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What Bible say about alcohol? Is it a sin to drink?

Do Baptists drink alcohol?

There are also Baptists who occasionally consume alcoholic beverages. There are non-Orthodox churches where the membership stipulates a prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The reasons are based more on the biblical argument “beware of what seems evil” and less on an express prohibition in Scripture. It’s more a matter of faith.
Drunkenness is deceitful. An alcoholic lives in continual “self-deception.” Most of those who fall prey to intoxication don’t even realize it. Intoxication is only a temporary so, and noon. No one can be drunk all his life. We must face reality and strive to make a better life for ourselves is forbidden because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Since alcohol impairs judgment, the Holy Spirit cannot dwell in such a temple. The Church has no biblical evidence to show that moderate alcohol consumption is a sin – since alcohol in small quantities does not affect it. There is also Paul’s text: Drink water and a little wine for the sake of your stomach and because of your frequent sickness.

Primary Takeaways

  • if you consume alcohol, thou shalt become unwise, and thy heart shall speak foolishness unto thee
  • drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God
  • to consume alcohol is a counsel and exhortation of wicked men, disobedient to God, unwilling to do what pleases God
  • wine must take the minds of man
  • drinking is an act of the earthly nature that lusts against the Spirit

A Christian pleasing to God about consuming alcoholic beverages must: avoid wine and solid and intoxicating drinks. Not to drink any intoxicating drink at all. Not to be among those who drink wine. And not to give even his neighbor to drink alcoholic beverages. Even if the Bible does not say about it directly. 

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