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Story of Samson summary. Samson lion honey meaning

The story of Samson summary is told in the pages of Scripture. The Philistines were people who worshipped the gods. The Philistines subjugated the Jews in the city of Gaza. They beg God to deliver them. The Jewish elders pray, along with Samson, worshipping God’s glory. The Almighty endows Samson with superhuman powers to free his people. Delilah’s charm and beauty overwhelm Samson, and he falls in love with her.

Most biblical interpretations attest that Samson’s story begins with a piece of advice that Samson did not heed. In vain, an old Jewish man warns Samson. But he hears nothing. The enveloping voice calls him and promises him love. The charming Delilah, daughter of the Philistines, summons the power of love to help her draw Samson. He comes to Delilah’s yacht. She shows love to his soul and succeeds in gaining his trust.

The meaning of honey in the lion’s mouth expresses God’s blessing on Samson. For God to demonstrate his power to Samson, he hid honey in a lion’s mouth, so Samson struggled and opened the mouth of the fierce lion taking the honey. The hand that destroyed the lion held the honey, and Samson shared this fruit of his victory with his parents as they walked with him. Samson tore it to pieces as a kid is torn apart. 

God’s enemy, the Philistine nation, turns to Delilah to discover Samson’s supernatural powers. To capture him, they pay Delilah in exchange for information to come. Delilah deceives Samson, deceiving him that she loves him. Also, after a few failed attempts, in a passionate and treacherous embrace, she learns what his superhuman power lies in his hair.

What is the lesson from Samson and Delilah?

The most crucial event in Samson’s history was the Philistines’ intention to capture him. They noted that he would not compromise with them. He was a manifest and determined enemy to them, so they set up their camp in Judah and spread out in Lehi. And the men of Judah said, Wherefore are ye come up against us? And they said: We went up to bind Samson. They intended to secure the Nazirite and thereby render him powerless. The devil still works like this today, and the lifeless imitation of Christianity around us shows pretty clearly how successful he has been.

The lesson of the story of Samson and Delilah’s summary is that we must trust and find hope in no one but in God alone.  Christian hope is born out of patience and is understood as faith directed toward the future. It is one of the three theological virtues mentioned by the Apostle Paul: And now these three remain faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.

The Bible offers a vision of the journey from Samson the victor to his terrible fall. This shameful and sad history is not concealed from us, for God not only wishes to teach us to walk on the path of victory, but He wishes to present to our attention the dreadful results of our falling away from Him so that we may not trust in ourselves.

Biography of Samson

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Biblical places from the times of Samson

  1. State of Palestine- Is Palestine in the exact location nowadays?
  2. Gaza- Was Gaza a safe place?

Where is Samson buried?

Samson’s death occurs when Delilah cuts off his hair, calls in the Philistine soldiers, and hands over the Jewish hero. The Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron are a group of sturdy stone buildings mainly built under the Roman emperor Herod.

Samson is buried in a cave near Mamre in a place called “The Tombs of biblical Patriarchs.” The Tombs of the Patriarchs is a holy site in Hebron, Israel. Located at almost a thousand meters altitude, Hebron has been inhabited, without interruption, since more than five thousand years ago, making it one of the oldest cities in Palestine.

The Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron is the second holiest site of the Jews, after the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the western wall of the mountain on which their beloved Temple once stood. The cave of Hebron has been honored as an important pilgrimage site since ancient times and is cherished by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, who honor Abraham as God’s great prophet. Due to the presence of Jews and Muslims in the same place, conflicts between them are closely linked to the holy site.

Who came first Samson or Hercules?

Hercules was also the most powerful man of his time. He was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, and thanks to his incredible bravery and strength, he was the most famous hero in Greek mythology. The story of Samson summary birth is different than the special one of Hercules: Zeus tricked Alcmene into taking the image of her husband Amphitryon, but soon after their union, Alcmene’s husband came, so she gave birth to twins Hercules, son of Zeus, and Iphicles, son of Amphitryon. Many people associate Hercules with Samson.

Samson, not Hercules, was the first to be born and appear on Earth. Samson was born in 1118 BC, and Hercules in 1286 BC. The two are often confused because they both fight and kill a lion in the same episode. About Hercules, we know that he claimed he would puncture the lion. Also, it is said that hiding in his cave, his beautiful lion-shaped woman looked wounded, and the rescuers who got there were to be killed. The woman turned back into a lion, and their bones were offered to Hades. Hercules discovers during the battle that the lion’s skin is impervious to arrows and will kill it by strangling it, then take its skin and clothe himself in it.

So the two were not born at the same time; they just went through similar experiences. But for different purposes. Samson for the word of Yahweh and Yahweh’s prosperity. And Hercules for himself and Zeus.

Key Verse related to Samson’s fight with the lion

“Samson went down to Timnah together with his father and mother. As they approached Timnah’s vineyards, a young lion roared toward him.”

Judges 14:5 (NIV)

story of samson

What was Samson’s purpose?

At the beginning of his ministry, he even killed a lion in the vineyard. There he overcame the strong one. Now, in the Valley of the Vine, he became the victim of Delilah, whose name means weakness. These were the steps of his descent: he loved a woman in the Valley of the Vine. Also, he opened his whole heart to her. And The Lord departed from him, and the Philistines seized Samson in the end.

Samson’s true purpose was to overcome the Philistines and offer deliverance to the Holy People. However, the Philistines gouged out Samson’s eyes and put him in chains. The thought tormented him, and he brought misery and humiliation to his people. Samson asks for God’s forgiveness for this mistake. The Philistines bring him before the world and mock him, humiliating him in every way. He is then invited to participate in the sacred ceremony where the Philistines praise their god Dagon for helping them defeat their mortal enemy. Delilah also mocks Samson’s weakness, humiliating and laughing with the Philistines at his deep suffering.

Samson has one final request to God. To restore for a moment his power to punish those who have challenged the almighty and only God. Also, the house where he was brought was full of men and women, for all the leaders of the Philistines were there, and on the roof, there were about three thousand men and women looking and laughing at Samson. But, reaching out to the middle pillars of the house, dislodging them by a superhuman force of a divine nature, Samson brought down the walls upon those who mocked him, shouting for his soul to die. 

Primary Takeaways

  • Samson came into the world with a clear mission to overcome the Philistines and liberate God’s people. If we think of this mission, it is not surprising that right from the beginning, he was greeted by a young lion symbolizing a picture of the devil’s power.
  • He had achieved victory; by dying, He had overcome the enemy, and also, as the lion’s carcass yielded food and sweetness, He enjoyed blessing.
  • As long as he was in good shape, Samson was a fit vessel for the power of God, and in the freshness of his beginning and the strength of his birth, he is a picture of Christ and His work.


From the whole story of Samson’s summary and even the lion episode, we learn that the young lion represents Samson. More precisely, it mirrors Samson in the Holy Spirit. But, the youthfulness of this lion shows naivety. The unknowing and preconceived ideas that any betrayer in the Holy Spirit has when he is just beginning his journey.

Also, the slaying of this lion shows a willingness to deny oneself, to let go of any preconceived ideas about reality or God, and to try at all costs to reach wisdom, which gives you the power to be mature in the Holy Spirit. And the descent of the Holy Spirit upon him symbolizes his readiness to receive and accept any revelation that comes from God, even at the price of shattering his ego, even at the expense of losing his state in this world of this age, and not least his desire to know the truth at all costs.

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Bible Trivia about Samson and his 

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Explanation of biblical word

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