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Signs from God about love. 4 SIGNS HE CHOSE YOU

God gave His only Son.

God says that he loved the world so much that he sent his only Son to Earth to die for the sins of the world. This is why in this article, you will find out signs from God about love. Jesus Christ is not the Son of God as a creature, nor a Son by grace or by descent, but a Son by nature, the only Son of God, having no brother. That is why the Symbol says not only begotten but “One-Born.” Jesus Christ, Himself calls Himself “One-Born.” The Son was born of a divine Person, of the Father, which gives certainty that the Son is also another religious Person, equal in glory and deity with the Father.

The genealogy of Jesus is truly unique because it does not follow a strictly biological line. It is the lineage of Joseph, the Virgin’s betrothed, who, as we all know, was not Jesus’ natural father but an adoptive one. However, it is well known that among the Jews, filiation by legal line and adoption had the same value in terms of consequences for the heir as natural filiation.

So in a world where people chase each other, you rest in God’s arms, believing in His promises. You are unique in your way of thinking, your principles, and your self-respect. You embrace Him looking at the sky, and He extends His hand to you while you pray.

God knew you before you were born.

God was present at the moment of your creation. He is the only one who knows your path and arduous journey on this earth. The world in which we live is boisterous. To recognize its message, despite all the background noise that seeks to blur it. Today, the Gospel can guide us, helping us to hear and understand the messages of signs of God about love out of the tumult of the world’s background noise.

God, our Heavenly Father, shows His perfect humanity, assuming all our weaknesses. And sends the sign of the signs of God about love to every corner of the world, even to the most humble places and lands.
His love keeps us alive despite the hardships and catastrophes we experience. Thus we can joke together through the words of the psalmist, who say HOW WILL I REWARD GOD FOR HIS GREAT GOODNESS?

In Romania, a Christian song exists a Christian song called: “You’ll always be a child.” And the lyrics sound like this:

From your mother’s womb, I knew you,
When you drew your first breath, I saw you,
From the first moment of life, I took you in My arms
And there’s one thing I must tell you…

 In my eyes, you’ll always be a child!
With great sacrifice, I gave birth to you
And I want you to know,
Even in your old age, surrounded by your children,
To Me, a child you will forever be!

 When you first prayed, I was present.
All that you tearfully promised me, I clutched to My breast,
And when you fell, you cried to Heaven,
Crying, “O Father, I have wronged thee.”
I lifted you and took you in my arms!

What a beautiful song to remind us that The One who holds the stars is carrying us in His hands until the end of time.

God trusts you

God has great confidence in all that you are. Although in our relationship with each other, we are rather suspicious. Often fearful. Without trust, the cohesion between people disappears. Mistrust can destroy, on a small scale, a family and, on a large scale, a nation.
Psychologists and psychotherapists explain the distortions that occur in the “I-thou” relationship by the phenomenon of projection. Psychological traits that we do not accept in ourselves, as well as desires, feelings, ideas, and unconscious inclinations, are unconsciously projected outside ourselves onto the people we interact with within our daily lives.

God knows your heart.

As a being created by God in His image, man is a rational existence with the capacity to think. The universe of thought is highly dynamic, fascinating in complexity, and challenging to define and master. The information the mind receives can be true or false, beautiful or ugly, helpful or harmful, real or imaginary.

It sifts and discerns them, accepts or rejects them, gives them creative or destructive power, externalizes them into action, or buries them into oblivion. The Knower of thoughts and hearts, our Saviour Jesus Christ, draws our attention to the close relationship. Between the excellent idea, the good heart, and the worthy deed before Him.

Signs from God about love

The mind-heart relationship was perceived as ambivalent. For the people of good thought, the seekers of peace, the mind descends into the heart. Tames its whirling movements of view and brings peace. For those gripped by evil, the eternally tormented, restless thought is rife with malice and hatred.

God, Who knows thoughts, is the only One Who can also know hearts. Through the prophetic voice of Jeremiah, God proclaims that the soul is dangerous and evil. 

You never surprise God. What does He want from you?

God does not want to rule in any other way than through Jesus Christ, His only Son, so God’s rule is brought to all people through Him. And the foundation of this dominion was revealed to us just a few years after Jesus’ word, proven by the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection. Through this, God has shown us how and how much. He draws near to all of us and helps us out of the swamp of our sinful lives. On the cross and in His resurrection, he destroyed the root of all sin, giving us energy and inviting us to share in eternal life.


But His message is also apparent: To repent from our sins, an invitation to a new life. Repent means turning your whole being to the Father of lights, from whom all perfect gifts come. It also means changing your mind and perspective by looking into the depths of things. This verb means adjusting your thinking to new circumstances.

So we are called to stop allowing the laws of this world to determine our thinking and actions. Neither should selfishness, the performance principle, fears of all kinds, or envy govern our lives. Christ the Lord invites us to change our minds by receiving life and salvation. He, the Light that shines in the darkness, also comes to illuminate our lives.

His message can be summed up like this: I have come to bring a different kind of Kingdom, to transform your life beyond your imagination. I am waiting for you to cover God’s signs about love!