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Prayer for finances | One Of The Keys To Fulfilling Your Finances

Sometimes, we are in a hopeless situation and feel an acute material need. No one is immune to poverty; it is always natural for a person to want financial stability. The desire to get rich is a common human passion to which the Church turns a blind eye. Moreover, the Orthodox Church has long had its secrets and advice on increasing wealth, offering a wide variety of prayer for finances to avoid the magical seduction of witchcraft and prevent occult conspiracies for enrichment.

Of course, the traditional and practical means, from the point of view of religious views, to achieve any goal is prayer. To use conspiracies and any magical sorcery is a sin. Therefore, prayers for help in money, requests for wealth, and an increase in financial status are encouraged in every possible way to draw the flock to their bosom and save souls from falling.

Nowadays, magical conspiracies for enrichment fade into the background, replaced by proven Christian methods – a prayer for finances addressed to the Guardian Angel is defined and more effective than witchcraft. If finances are urgently needed, a prayer asking for money will not bring sin to the soul but will help to obtain wealth. With one condition – always a blessing for luck and money is accompanied by sincere faith and surrender to the will of God.


Who is the saint responsible for financial well-being? 

Everyone at baptism always receives an Angel to watch over them, who is also responsible for their financial well-being. He is like a guide, leading our soul in worldly life, removing pains, and instructing through unreason. This messenger of God is our intercessor and patron before the Holy Throne of God and guardian of the n earthly life. In those moments when despair fills our hearts, you should not fall into the sin of hopelessness or use conspiracies, turning to witchcraft; you can make prayers for money, turning to your Guardian Angel for help.

The prayer to the Guardian Angel for finances begins with obligatory repentance. In general, all Orthodox rites always start with fasting and confession. To satisfy your requests, you must clean yourself, show the Lord your readiness and zeal, and then pray for the finances to flow.

Representation of the Guardian Angel who’s responsible for the financial well-being

angel and prayer for finances


Favourable days of church holidays for prayers for material enrichment

In the Orthodox Church, there are holidays when, along with the canonical prayer during the service, a prayer for money can also be used. If you urgently need finances, look at the church calendar. These days, church service can enhance prayers to God for money and financial stability. They are the most powerful to ask for help. But those days will be extremely unfortunate for material and financial status requests. It is better not to think or pray for material enrichment on bad days.

1. Christmas

One of the most important holidays of the Church is Christmas. On this day, conspiracies, prayers for help, and prayers to the Lord for money have a considerable effect. And are very quickly rewarded. If you read a request for help sent to your Heavenly patron during a church service, it will be heard as soon as possible, and you will be rewarded a hundredfold for your efforts.

2. Christening

Traditionally, baptism is considered a powerful day for direct appeal to the Lord for health and luck. Prayer for money, addressed to the Lord directly in the temple during the service, has excellent power. Also, on this day, the devotion to return borrowed money is of great power – it will put your debtor to shame and quickly repay your debts.

It is a perfect day to vision God. If you need to attract wealth, be in the temple during the service and consecration of Easter cakes. The prayer for finances to be kept in the house is the most powerful, precise feast of the Resurrection of the Lord.

There is no more important day for any request than this one. We are starting with prayers for the granting of recovery, the happiness of motherhood, the fulfilment of any dream, an end, and successful marriage.

2 Conditions For God To Intervene In Your Finances

I don’t know if you’ve ever had financial difficulties or been pressured from all sides. And felt like there was no way out. Sometimes we cry out to God, and heaven remains silent. His help is slow in coming. How can God intervene in your finances? Can He help you, and if so, what are the conditions? So how can God intervene in our finances? Therefore, Proverb 3:9-10 gives us some answers:

  1. We must honour the Lord with part of our income (Donate €5 per month to a Christian ministry. Even an association, or a needy person, also give your time, don’t we say that time is money)
  2. We must offer Him the first fruits of all our income. (The first fruits correspond to 10% of the total amount of our monthly income)

These two conditions allow God to intervene in our finances.


3 Prayers for finances

1. Prayer for finances to Saint Spyridon of Trimifuntsky 

“O Holy Saint Spyridon!
Pray for the mercy of the Humanitarian God, that he may not condemn us according to our transgressions but deal with us by his grace.

Ask us, the servants of God (name), from Christ and God for our quiet, serene life and health of mind and body.

Deliver us from all soul and body troubles, weakness, and devilish defamation.
Remember us on the throne of the Almighty and beg the Lord to forgive us for many sins, to provide us with a comfortable and peaceful life,

the death of the womb, shameless and friendly. Eternal happiness in the future will guarantee us; 

let us send glory and thanksgiving to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and the ages of ages and the ages of ages.”


2. Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for money

“Oh, highly praised, great worker of miracles, the saint of Christ, Father Nicholas!

We pray to awaken the hope of all Christians, faithful protector, hungry feeder, weeping joy, sick doctor, steward floating on the sea,

poor and orphan feeder, and quick helper and patron for all; let us lead a quiet life here and be content to see the glory of God’s elect in heaven,

and together with them to sing incessantly of the one worshipped by God in the Trinity forever and ever.”


3. The prayer for poverty

“You, Lord, are our acquisition; therefore, we lack nothing. 

With You, we desire nothing in heaven or on earth.

We enjoy inexpressibly great happiness in You, which the whole world cannot give us. 

Make it so that we may always be found in Thee,

and then, for Thy sake, we will willingly give up all that is objectionable to Thee,

and be content, no matter how Thou,

our Heavenly Father, may arrange our earthly lot.”



We will not all be billionaires or millionaires, but God will provide for our needs if we say a prayer for finances. We can testify to it; applying these simple principles will allow us to experience His financial deliverance supernaturally on several occasions. 

Bring all the tithes to the treasury, so that there will be food in my house; so put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts. And you will see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you if I do not shower you with blessing in abundance. 

Malachi 3:10

The Bible clarifies if you want to enrich yourself, share your bread with the hungry, and bring the poor into your house. If you see a naked man, cover him, and do not turn away from your fellow man. You will achieve God’s goodness and mercy upon your finances by doing things this way.