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Sexual Purity | 4 acts of purity out of love

What is sexual purity? Why is it still a vital doctrine despite what the world says? And why, as followers of the Savior, should we not be ashamed of it?  In a world that, in the name of freedom, promotes sexual promiscuity, devoid of the responsibilities and consequences that this implies, a principle such as that of sexual purity may seem anachronistic and antiquated old-fashioned, if not restrictive and intolerant. 

Generally speaking, purity is freedom from sin or guilt, a state of innocence. A person becomes pure when his thoughts and actions are pure in every respect. The person who has sinned can become clean through faith in Jesus Christ, repenting, and accepting the ordinances of the gospel.

Sexuality is an intrinsic and natural character of the human being and the highest form of expression of love between two people, so why confine it to an ancient and socially constructed institution like that age? Isn’t it enough for two people to love each other?

Is God just one big killjoy that limits sexuality so much?

Isn’t it impossible to live by these divine standards? How can you do this? Is God just one big killjoy that limits your sexuality so much? We want to devote ourselves to answering these critical questions in the following. David writes in Psalm 119:143: “I am in trouble and distress, but in your commandments, I have great joy,” and before that, in verse 93: “Never will I forget your statutes, through them you have revived me.” 

Does that sound like God trying to spoil the fun with His commandments? Or instead, for a father who revives us through His word and gives us great joy? The Song of Songs is a symbol of divine eroticism. It shows us the power and beauty of full sexuality – bluntly.

God is the creator of sexuality and wants us to be free to enjoy our sexuality, but only within the framework of marriage. Proverbs 5 warns against seducing a stranger. At the same time, we are tasked with getting drunk on sexual love with our wives. The Song of Songs is a symbol of divine eroticism. It shows us the power and beauty of full sexuality – bluntly. In brand creative language, the act of love between the two newlyweds is described here. Within marriage, sexuality can and should be discovered, experienced, and enjoyed. This enjoyment of marital sex is, at the same time, excellent protection against sin (1 Cor. 7:5).

Sexuality has a particular purpose, and the eternal importance of sexual purity can only be understood within the’s plan of happiness. Elder David A. Bednar said: 

“‘All human beings – male and female – are created in the image of God. Each of them is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents and … possesses a divine nature and destiny” (“The family – a proclamation to the world, ‘Ensign or Liahona, Nov.2010, 129).

Before coming to earth as mortal beings, all men and women lived with God as His spirit children. The Father’s plan allows His sons and spirit daughters to receive a physical body, have earthly experiences, and progress toward exaltation. The unparalleled combination of both men’s and women’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional characteristics was required to realise the plan of happiness.

‘Besides, neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man in the Lord’ (1 Corinthians 11:11). Man and woman were created to learn, strengthen, bless, and complement each other. How earthly life is made has decadently been established. ‘The first commandment God gave Adam and Eve concerned their potential as parents as husband and wife.’

1. Sexual purity, out of love for God

You don’t belong to yourself; God has redeemed you! So use your body for the glory of God (1 Cor 6:20)

Those who love God keep His precepts said by the scriptures. Preserving yourself is proof that you have the heart to please God. Who would dare to sadden the one she loves and loves her in return above all else? Isn’t it a great show of love to cherish and treasure the body He gave you until you get married!?

2. Sexual purity, for love of yourself

Don’t you know that your bodies are members of Christ? Flee fornication. He who commits fornication sins against his own body. (1 Cor 6:15-16)

Your saying no to sex before marriage proves that you love and respect yourself enough not to let any vicious hands taint your precious body. This does not make you; honoured; on the contrary, it is proof that you are endowed with exceptional moral strength. God will keep you, and you will be the crown of your future husband.

3. Sexual purity, out of love for your future husband

Do not give sacred things to dogs, nor cast your pearls to swine, lest they trample them down, and turn round and tear you to pieces (Mat 7:6)

The most beautiful wedding gift you can offer to the man who will have lived up to your love is the marvellous gift of your precious body. Reserve yourself for this great man who will deserve you.

4. Sexual purity, out of love for your future children

Behold, sons are an inheritance from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward. (Ps 123:3) You were called to give life but responsibly. 

For future children to be gifts and not burdens, it is imperative to preserve them. Also, out of love for them, choose to wait for the man who will help you provide them with warm and harmonious home for their full development.

Representation of sexual purity

sexual purity


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At the level of sexual purity, many questions arise for young Christians. What type of physical relationship is suitable between two people who are not married? Where is the famous limit? How to respect biblical sexual purity?

Although youth is increasingly sexually active with the consequences that flow from it, you can make a difference by deciding to keep yourself pure. Choosing sexual purity, beyond the fact that it constitutes protection for you against sexual sin, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases, is, above all, a sign of love.

1. What is purity?

Purity is the quality of what is without defect, without alteration: The purity of a diamond. Quality of what is without defilement or moral stain: The purity of morals.

2. What is purity according to the Bible?

For Christianity, God and men are radically distinct, and purity is one of the points on which there is no possible assimilation. Purity represents holiness, whereas people can purify themselves but regularly make themselves unclean.

3. What is the purity of the heart?

The pure heart is one that never stops worshipping the living and faithful Lord. It takes a deep interest in the very life of God and is able, amid all its miseries, to vibrate with God’s eternal innocence and joy. Such a heart is both stripped and filled.


While it is true that the impulses that drive us to be attracted to a person of the opposite sex are natural and divinely constituted, it is also true that the use of such instincts has a particular purpose within the framework of an eternal plan, and of the consequences that can be deleterious if certain conditions established by this plan are not respected.

However, those unfamiliar with this plan may not understand the reasons behind the commandment of chastity and sexual purity. However, it is not limited to outward behaviour. It is not a list of things that can be done and things that cannot be done. Sexual purity (also called virtue) is a condition above all of the heart, spirit, and mind.

It’s not just about how we act but also how we talk and think, and perhaps more than anything else, it’s ab, out respect for ourselves, our bodies, and others. We recognise the divine nature of the person for whom we have romantic feelings and respect them as such without seeing them as objects capable of satisfying our physical appetites. It also implies remoteness from any pornographic material. Although sexual purity may seem like repression of one’s freedoms, on the contrary, it is its guarantor.