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What Is Annanias in the Bible Known for? | A True Christian Ruler

As a Christian, you must study the Bible to find the lessons, understand the deeper meanings, and feel a stronger connection to those who shaped history as we know it today. Reading about those who were close to Jesus when He was alive is also essential. This way, you immerse yourself in the story and feel closer to God Himself. Like everyone who got to see and talk to Jesus during His time on Earth, there is much to learn from Annanias in the Bible.

Also known as Annanias of Damascus or Saint Annanias, he is dubbed “Lord’s favorite.” And although we know our Lord could never love His children differently, Annanias was special because he was highly devoted. He is mentioned as a disciple, but historians often refer to him as a prophet because only prophets receive messages from God. Annanias is also listed as one of the 70 disciples and mentioned in Luke 10:1-20. It is believed that he became a martyr.


Why Are the 70 Disciples Important?

As mentioned before, Annanias in the Bible was one of the 70 disciples of God. Some texts might differ, and you might see 72. These disciples were those who followed Jesus from an early stage and who dedicated their lives to God. In a passage from Luke, we learn that “the Lord appointed” and “sent them two and two before his face into every city.” Therefore, the disciples walked before the Lord, going door to door and teaching His teachings to gain as many followers as possible.

If you regularly go to church, you probably remember hearing the phrase, “Peace be with you.” If you ever wondered how that came to be, know the disciples were the ones who spread this phrase throughout the world, just as the Lord requested. “Into whatever house you enter, first say: Peace be with this house.” Our Savior sent the disciples to show everyone how merciful and good He truly is.

He told them to heal those who needed healing, to comfort those who needed comfort, and to spread the word about Heaven and how everyone can reach Paradise’s Gates if they only believe.

The Lord told the disciples to let all know, “The kingdom of God comes nigh unto you.”The Lord told the disciples, And although the disciples were scared evil would follow them, the Lord guaranteed, “nothing shall hurt you.” And so they went into the world, telling everyone who would listen about God’s promise of eternal life; they cured illnesses and let the cured know that this was only possible because of God and His will.

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Who Is Annanias in the Bible?

Annanias was a fairly common name at that time. It can be found in the Bible three times; each time, it’s a different person. The first Annanias was mentioned in Acts 4:34-35 when we find out that believers were extremely united. And started donating anything they had to the apostles to give back to those who truly needed them.

Being a very wealthy man and part of the church, he decided to sell his land to help the needy. But he kept a part of the profit. He presented part of the money to the apostles and claimed it was everything. Peter then confronted this Annanias after he had a divine revelation and revealed to everyone that he lied to the church, God, and the Holy Spirit.

The second Annanias was a high priest known for being cruel, harsh, and corrupt in Rome. He was the one who ordered others to murder Paul on his way to trial. Thankfully he was unsuccessful in killing Paul. And although Rome protected the second Ananias. He was hated by most people and eventually found his end when a group of angry anti-Roman revolutionaries took his life.

The third Annanias, the one who ultimately became a Saint and is currently studied by Christians everywhere, is the Annanias of Damascus, Saint Annanias or the Annanias in the Bible who is known for bringing Paul’s sight back after he was struck on the road and lost his vision.

He plays an integral part in history because the Lord Himself told Annanias to help Paul, Saul, as he was known back then, because Paul is an excellent asset to Him, and his conversion to Christianity is needed.


Why Is Annanias Important for Christians Now?

Even though he was initially skeptical and scared to see and cure Paul, Annanias in the Bible obeyed God and told Paul, “Jesus – has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” It’s important to understand that Paul, at that time, was persecuting the believers. And that is why Annanias was scared to see him.

Nevertheless, he did as God told him, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles, their kings, and the people of Israel.” Annanias also baptized Saul by curing him, who immediately went to the synagogue and told them about Jesus.

No matter who you are or where you are from, as a Christian, everyone has heard of Saint Paul. Learning the story of how he became the Paul that we now celebrate. Likewise, Annanias in the Bible is essential to Christians everywhere because he was the one who helped convert Paul. And even though Annanias was scared, when God told him to listen and do as He wished, Annanias did. He is a devout man who trusted God and put his life in His hands. And God did not fail him.

Saul of Tarsus was indeed punished for his sins. And some might say, with the ultimate punishment – left blind, in complete darkness. However, he is living proof that God can turn everything around. And through Annanias in the Bible, Saul of Tarsus became the loved Saint Paul. Who dedicated his life to serving God.