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Simeon. The Tribe of Simeon, The Tenth Tribe Of Israel

One of the examples that fully confirms this reality is that of Simeon, Jacob’s second son. Simeon comes into the world to a God-fearing but very dysfunctional family. Because of this, he will do anything to stand out, sometimes to the detriment of the interests of his family or his siblings.

Simeon is Jacob’s second son when Joseph, his brother, comes to bring them a small gift from his father and returns home with news of them. He is the one who, at Judah’s suggestion, encourages his brothers to sell him—taking advantage of Reuben’s not at their counsel. Simeon feels he must tell them what to do to get rid of Joseph. Then, it is also he who, along with Levi. He goes to kill all the men of Shechem in a foolish act intended to defend the honor of their sister and Jacob’s family.

Only God’s intervention stopped the Canaanites’ revenge and, by extension, was a disaster for their family. This is why, in the final blessing given to his sons, Jacob says of Simeon and Levi, “Cursed be their anger. For it was too angry, and their wrath, for it was too savage! I will divide them between Jacob and scatter them in Israel” (Genesis 49:7).

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Biography of Simeon

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Where is the tribe of Simeon today?

As indicated by the Hebrew Bible, the clan comprises Simeon’s relatives. The second child of Jacob and Leah, from whom it took its name. However, Arthur Peake (1919) recommended that the stories about the twelve children of Jacob in Genesis could incorporate later ancestral history. “Camouflaged as private history,” in which the later accounts of these traditional gatherings are reevaluated as stories about assumed ancestors. Likewise, the agreement position of the contemporary grant is that “there is next to zero authentic memory of pre-Israelite occasions or conditions in Genesis.”

 Historical scholars show that nowadays, the clan of Simeon is found in the area where Palestine is located today. More definitively in the south of Palestine.

In the scriptural record, following the fulfillment of the success of Canaan by the Israelites. Joshua apportioned the land among the twelve clans. Kenneth Kitchen is a notable moderate scriptural researcher. Dates this occasion to marginally after 1200 BCE. However, present-day researchers’ agreement perspective is the victory of Joshua. As depicted in the Book of Joshua never occurred.

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What did Jacob do to Simeon and Levi?

Every twelve children of Israel/Jacob got a gift from his dad not long before Jacob’s demise. The twelve children were the begetters of the twelve clans of Israel, and the gift contained prophetic data about the fate of every family. Let me not enter their chamber and join their get-together, for they have killed men in their resentment and hamstrung bulls however they wanted. Reviled by their anger, so wild, and their wrath, so brutal. I will dissipate them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel” (Genesis 49:5-7).

Jacob articulates a revile upon the annoyance of Simeon and Levi, presumably recalling when they misleadingly and savagely annihilated the Shechemites, a demonstration Jacob profoundly disdained for the uncouth manner by which it was done and the rebuke it brought upon his whole family (Genesis 34:24-30).

Simeon’s annoyance was disgusting, not because anger against wrongdoing is outlandish, but because his rage was set apart by deeds of furiousness and mercilessness. Honest resentment and ire, the benevolent Jesus showed in purifying the sanctuary, for instance, is never described by remorselessness.

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What did Manasseh do to Simeon in the Bible?

At its tallness, the domain involved by the Tribe of Simeon was in the southwest of Canaan, verged on the east and south by the clan of Judah; the limits with the family of Judah are obscure, and it appears to be that Simeon might have been an area inside the west of the region of the clan of Judah. Simeon was one of the less critical clans in the Kingdom of Judah.

The biblical text expresses that Simeon was finally quelled by Manasseh and detained. The Testament of Simeon, then again, proclaims that Simeon recognized that it was only for him to be detained, given his previous abuse of Joseph; thus, he went readily.

Endeavors to reproduce the domain of Simeon work with three scriptural records: Book of Joshua 19:2-9, 1 Chronicles 4:28-32, which list towns having a place with Simeon, and Joshua 15:20-30, which records these equivalent towns as a feature of the region of Judah. Nadav Na’aman partitions academic work regarding the matter into two “ways of thinking,” which he calls “the Alt school” (following Albrecht Alt) and the “other school.” The Alt school takes the rundown in Joshua 15, mirroring what is happening during the rule of Josiah, and sees the other two as later, and less solid, endeavors by editors to work out the previous Simeonite domain.

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Key Verse related to Simeon

At that time, there was a man in Jerusalem named Simeon. He was righteous and devout and eagerly awaited the Messiah to come and rescue Israel. The Holy Spirit was upon him and revealed that he would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Messiah.

Luke 2:25 (NIV)



What does the tribe of Simeon represent?

The clan of Simeon has a past filled with misdirection and murder, which brought about the absence of a legacy for its organizer and ensuing clan. Jacob’s children, Simeon and Levi, concurred. Nonetheless, as was Dinah was furious about the occasion.

According to Apocrypha’s accounts, the Tribe of Simeon represents the Power and Lion of Judas. As per the Christian Bible, Simeon, for whom the Simeonites or clan of Simeon was named, was the second most established of Jacob’s children, who were the organizers of the families of Israel. Since his more seasoned sibling, Reuben, lost his legacy, why didn’t Simeon get it next?

As per the Book of Genesis, Jacob and his family remained in Shechem’s space. Jacob’s little girl Dinah chose to visit the ones nearby, conceivably to make political associations. At the point when Dinah was there, Shechem, who was the sovereign of the area, assaulted Dinah.

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What is the prophecy of Simeon in the Bible?

Each individual’s life is set apart by the two distresses and delights. The two frequently interweave to make one inconceivable without the other. While considering a Feast like Our Lady of Sorrows, it is great to remember that distress is generally connected with affection. We don’t lament what we don’t cherish. 

According to biblical accounts, Simeon predicted that as Mary and Joseph present the baby Jesus in the Temple, it is the primary public declaration to Mary of where her relationship with the God-Man, her kid, will take her. Simeon expresses puzzling words.

“Watching this kid is set for the fall and the ascent of numerous in Israel. And for a sign which will be gone against. And thy spirit a blade will pierce that out of numerous hearts considerations might be uncovered.” (Luke 2: 34-35) These words are fascinating. The swords of Simeon ought to have been just weapons of safeguard. They were weapons of savagery to foul up other people, not to save themselves from wrong.

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Primary Takeaways

  • As kids, we were astounded by this in our moms. We could shout: “How could she know that? Does she have eyes toward the rear of her head?” Actually no. However, moms have eyes at the focal point of their souls.
  • Furthermore, that affection empowers us, similar to no other. To cure any underhanded or issue in our souls. With great concern, a mother knows us as we are and attracts us to turn out to be all we’re intended to be.
  • Regardless of his underlying activities, Shechem fell head over heels for Dinah and needed to wed her. Requesting that his dad make plans with Jacob. While the men of Shechem were as yet in torment and recuperating from their methodology. Simeon and Levi butchered them all and caught the ladies and youngsters.

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The “other school” considers the initial two records to mirror what is happening in the hour of David (look at 1 Chronicles 4:31). And Joshua 15 reflects what is happening later. According to Na’aman. Simeonites got comfortable with an example that covered Judah: while keeping a particular ancestral personality. And association all through the First Temple period (until 586 BC). Simeonites and Judahites lived in a portion of the equivalent areas.

Jacob’s profession, “I will partition them in Jacob, and disperse them in Israel,” worked out as expected. Further, due to its size, the clan of Simeon had to impart an area to Judah (Joshua 19:1-9). Jacob didn’t remove their relatives of Simeon from any part of the guaranteed legacy, yet he did separate and dissipate them.