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Serpent of Eden. Was him the devil?

Adam and Eve were influenced by the malicious proposal of the devil, who “clothed” himself in a serpent. So as not to be discovered, and made them strive for a higher deification than the one they had. To reach with one honest effort the likeness of God without His help. So what happened with the Serpent of Eden?

The Serpent in ancient Egypt

The Serpent had a dual aspect in ancient Egypt where, as a force of evil, it is present in the form of the Serpent Apep, constantly threatening the sun but does not turn on humans. It is merely a cosmic serpent, which, as in other mythologies, is an explanation for a meteorological pen. Aboveabov is the main hero in the cosmogony of primal chaos, which presents the confrontation between the force of order.

The Serpent in the Bible

In the Bible, the Serpent is the only animal that appears alongside man and the angels in Eden.
If, in the current interpretation of the Scripture, he is the ‘tempter,’ he was present in the Garden of Eden as the guardian of the sacred tree, divided into the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The legend of the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides shows the Serpent as the guardian, as do the Mesopotamian seals, where the Serpent of Eden does not represent evil.

Even in the Old Testament, the Serpent of Eden is not identified with Satan but symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. In the Bible, it is written that the Serpent of Eden was more cunning than all the beasts of the field the Lord God had made”. (Genesis; 3:1).

Do snakes have legs?

Yes! It turns out that snakes did have legs. And several skeletons have been discovered by archaeologists in several locations worldwide. When the Serpent deceived Adam and Eve and caused them to sin against God. The Lord pronounced the following punishment on the Serpent: “The Lord God said to the serpent: to crawl on its belly and eat dust forever.” Meaning that before crawling, the Serpent could walk on his feet; otherwise, there was no point in punishment.

I discovered on the internet that in March 2012, fossils of snakes with legs were uncovered. They were found near Jerusalem. The four-legged snakes of the past were giants, and their jaws were enormous.

What is the symbol of the snake for Indians?

For ancient Indian religions, the snake is a god and a symbol of wisdom, while it is a symbol of Sat for Christiansen. Why? Because as we learn from the Book of Genesis: “But the snake was the craftiest of all the creatures.”

What was the Serpent’s real reason for tempting Eve?

The main which the Serpent acts to man’s undoing is envy. Which the devil, who alone had renounced the fellowship of glory for too much pride. According to the Genesis myth, the motivating force of vanity is the fundamental cause of all failures: the fallen spirit. In the idol. He becomes the seducer of man, the subconscious motivating force that leads to the ignoring of the call of the heart (the essential desire) and the exaltation of desires multiple earthly desires. Satan the serpent whispers to man his false promises.

The devil, who had been an enlightened angel before he fell from heaven, was jealous of man because he, by keeping and working the commandments, would have reached the happiness he had before and from which he had fallen. The cunning of the ungodly would then consist in persuading man. To abandon the intimacy status with God, thus making him pervert himself, as he had done. It is he who tempts man through the Serpent’s mouth. The demon did not show himself. But speaking to them through the mouth of the Serpent, which people considered a wise animal. You will be like God” Why did the Serpent say that?

To catch them in sin and to give them his thoughts: TO BECOME AS GREAT AS GOD, OR EVEN GREATER. Humans were created to be daughters and sons of the Highest. The devil, sly in his ways with deceitful eyes, coveting their happiness, said to the first people: You will be like God, and in this was his temptation and strategy. Adam was destined to become God, independent of God, to be God without His help.

Was Adam responsible for his sin?

Adam was the only one responsible for his sin, not Eve, not the Serpent. Adam, yielding to the deceitfulness of the demon, who used the Serpent of Eden for his purpose, thus consented to become a god through himself, to become self-righteous, and therein lies his sin. He did not think for a moment that he was contradicting his condition as a creature. The assertion of his absolute autonomy and the will to take the Creator’s place. It was the denial, the rejection of God, which inevitably follows the fall with all its consequences, for any attempt to count oneself equal to God is doomed to failure.

The first humans opened the gates of the law of sin by breaking the only commandment they received immediately after creation. Referring to the gravity of original sin, Saint Augustine says: “In that sin, there is nemesis, because man preferred to stand in his dominion rather than in the dominion of God. Blasphemy against God because he did not give God the trust due to him; murder because he gave himself to death. Spiritual uncleanness because the Serpent’s appeal spoiled the virginal wholeness of the human spirit; theft because man appropriated the forbidden fruit; avarice because he coveted more than he had enough. And many others might be found in this transgression by careful contemplation.”

Causes of man’s fall into sin

The cause of sin in man is found in his will, in his freedom—the fall of the flesh directly results from man’s free will. One element of the fall is disobedience; another is tasting the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Although disobedience and tasting occur at the same time, tasting is added as a unique element of disobedience. Being a materialization of disobedience, tasting is both the fulfillment and the consequence of disobedience. The act of the fall is, therefore, both spiritual and sentimental.

Serpent of Eden

Why did Adam not admit his mistake, although God helped him to do it?

Because Adam felt ashamed, he knew he had done something wrong. and sinned. The sin of disobedience was followed by the sin of not acknowledging their mistake, for Adam and Eve, hearing God’s voice, hid. When the Creator asked, “Adam, where are you? He replies, “I heard your voice in Heaven and was afraid, for I see myself naked, and I hid.” This seems to be an attempt to distract God from the sin committed, trying to talk about the last thing that happened after the fall: hearing God’s voice. God’s question has a deeper meaning than what is revealed at first glance. Namely, God asks Adam: what state have you reached?

And because Adam does not honestly admit his sin, he is given another chance: who told you you were naked? How do you know this? This question God asks Adam is an invitation to confess his s and genuinely turn to him. God was searching for Adam, who was hiding, and asked him: Where are you? Have you eaten of that tree from which I told you not to? (Acts 3:11).

I hope you had a great time reading this article and understood what happened with the Snake from Paradise. Because Satan lost its legs. Have a great day, and be careful of your heart because everything you do flows from above. Also, I suggest you access this link to play a Quiz about Eden and test your knowledge.