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What caused the fall of Israel? The fall of Israel in the Bible

The real falling of Israel was caused by the Assyrians who destroyed and invaded the Kingdom of Israel from the North of the Kingdom. Israel is the Holy nation of God. From the beginning to the end when The New Jerusalem will come down on earth. By reading this article, you will know more facts about what caused the fall of Israel and also learn a bit about history. It’s an article you won’t regret reading. 

Facts about Mesopotamia

In Mesopotamia, the first year of the reign was the year following the accession to the throne, starting in spring. 

Judah also used a different way of calculating the years of reign, in which the year of accession to the throne itself. And not the following year, was considered the first year of reign. The lack of precision in the dating system used by the biblical chroniclers has thus given rise to various hypotheses.
However, some support comes from the relationship with extra-biblical data. For example, the publication in 1956 of two Neo-Babylonian chronicles held by the British Museum made it easier to establish some very important dates in biblical history.

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Babylonians besiege the city of Jerusalem

In the year 598 Jerusalem is conquered not in the seventh year of Nebuchadnezzar II, as in the Babylonian chronicle. But in the eighth, which attests to the difference in the calculation of the years of reign that we have mentioned. Jeremiah, records the seventh year, while others say only “at the passing of the years”, in keeping here with the Babylonian calendar. In which the new year falls in spring (the synodal Bible translates “after the passing of a year”). Indeed, after the period of independence under the pious King Josiah, following his murder by Pharaoh Necho II in the battle of Megiddo in 609, the kingdom of Judah falls under Egyptian suzerainty. But what was the main reason which caused the fall of Israel?

Necho installed Josiah’s son Jehoiakim as king, but following the Babylonian victories over the Egyptians led by Nebuchadnezzar in 605 at Carchemish and Hamath (in Syria), Syro-Palestine came under Babylonian suzerainty, and in 603 King Jehoiakim paid tribute to Nebuchadnezzar. This corresponds with what the Holy Scriptures state, that Jehoiakim was vassal to the Babylonians for 3 years. However, in 601, things seemed to change, following the indecisive battle fought at the Egyptian border between the Egyptians and the Babylonians when the latter was showing signs of weakness. Then King Jehoiakim rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar.

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The death of King Joakim

 Before or even during the siege, King Jehoiakim dies. Jehoiakim was taken into exile “bound in iron fetters”, the longer version of the Septuagint, he was finally buried together with his parents in Ganoza, “the garden of Uzzah”, where Manasseh and Amon were buried.

Taking Jeremiah 22:18-19, where it says that “they will not mourn him”, “they will drag him away and throw him far away over the gates of Jerusalem”, some scholars believe that Jehoiakim was murdered by his officers, who feared the Babylonians’ reply. Josephus Flavius mentions the tradition that King Nebuchadnezzar himself ordered Jehoiakim to be killed and his body to be thrown near the city walls without a proper burial.

Exile to Babylon

 In his place is put his 18-year-old son Jehoiachin as king. He reigns for only 3 months. When the Babylonian officers approached to besiege the city, Jehoniah was probably still hoping for Egyptian help. When Nebuchadnezzar himself came to the siege, King Jehoniah surrendered to him, along with his queen mother, Nehushta, his nobles, officers, and eunuchs.

Prophet Jeremiah Summary- His work and good deeds

This first mass deportation in 597 should have sufficiently demonstrated the power of the Babylonians. And their determination to establish themselves as rulers in Syro-Palestine, in the place left vacant after the fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. 
However, Jerusalem’s resistance in 701 to the Assyrian siege led by King Sennacherib himself was interpreted as a guarantee of God’s help. Based on the presence of the Temple within the city walls. The exaggerated conclusion was reached that God would guard His temple. Regardless of the armies that surrounded Jerusalem and, above all, regardless of the moral state of the people. The prophet Jeremiah would combat this mentality.

In 609, at the very beginning of Jehoiakim’s reign, the prophet Jeremiah announced, in an extraordinary sermon delivered in the Temple courtyard, that God might even abandon His sanctuary, which had become a “den of robbers”, because of injustices.

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In what has evidenced the quality of faith?

The quality of faith is evidenced in the way we honor God. Starting from Mary’s gesture. It is a signal to those who neglect the worship of God because we engage in works of “Christian mercy”. 
Fulfilling Zechariah’s prophecy.

Why did Jesus come?

Jesus came to fulfill the Father’s work and to provide forgiveness to our deadly sins. His intention was not to occupy any Temple or political office. He did not want to be a revolutionary, nor a rebel against the Roman or Temple authorities. He was not asking the world to obey Him. As a kind of theocratic earthly king, as many would have liked. Thinking that beyond the kingdom of Caesar, beyond any Temple office.

Beyond any ecclesiastical high office, is the Kingdom of God, which is not of this world. He came to prepare the world for that kingdom, which is, as St. Paul said, neither meat nor drink. 

The place where the Apostle Paul saw what the eye cannot see. The ear cannot hear, realities about which the human mind cannot think to express them in words. For people to believe in this Kingdom, the Son of God came into the world. This, not some worldly one, he preached in his three years of public activity.

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The New Covenant of God

The ascent to Jerusalem turned into an explosion of joy and hope. The crowds present greeted the Lord with branches of fir in their hands. Ready for the feast of the Passover. Others cut branches from the trees and placed them on the path where the Lord was to pass.

The Savior’s warm and enthusiastic welcome now, at His entry into Jerusalem. Shows our readiness to assume the state of personal sacrifice. From the power of His sacrifice, given our resurrection, made possible by His resurrection. The pillars blessed in church we bring home and place at the icons. Showing that if the Saviour Christ is present in our souls. He is also present in our homes, anticipating the new heaven and the new earth.

By making the effort now and here to confirm our humanity to the humanity assumed. Risen and exalted to heaven by the Saviour Christ, using the instruments made available by him in the Church. At the end of the present face of the world, we too will be able to welcome Him. Together with the risen dead, into the heavens, with a view to eternal communion with God. With our fellow human beings, a communion that will generate and sustain an eternally happy existence.

I hope you found your answer in the information written above. So, the sins were the ones that caused the fall of Israel. I hope you will experience a very good day and that you will take care of your heart. Also, I hope you got the idea of what caused the fall of Israel.