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The Testament of Abraham. Did Abraham write a book?

When was the Testament of Abraham written?

We know about the Testament of Abraham that it is a book that is not part of even though it uses the name of the most significant biblical patriarch. According to the Testament of Abraham, God wanted to send the archangel Michael to tell Abram how he would die. So the angel does not conform to God’s plan and wants to instill this in Isaac’s dream. A third of the night, he saw the sun and the moon overhead, and their rays surrounded him and gave him light. 

the testament of abraham

God’s first words to Abraham were: I will bless you, your children, and all of your future generations. And I will make you the grandest patriarch! And he answered to let them both go to the king because he wanted them there. But archangel Michael was identified by Abraham. So the sun represents Abram, with the moon representing Sarah. Both evening and Abram are on the brink of death and will ascend to Heaven with the help of Michael’s angel sent from God. Archangel Michael immediately ascends to God. By Abram’s first refusal, he causes a heavenly¹ journey.

What is written in The Testament of Abraham?

1. The dream of Isaac

Isaac dreams of his parents’ death because Michael, the archangel, does not want to reveal this fact to Abraham. The plan constitutes a personal, subjective experience. The dream world is the second universe of man’s soul, the universe of the imaginary, included in the first, of conscious life, manifesting itself parallel to it and expressing it. 

2. The future glory

The future glory is revealed to Abram when he is in the arms of the angel Michael. And he has visions and revelations of things to come. The disclosures are characteristic of the perfect, whose soul is fully united with God and entirely under the work of the Holy Spirit, who leads and reveals to them what is useful. They see, in dreams, holy visions, whereby the sacred angels take on the appearance of holy, honorable, and promising ideas and reveal themselves to the soul in the imaginations of sleep, uplifting their thought, joy, and gladness.

3. Abraham’s ascension to Heaven

God lifted Abraham and called him to Heaven. And He sent the angel Michael to raise him, and God called him home before these ages that point to the coming of the Son of Man.