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Story of Cain and Abel summary. Everything about the first crime in history

Cain was the first son of the first people on earth. According to the book of Genesis, one day, he and his brother Abel offered a sacrifice to God. Reading this article, you will find out the story of Cain and Abel summary. And we will learn that Abel brought a lamb, and Cain, because he was farming, sacrificed the fruits of the earth. God did not look kindly on Cain’s sacrifice, not so much because of the sacrifice as because of his character, and so Cain, blinded by jealousy, killed Abel.

What is the story of Cain in the Bible?

God gave Adam and Eve great joy, a sweet little boy. They named him Cain. After a while, Eve also gave birth to Abel. The two boys grew up quickly. But who grew the wheat for Cain and provided all the sheep to Abel? God the Lord. Everything comes from God, and the two men knew this very well. They wanted to thank God for everything and give him something in return.

story of cain and abel summary

Cain’s story is linked to the Wicked Deed. One day he invited his brother to the field because he was jealous and thought of killing him. Being alone with Abel, he knocked him to the ground and beat him to death. Abel now lay on the ground, his blood dripping on the grass.

Cain was very frightened. And when the Lord asked him, “Cain, Where is Abel your brother?” he said he did not know, for he was not his brother’s keeper.
And then God turned his face away from Cain, chastising him for always being “troubled and fugitive” on earth. Cain went far away, but wherever he was, he remembered his brother Abel, whom he had killed. And his whole life was filled with fear and unhappiness.

Who is Abel in the Bible?

Adam and Eve taught their boys to pray and told them about the Lord God, paradise, and Satan, who always wanted to disobey people.
In the story of Cain and Abel summary, they became real men. They had to work just like their father, and Cain became a farmer and Abel a shepherd.

Abel was the second born, the first martyr in the Bible, and the first shepherd. Abel was not circumcised, but the “seal of his righteousness” gained by faith was the very reception of his sacrifice by God. So before the surrender, Abel’s deeds were righteous, and Cain’s deeds were evil. 


story of cain and abel summary


Why was Cain’s Offering Rejected?

When Cain was born, Eve rejoiced with great joy, convinced that she had given birth to the promised Deliverer: “I have gained a man with the help of the Lord!” The text could be translated as follows: “I have gained a man – the Lord.” Cain was a plowman or farmer, and Abel was a shepherd or sheep farmer. At one point, Cain decides to offer the Lord food from what he has been growing. He builds his altar and offers the sacrifice, but God is not pleased with it.

God rejected Cain’s sacrifice because the shedding of blood did not accompany Cain’s sacrifice. Cain’s offering was not accepted because he did not share it properly, thus sinning. Which would mean that Cain intentionally violated specific procedures for offering the sacrifice and did not comply with what the Lord asked.

He is where the mystery, the turmoil, and the discord begin. First, the question comes to mind, “How did Cain realize that his sacrifice was not received?” Then a second question, “Why was God not pleased with it?” One thing is sure, and that is: it did not sit well with Cain that God was not pleased with his sacrifice.

story of cain and abel summary

What happened between Abel and Cain?

Cain was a man whose tongue was a wizard. His cunning character is proven when he premeditates the murder, making the plan to kill Abel in a safe place. This wise man likely had no notion that God is everywhere and sees everything, for God remained in Eden, a garden across the street from which he and his people lived and whose entrance was guarded by cherubim.

Cain became a murderer, killing his brother. It can be seen that he had no notion of God’s omnipresence since he did not know where his brother was.

Cain’s sin was deadly: the earth had not yet received into its bosom the one who was taken from it, Adam, for it had already received Abel’s blood. The law had not been given, so the Lord is merciful and does not kill Cain but exiles him.

Because of wrath, Cain committed the first murder in the history of the world. “And Cain said to Abel, his brother: “Let us go out into the field.” And it came to pass, while they were in the field, that Cain fell upon Abel, his brother, and killed him. In the story of Cain and Abel summary, they are the first children of Adam and Eve.

Cain was the first child and became a tiller of the soil, and Abel was the second child and became a shepherd of sheep. One day, bringing each offering before God from their work, only Abel’s offering is pleasing to the Lord. For this reason, Cain becomes angry and takes revenge on his brother. It is the first crime in human history, and Cain is the first to imagine killing a man. 

What happened to Abel from the Bible?

Last day I heard somebody saying that one of the problems faced by families with more than one child is a conflict between young children. Sometimes these are simple. Almost harmless mutual quarrels, but at other times they turn into severe forms of violence that can create trauma. In the face of all these arguments, parents often feel overwhelmed and sometimes react aggressively. We have turned to a short old-testamentary excursion to see how these contexts can be resolved so as not to end up in the extreme situation of the brothers Cain and Abel.

Abel was a shepherd killed by Cain, his brother, out of envy because God liked Abel’s gift better.

Their parents found out about their son’s death when the dogs brought home the flock without its shepherd. Cain was a sinner; death separated him from God. In offering the sacrifice of the fruit of the earth, Cain did not consider God. This is what it means to disregard God’s will. Cain did not assume his sinful state, so he did not bring the sacrifice of a life to satisfy the demands of a creative, all-powerful, holy, and just God. He considered God like him, who receives every gift, but he was wrong.

What is the main lesson of the Cain and Abel story?

In the Old Testament, the story of the brothers Cain and Abel, the first children of Adam and Eve, is the first break in human relationships. After the period of paradisiacal stability comes the period of life troubled by sin, and then the first death in the universe is the result of a crime between brothers. Cain, the firstborn, brutally kills his brother Abel.

The main message of this sad story is that whatever evil a person does, we must not harm them. Because God will hurt us 100 times more. As we know, both the story of Cain and Abel summary had the same parents, and the Bible nowhere tells us that Adam or Eve was raised one differently from the other. They had the same God, parents, and upbringing, yet their life choices differed.

Cain has not been exposed to an earlier negative example. We find no explanation for Cain’s behavior other than envy in Holy Scripture or patristic writings. Out of this passion came hatred for his brother and the thought of his destruction.

Today, we have faced two siblings born into an average family, with no domestic violence and significant problems, and those between children born into a violent family.

Primary Takeaways

  • Instead of seeking reconciliation with God and repairing his relationship with Him, this young man becomes furious and sullen.
  • The firstborn could have had a blessed relationship with God, but because he was driven by sin and committed this terrible crime, he ended up being cursed.
  • After God warned God about the sin knocking at his door, Cain didn’t listen but went on in his foolishness. He didn’t stop but set a plan of action against his brother to kill him.

story of cain and abel summary