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Saint Joseph. Joseph the Husband of Mary

The life of Saint Joseph is known to us only from a few brief notes in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The apocryphal writings that relate several sometimes unworthy details are legendary. Joseph was descended from the lineage of King David: Joseph, son of David, was the angel who encouraged him to accept the unusual situation of his betrothed Mary called him.

The right saint Joseph was born as the son of Jacob, one of King David‘s descendants, and was a carpenter by trade, a trade Jesus would later learn from him. He was given to the Blessed Virgin as a fiancé to protect her honor from slander and at the same time to be a guardian or legal parent of the Child, whom the dancer was to give birth to after the news received from the angel Gabriel.
The data given in the Gospels about the righteous Joseph are few, but as much as they are, they allow us to intuit the greatness of this man, called by God to collaborate so directly in the mystery of our salvation. They tell us that Joseph was a descendant of King David and that he lived in a village in Galilee called Nazareth.

Popular tradition shows Joseph competing with other young men who were asking for Mary’s hand in marriage. The choice fell to him because the stick he carried miraculously blossomed, while the sticks of the others remained dry. This cute legend also has a mystical significance: from the withered stalk of the Old Testament, under the rays of the sun of redemption, the new life of grace blossoms.

Who was Joseph in the Bible?

We know from The Old Testament, that the slave dealers brought Joseph into Egypt and offered him to Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh’s officials. Joseph served his lord well and acquired incredible blessings. Yet, the expert’s better half attempted to tempt Joseph, a youngster of immaculate respectability. After he dismissed her, she went to her better half with dishonest incriminations. It brought about Joseph’s detainment. Yet again God demonstrated his presence and security for Joseph. The jail attendant becomes a close acquaintance with him and learned of Joseph’s heavenly capacity to decipher dreams.

From biblical accounts, the first Joseph in the Bible was the presumptuous more youthful child of Jacob. He was referred to by his more seasoned siblings as their dad’s #1. Consequently, his 10 more seasoned siblings schemed against the kid and offered him to slave merchants while telling their dad the kid had been destroyed by a creature. Joseph had been given longs for God’s arrangement for his life; so with certainty and strength, he persevered in this astounding story in Genesis. The second Joseph mentioned in the Bible is the husband of the Virgin Mary. And the father of Jesus Christ. 

As a result of procuring this standing, Joseph was called upon to decipher a fantasy that profoundly upset the Pharaoh. None of the Pharaoh’s wise counsels had the option to interpret the fantasy. Yet, Joseph precisely handed off the images in the fantasy to a future season of overflow that would be trailed by a period of extraordinary starvation. The Pharaoh compensated Joseph by directing the grounds of Egypt. 

Biography of Joseph

Full name:Joseph of David
Date of birth:c. 100 BC
Death day:27 AD
Place of birth:Paddan Aram
Wife:Mary Batjoachim
Children:1 declared oficially. JESUS.
Death cause:Natural death-age.

Biblical places from the times of Saint Joseph

  1. Jerusalem- Where is the Temple of Jerusalem?
  2. Galilee- Where is the exact location of Galilee?

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What did St Joseph do in the Bible?

Joseph concluded he would break the not set in stone to do it so that it wouldn’t carry disgrace to Mary. He needed to be simple, acting with decency and love. He had extraordinary regard for Mary’s personality however her account of being marvelously impregnated by God’s Holy Spirit was hard to accept. During this season of thought, he was visited by a courier from God affirming Mary’s story and persuading Joseph that Mary had not been untrustworthy. God educated Joseph to wed the young lady and honor her virginity until the child was conceived. He complied with the Lord.

Joseph, most popular as the spouse of Mary and natural dad of Jesus, is found in the New Testament books of Matthew and Luke. Joseph was a man of sincere convictions. In the Bible, he strived to make the wisest decision as well as to do it the correct way. At the point when his pledged Mary came to him with the insight about her pregnancy, he realized the kid couldn’t be his one.

This has probably been at first extremely challenging for Joseph to accommodate in his regular brain. However, Joseph must be an extremely otherworldly and steadfast man of trustworthiness. It isn’t known how long Joseph was in the existence of Jesus however he understood from the snapshot of the eminent visit that Jesus was to be exceptionally extraordinary. 

What is Saint Joseph most known for?

St. Joseph belongs to the category of those saints of the Bible about whom little has been written because their lives have already been written in the lives of other biblical saints, who were prophetic images for them; but also in the lives and activities of those for whom they, too, were prophetic images.

By perusing the accounts of Joseph from Egypt and Joseph from Bethlehem, we observe that they are most known for their incredible honesty. The two men were attempted and tried by occasions in life that might have left them unpleasant or furious. All things considered, they had cozy associations with God in which they stayed undaunted, no matter what the uncalled for difficulties and preliminaries they had to persevere. The two Josephs were men of incredible confidence and open to hearing in their spirits what God planned for themselves as well as their lives to come. God demonstrated through them that social position is of little significance to God, presenting to them each from a small remaining to jobs of extraordinary significance and model.

