is known that Jewish angelology developed later, beginning with the exilic-post-exilic period. Earlier, in the monarchic period, there were references to divine envoys or angels, and Yahweh led the heavenly host, for which he was called Yahweh Savaot, meaning “Yahweh of hosts.” God created angelic beings, and Phanuel became one of the seven archangels of the Great Lord of Hosts.

According to the Book of Enoch, Phanuel is the Angel of the four who sits at the right hand of God. He is an archangel of deliverance, hope, and divine repentance. We are encouraging all humankind to repent. To know the Father, the Creator, and to see the Face of God. This archangel Phanuel is known to all people and in all apocryphal texts as the angel who offers guidance to deliverance from sin and hope—offering people a bridge of communion between the human being and God.

God did not place Phanuel at His right hand without reason. He put him there because this archangel is full of divine light and power.

Who is Phanuel?

More information is outside the biblical canon. Such literature becomes extremely important for understanding the development of the Jewish mentality during the transition between the Testaments. And some New Testament concepts cannot be fully understood without recourse to the apocryphal books.

According to the apocryphal writings of Enoch, Phanuel is a divine archangel. The Good Lord commissioned him to be righteous in watching over the care. And the hope of potential heirs to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Phanuel’s vibrant color is blue. And in appearance, he looks like an angel of light that you can hardly look at because of his brilliance. The work of Phanuel’s glittering eyes watching the throne of God. As well as his duties to unbelievers.

In the Book of Enoch, four extraordinary angels appear Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. In 1 Enoch 40:9, it is described   the function of each of them is:

  • Michael, the merciful and long-suffering angel.
  • Raphael is the one who watches over all human sickness and suffering.
  • Gabriel, who watches overall power.
  • Phanuel watches over the repentance and hope of those who will inherit eternal life.

Biography of Phanuel

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Is Phanuel the same as Uriel?

Believers pray to Fanuel when they need help before making decisions, learning new information, resolving problems or conflicts, and getting rid of sins. Fanuel can also help release negative thoughts. Phanuel is similar to Uriel because he sometimes chastises believers through a vigil.

According to the Apocrypha, Fanuel is the same as Uriel. Although Uriel is mentioned as the one who punishes, as a representative of God’s wrath and in iconography, the Archangel Uriel is depicted holding in his right hand a sword extended against the Persians and in his left hand a tongue of fire.

The Holy Archangels are one of the nine heavenly hosts that serve God unceasingly and communicate God’s will to the people. Holy Scripture bears undeniable witness to the fact that the divine powers share unceasingly with the human world.

What does the name Phanuel mean?

A symbol of the Archangel Fanoil is an open hand holding a flame or the sun, representing God’s truth. Like the other archangels, he is like an angel, but the blue of purity. He is also recognized by the Anglican Church and is mentioned in the Old Testament. He is considered one of the wisest and most inventive archangels, offering help to people with insight and creative, brilliant ideas. 

In Hebrew, Phanuel means “face of God,” which symbolizes his approach to the face of God standing at his right hand. The Church considers him one of the seven important archangels of Christianity because of God’s closeness to Phanuel.

Phanuel is not mentioned in the canonical religious texts of the world’s major religions but appears significantly in primary apocryphal religious texts. Apocryphal texts are religious works included in some early versions of the Bible but are considered secondary in importance to Old and New Testament scripture.

Key Verse related to Phanuel

“And the fourth, who is in charge of repentance, and hope of those who will inherit eternal life, is Phanuel.”

(Enoch 40:9)



What type of angel is Phanuel?

Phanuel is worshipping God. Phanuel appears as a personal being, distinct from God and man in all these places. Angels are superior to men but have certain shortcomings and are marginalized. But they are enveloped in light.

Because of Enoch’s words, Phanuel is an angel of light. One of the closest to God. He is an angel of light because, over the history of humankind, they have shown themselves many times in the lives of men. And has directed their steps toward repentance.

First, the unity of the world is shown by the origin of the facts, all of which were brought into existence, out of nothing, by God. Scripture tells us nothing precise about the time of the creation of the angels. But we can affirm that at the time of the fall of man, not only did the spirits exist, but some of them were no longer in their original state, so they had fallen; the angels existed on the fourth day because when the stars were made, they praised God, among whom Phanuel even sat at the right hand of Yahweh.

Where is Phanuel in the Bible?

As we talked about before, Phanuel is encountered in the Revelation of the fantastic book of Enoch. It is stated with God that he will offer him a pre-revelation of what John would write and what concerned the world’s creation. But it is not considered specific because it is not a biblical sourcePHANUEL’sout .out  Specifically into the category of the great Apocrypha found at the Dead Sea.

The only place we can find Phanuel in the Bible is in Luke 2:36. The all-powerful archangel and father of Anna, a prophetess of the tribe of the seed of Asher.

By nature, the angel Phanuel is a pure spirit, immaterial and incorporeal, much inferior to God, superior to man. But marginal and immortal. Holy Scripture calls such angels spirits: “Are they not all ministering spirits?”. Being non-corporeal spirits, angels cannot speak marriage; they do; they multiply, and there is no death in any form.

Is Phanuel Joseph Smith?

We all know that Joseph Smith was the founder of the Latter-day Adventist Church, and Mormon advocates lower of the Book of Mormon teachings attest and affirm that in 1844, Phanuel descended and entered the body of Joseph Smith.

But we know clearly that Phanuel being an archangel, cannot b,e Joseph Smith. Nor did he incarnate in Smith during his time on earth. Joseph was a man since Phanuel is an accomplished archangel who even received the name of one who saw the face of God.

The Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have Joseph Smith as the founder of this sect. He restored true faith and laid the foundations of the new Christian church. 

Five steps to invoke the Archangel Phanuel

To invoke the incredible power of the angel who intercedes for your salvation, there is a process you must follow.

  1. Turn off phones, music, and anything else that might distract you for the next half hour.
  2. Get down on your knees in the middle of the room, as comfortably as possible, and let go of all your daily worries.
  3. Then, close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of your breathing as you connect with a deeply soothing image.
  4. Think of the repentance and stillness whose visualization induces that peace of mind you have long hoped to attain.
  5. Call upon the excellent angel of repentance and forgiveness of sins, Phanuel, the patron, by saying a prayer.

Continue the ritual of invoking the forgiving power of Phanuel by saying the following prayer:

“Archangel Phanuel, guardian of healing, balance, and the grace of forgiveness,

Thank you for bringing your divine energy of loving wisdom to me and all those close to me.

Thank you for guiding my thoughts, words,
actions, and behavior and helping me

activities, and behavior and helping me to rejoice,

bringing blessings to all who see or hear me.

Do so that your divine magnetism

attracts to me all positive energies;

And also bring forgiveness for all my sins.”


Primary Takeaways

  • Phanuel is the angel of light, righteousness, and repentance. He will return with Jesus at the head of the host so that Jesus, the bridegroom, out shall take his bride.
  • The Archangel Phanuel is represented in the iconography by the color blue. It means confidence, dignity, and intelligence, the shining one, and symbolizes purification. Phanuel expresses power, support, peace, serenity, spirituality, and infinity.
  • The one who was the founder of Mormonism and who started the Mormon religion.


Certainly, Phanuel is not the prophet Joseph Smith, but he is the archangel who, as his name suggests, witnessed the face of God. He is a powerful archangel whose power you can invoke through tears and prayer. And he comes to the aid of all who call his name. I think a little mention might be in order. In some religions, the angel Phanuel is also the father and protector of the act of exorcism. He is present in divine power and the armor of God in all existing exorcisms.

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