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Sleeping St. Joseph | Why is he so loved?

The great devotion of Pope Francis towards the sleeping St. Joseph has led the faithful to rediscover this particular iconography, which was undervalued until recently. The figure of the saint represents intent on sleeping. It represents a devotion rooted in the pontiff.

To understand the love for the sleeping Saint Joseph, we can refer to the deep bond uniting him with the Holy Father. Let’s go ahead and find out the origin and nature of his devotion.

Saint Joseph, the protector of complex causes

Saint Joseph is the sign of a man’s great act of trust in God. What more significant act of love than accepting to be the earthly father of Jesus, supporting him in his essential missionary task? It is no coincidence that St. Joseph was proclaimed the patron saint of the Church. He was the only one able to take care of the faithful as he took care of Jesus and Mary. This is one of the reasons why St. Joseph is so loved among the faithful.

Pope Francis and sleeping Saint Joseph

We have spoken of the sleeping St. Joseph as the protector of complex causes. The saint represents a direct way to communicate with God, using the dream as an instrument; just like during sleep, Joseph was able to have the indications to guide the Holy Family (Gospel of St. Matthew).

This is why Pope Francis has confided to entrust the most complex thoughts to the statuette of the sleeping Saint Joseph. Indeed, he always keeps next to him in the room in Saint Martha. And whenever he is faced with a thought so considerable that it takes his sleep, he writes a note with a prayer and places it under the figurine.

Representation of Sleeping St. Joseph

sleeping st. joseph

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What is the origin of this profound devotion of the pontiff?

It all began at 17, in 1953, in the Church of San José in Buenos Aires. When for the first time, he found himself in a close relationship with Saint Joseph. In these years, Pope Bergoglio discovers his vocation and the will to dedicate his life to God and men.

From that moment, he began his journey with great determination and courage, entrusting his prayers and finding his strength in love for the Lord and the saint’s figure. Saint Joseph was a silent but ever-present protector. He accompanied the young Jorge Mario to become pontiff. And precisely on March 19, the day of the feast of St. Joseph, Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis and Father of the Church.

The dream is a channel to communicate with God.

Sleeping San Giuseppe is a particular iconography of the saint who sees him. Represented wrapped in humble clothes intent on sleeping. It is a simple but symbolic image. In his sleep, Joseph receives God’s messages: he warns him of the danger of King Herod. And he is encouraged to love and protect the Child and Mary unconditionally. During his dream, Joseph discovers his role as a putative father of Jesus and all men. And builds his figure as a defender, comforter, and protector.

Precisely because of the profound origin of this figure, Pope Francis has always chosen always to have him by his side, and every day he entrusts him with our concerns and the problems we choose to share with him.

Prayer to St. Joseph

We suggest a wonderful prayer to be addressed to Saint Joseph and recited even when you place your cards under the head of his figurine.

O beloved St. Joseph,

God in the dream revealed his mysterious plans for your future bride Mary and the mission of guarding Jesus, the world’s Savior.

Therefore, now we entrust our prayers, desires, aspirations, and hopes to you so that they are
present in your dreams and can be realized for our good. A good that makes us more and more
friends of your son Jesus, a source of physical and spiritual well-being.

So, obtain for us the strength to promptly carry out the will of the Father towards us and from your
example, we can learn not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by the difficulties of life and always feel
your paternal protective hand, in our hand.

Keep us, today as yesterday and tomorrow, in your sleep as a righteous man.



Pope Francis’ devotion to the sleeping Saint Joseph prompted many people to practice that lovely gesture of entrustment. To the Custos of the Holy Family. Sleeping St. Joseph is a profoundly rooted devotion in  Pope Francis. He confided that when he has a thought that presses him. Taking away some sleep, he usually writes a note and puts it under the statuette of  Sleeping St. Joseph. And that he has next to him in his room in Saint Martha.

Pope Francis jokingly also says that there is a sort of mattress full of tickets under the statue. (We can write the graces we want for ourselves and others and put them under the sleeping Saint Joseph). But we all ask ourselves: how does this devotion of our pontiff arise? Pope Francis, since 17, has had a very close relationship with Saint Joseph.

This devotion of the sleeping Saint Joseph has profound roots. And goes back to the words of the Gospel of Saint Matthew when the Holy Patriarch, in a dream, the Angel appeared to him—saying not to be afraid to take Mary as he married him. It is essential to have the sleeping St. Joseph in our homes. On Amazon, you will find different statues of sleeping St. Joseph.