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Uzziah. Who was King Uzziah in the Bible?

The Scriptural name’s meaning of Uzziah is found in Biblical Names. The importance of the name Uzziah is The strength, or child, of the Lord. Hebrew Baby Names Meaning: In Hebrew Baby Names, the significance of the name Uzziah is: that God is strong.

Uzziah was One of Amaziah’s children, whom individuals made a rule Judah in his dad’s stead ( 2 Kings 14:21; 2 Chr 26:1 ). His long control of around 52 years was “the most prosperous except that of Jehosaphat since the hour of Solomon.” He was an energetic and capable ruler, and “his name spread abroad, even to the entering in of Egypt” ( 2 Chronicles 26:8 2 Chronicles 26:14 ).

Azariah, the consecrated cleric, saw the propensity of such thinking for even a moment to follow up on the piece of the ruler. He endured him with a band of eighty ministers ( 2 Chronicles 26:17 ), saying, “It appertaineth not unto you, Uzziah, to consume incense.”


Biography of Uzziah

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What did Uzziah do in the Bible?

His name is a memorable marker in Isaiah 1:1, Isaiah 6:1, and Isaiah 7:1. Uzziah is referenced in Hosea 1:1, Amos 1:1, and Zechariah 15:5 (quake). At long last, Uzziah is named in Matthew 1:8-9 (as an ancestor of Jesus Christ).

2 Kings utilizes Uzziah and his subsequent name, Azariah, reciprocally. In the wake of declaring in 2 Kings 4:21 that he became ruler, a short synopsis of Azariah’s life and reign shows up in 2 Kings 15:1-7. In the remainder of that part, he’s unexpectedly referenced eight additional times, half as Azariah and half as Uzziah.

We gain some significant experience about Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26 (the entire part) and how Jotham succeeded him in 2 Chronicles 27:2. That is different from the last we read about Uzziah. The sacred writing only educates us a little regarding Uzziah’s young life or early immaturity. That is, aside from four speedy yet significant realities. 

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What did Isaiah write about Uzziah?

It was no big surprise that the prophet, like other intelligent loyalists, was asking himself what was to come in these hectic days when the rudder was in new hands, which, maybe, were not sufficiently able to hold it. Like a wise man, he brought his contemplations into the haven; and there he got it. As he agonized, this incredible vision was revealed to his inner eye. ‘In the year that King Uzziah passed on’ is significantly more than a date for ordered purposes. It lets us know the vision’s when, however, the why.

Isaiah said a ton regarding Uzziah. Uzziah had ruled for 52 years, during which he and his kin had been splendidly prosperous. Triumphant in war, he was likewise effective in human expressions of quiet industry. The later, long periods of his life were obfuscated, yet overall the rule had been a period of incredible prosperity. His child and replacement was a youngster of five and twenty; when he came to the lofty position, foreboding conflict, mists were gathering in the North and taking steps to floating to Judah.

The prophet saw that the genuine King of Israel was neither the dead Uzziah nor the youthful Jotham, yet the Lord of hosts. Also, seeing that, feelings of dread, premonitions, nerves, and misfortune all disappeared; and new strength came to Isaiah. 

Key Verse related to Uzziah

“In the second year of Pekah, the son of Remaliah king of Israel, began Jotham, the son of Uzziah king of Judah, to reign.”

Kings 2 15:32 (NIV)


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What happened to Uzziah?

Something fundamentally different in Uzziah’s life. The writer is clear: When Uzziah became solid, he became pleased, and we read tragically to his obliteration. His pride expanded, he failed to remember the Lord, and Uzziah fell away.

According to Biblical accounts, Uzziah was trapped by pride, and with that, he stopped dreading the Lord. There is a section in Hosea 13:6. It strikes a chord here that I’ve viewed as an immortal layout to make sense of how something like this occurs. Hosea is summing up how Israel had fallen away from the Lord. And we read there, Hosea expresses, “as they had their field, they became fulfilled. And being fulfilled, their hearts became glad. Like this, they failed to remember me.” There’s an innately grave risk in the rich and fruitful spouse. Where every one of her requirements is met and numerous while perhaps not the vast majority of her needs also.

This is what has been going on with Uzziah. He was in his prime as a ruler. He had extraordinary power. His adversaries dreaded him. He had accomplished great things for Judah, and sooner or later, he failed to remember that it was the Lord’s doing, not his. 

Did Uzziah become irritated by the obstruction of the clerics?

Azariah, the cleric, with eight other fearless ministers of the LORD, went up against the ruler, saying, It isn’t ideal for you, Uzziah, to consume incense to the LORD. Leave the asylum, for you have been faithless.

Uzziah, who had a censer in his grasp prepared to consume incense, became irritated by the obstruction of the clerics. While he resented them in their presence before the incense particular stepped area in the LORD’s sanctuary, the Lord hit him with sickness on his temple. Now, the lord acknowledged with dread that God had criticized him. 

He had maybe entered the Temple with a company and could have endeavored to battle with the devout minister’s endeavor to oust him. However, Azariah was prepared to use force to prevent the lord from submitting this transgression if necessary.

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Desolate will grave in the imperial necropolis would expressively vouch for coming ages that all honest government should bow before the sacred request of the heavenly will.

Lord Uzziah had uncleanliness until the day he kicked the bucket. They were to live alone, “without the camp” (Leviticus 13:46). Jotham, his child, had charge of the royal residence and managed individuals of the land (v. 21). Hence, Uzziah stained his respectable record by his offense in the last option part of his standard.