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Tree of life: meaning and origins

The meaning of the tree of life is very mysterious. This tree of life is a symbol known in numerous cultures, each of which names it differently and gives it mystical and magical meanings. Since the origins of man, religions have been tied to trees for some reason. We can find numerous references to plants and trees in the Holy Scriptures, so they have assumed a profound religious meaning over time.

Think, for example, of the wheat seed, linked to the word of Christ and his sacrifice, He who, just like a seed, died on the earth to be reborn and give new fruits. Or the olive tree, the symbol of Jesus and the covenant desired by God with men and sanctioned with his death on the cross. In this article, we want to discover the true meaning of the tree of life for the Christian religion. Keep reading!

The origin of the tree of life

Another tree that has a profound religious significance is the fir. Every year on the occasion of Christmas, the evergreen tree is transformed into the symbol of the Resurrection of Christ and rebirth. The same tree also appears in previous civilizations, such as the Celts and the Greeks. And was associated with the concept of hope, fertility, and new life.

To understand the meaning of the tree of life, it is necessary to make a different speech. In the sacred texts, it is frequently cited, from Genesis to the Apocalypse. It often appears also in Jewish and Christian cultures. It is enriching itself with ever more profound and spiritual meanings over time.

Its origin comes from a tree that God had given birth to in the middle of the garden of Eden. Next to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve were able to feed on the fruits of the tree of life and were both immortal all that time. Untouchable by the passage of time, disease, and old age. As the sacred texts teach us, sinning with pride and arrogance, the two also chose to eat the fruits of the other tree, that of the knowledge of good and evil. However, God had warned him not to. This vile gesture condemned all men to live their lives knowing in sin and pain.

What are the main symbols of the tree of life?

We know that the tree of life has a very similar role in all cultures in which it is present and is considered a source of life. His figure comprises a few simple elements with deep meanings: the roots, the trunk, the leaves, and the fruits. Each piece represents an essential aspect of human life. Given its profound sense, the tree of life is also used as a gift idea as it symbolizes the wish and the good luck charm of a life built on solid foundations (trunk and roots) and complete and intense (branches, leaves, and fruits).

The main symbols of the tree of life are air, water, earth, and fire. His powers are healing, healing, rejuvenation, immortality, and sustenance.

Tree of Life meaning

Therefore, the meaning of the tree of life is the source of life, a place from which every living being originates. Life is represented by 3 elements that make up the tree. Each of these represents an aspect of life itself. The roots must be firm and must go deep. The trunk is solid and resistant to support the numerous branches. The leaves are numerous and luxuriant. The fruits are abundant only in a particular year and, therefore, precious.

If these elements are combined, the tree of life can be attributed to the meaning of good luck. A wish for a life built on solid roots represents family and relationships. Like the numerous leaves, a complete and prosperous life is intense. They are trying to seize the moment to take advantage of meaningful opportunities, just like ripe fruit.

Similarly, the four elements are associated with the tree. In addition to supporting it, connect it with the rest of the world: water and the sun help it grow, the earth feeds it, and the air makes it part of nature.

Representation of the tree of life

tree of life meaning

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The tree of life in cultures

As we have said, the tree of life is present in many other cultures and in numerous myths and beliefs that are still current. It is a recurring element that changes significantly, although it remains connected with the beginning of life. A start understood both metaphorically and literally.

The Bible, for example, symbolizes a life free from worries, as opposed to the tree of knowledge, with the fruits of sin. In Egyptian mythology, however, the first man and the first woman were born from a tree. In Chinese mythology, a tree produces precious fruits, which makes those who eat them immortal; however, its fruit is held once every 300 years.

Biblical references on the tree of life

In the Bible, we find numerous references that help us understand the meaning of the tree of life. “Behold, man has become like one of us in the knowledge of good and evil. Let us see that he does not stretch out his hand and also take the fruit of the tree of life, eat it and live forever. ” (Genesis, 3:22)

After this event, man is banished from the earthly Paradise and removed from the priceless gifts of the tree of life. Knowledge, the perception of oneself, one’s desires, and the desires of others were the beginning of the end. Only with the purity of the soul could one enjoy the fruits of immortality. Shame, blackmail, envy, and war arise from this stolen knowledge. Which man cannot manage and will lead him to raise the hydra of God to the point of unleashing the Universal Flood.

Despite the sin committed by man, the tree of life does not disappear from the sacred texts. God is infinitely good and far-sighted, which is why he always leaves a glimmer of light for his children. Indeed, one-day deserving men will have been able to hear the Word of God. And live according to his dictates, will be able to rejoice in the fruits of the tree of life: “Whoever has ears, listen to what the Spirit says to the churches. Whoever wins, I will feed from the tree of life, which is in God’s paradise. ” (Revelation, 2: 7)

When and to whom to give a tree of life?

As we have said, the tree of life symbolizes birth and rebirth. And represents an essential wish for those who are starting a new life. It is a perfect gift idea for a small child who is celebrating his baptism. But in general, it can be given to anyone about to start a new phase in their life: a couple, a young person, or someone starting a new job. The tree of life can also be an idea for a wedding favor to be given to loved ones during essential celebrations.

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