The last time Joseph was referenced in the Bible was when Jesus was 12 years of age. We can expect, that being the respectable man he was, Joseph satisfied the job of natural dad overall quite well with all the affection any man can have for his child. Joseph was given and satisfied the job of defender, supplier, and educator, raising the youngster with no further reservation. God gave Joseph confirmation, strength, and the capacity of an initiative to bring up the youngster who was brought to be their Savior.

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Key Verse related to Saint Joseph

“In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. And the virgin’s name was Mary. And he came to her and said, “Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!” But she was greatly troubled at the saying and tried to discern what sort of greeting this might be. And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.”

Luke 1:26-38 (NIV)

Saint Joseph

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At what age did Joseph marry Mary?

God communicates with Joseph through dreams at least four times. He calls Joseph to take Mary into his home, to flee to Egypt with the baby Jesus, to return from Egypt, and to go to the parts of Galilee and live there. Even though these divine calls meant discomfort and personal sacrifice, Joseph rushes to fulfill God’s Word and makes it a priority to obey and fulfill them. Act immediately. The righteous life illustrates Jesus’ words, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” and “seek first the kingdom of heaven”.

One more early text, The History of Joseph the Carpenter shows that Joseph was 90 years old. In the History of Joseph which was made in Egypt between the sixth and seventh hundred years, Christ himself recounts the narrative of his progression father, asserting Joseph was 90 years of age when he wedded Mary and kicked the bucket at 111. Mary was around 10 when she considered Jesus and Joseph was 90. Keep in mind, that Mary was set in the sanctuary for administration to God by her folks when she was 5.

When he was forty years old, Joseph marry a lady called Melcha or Escha by some, Salome by others; they lived 49 years together and had six kids, two little girls and four children, the most youthful of whom was James (the Less, “the Lord’s sibling”). So it is possible Jesus was among the 12 and around 30 when Joseph passed on.

What did St Joseph teach Jesus?

The holy and upright Saint Joseph, being eighty years old, was betrothed to the Blessed Virgin Mary and given to her for the protection of her virginity, and not for bodily companionship, for she served her as the Mother of God and as her Lady and Mistress and all the world, entrusting herself to the angel who had appeared to her in her sleep.

Joseph went about as a human dad to Jesus and brought him up as any dad would a child, teaching Him how to take care of His family business. Joseph is a figure in the Gospels, the spouse of Mary, mother of Jesus. Jesus even though God, was conceived and carried on with completely human life (in him God came to us and completely shared our lives). 

Even though from all appearances, Saint Joseph considers himself betrayed, deceived, and demeaned, he does not act on instinct, he is not in a hurry to make a decision demanding revenge, out of wounded male pride, he waits a while; the night proves to be a good counselor for him too. After some thought, he decides to act in such a way as not to harm Mary.

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Prayer to Saint Joseph

“Rejoice, O guardian of the Redeemer
and husband of the Virgin Mary.
To you God has entrusted his Son;
in you Mary placed her trust;
with you Christ became man.
O holy Joseph, show yourself, father, to us too
and lead us on the path of life.
Grant us grace, mercy, and courage
and protect us from all evil.”

(Pope Francis)

Primary Takeaways

  • When he got engaged to Mary, he was already of a respectable age. The Protoevangelium of James tells of how he was chosen as the betrothed of the Virgin Mary, telling how, as a testimony to his honesty and righteousness, he is the only one of the widowers of Israel whose staff was flourishing, showing him worthy of this betrothal.
  • Joseph also shows his goodness and righteousness in his attitude towards the Virgin Mary’s pregnancy. Not only does he not make a legal denunciation, which would have resulted in Mary’s being punished by death under the Law of Moses, but he also thinks of not making known the fact that she was pregnant by secretly running away.
  • Joseph hears the voice of the angel in the dream, who tells him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife, because the child she conceived was of the Holy Spirit, and to name the child Jesus.


Little is known about the life of Saint Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive father. He is mentioned only a few times in the Gospels, and he doesn’t say a word. Joseph is mentioned for the last time when, coming to Jerusalem for the Passover with Jesus, on their return Mary and Joseph believe that Jesus was lost on the road to Nazareth. Jesus had remained in the Temple, astonishing them with his wisdom.

Most commentators believe that Joseph died before Jesus was crucified. This is because Joseph was not present at the crucifixion, and in the Gospel of John, Jesus entrusts his mother to someone outside the family.

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Explanation of biblical words

judged¹on which a judgment has been given
salvation²the action of saving; (concrete) object, being, saving circumstance
led³to show someone the way, to point in the right direction; to guide
arrested⁴who is under arrest


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