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What Is the Deeper Life Christian Ministry?

The Deeper Life Christian Ministry started 49 years ago, in 1973, and is a Pentecostal Christian denomination. It all started when a professor from the University of Lagos decided to have a Bible study with 15 of his students because they requested to know more about the Scriptures. However, sadly, two years later, the mathematics professor was expelled from the Church because he was preaching without valid permits and credentials.

However, that didn’t stop Mr. William Folorunso Kumuyi, who continued to preach independently to whoever wanted to learn more. Thus, only seven years later, in 1980, the Deeper Life Christian Ministry reached thousands of followers.

The word spread about this Church, and it happened so quickly that only a few years later. The Deeper Life Bible Church was present throughout the United Kingdom, sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, India, North America, and western Europe.

It was estimated that by 2020, the Church had 65.000 active members and, along its church arm, called Deeper Life Bible Church, even millions, as mentioned before, have a Pentecostal confession of faith, as well as 22 core beliefs.


How Is the Deeper Life Christian Ministry Different?

While Mr. William Folorunso’s teachings proved to have a massive positive influence on the followers of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, they are similar to other Christians. God taught us always to love each other, to cherish each other, and most importantly, to live our lives in unity under His eyes and blessings.

As long as we all believe in God, He does not care what we identify as or what Church we frequent. You can be an Orthodox, a Catholic, a Pentecostal, or even a Muslim. If there is one thing to be learned here is that no matter your background, you, too, can be saved and achieve eternal life.

The Deeper Life Christian Ministry’s spread is spectacular. In the words of its founder, Mr. William Folorunso Kumuyi, “God, in the growth of Deeper Life Bible Church, has strategically and prudently used miracles” to “make all men come to Him” (John 3:26).

Mr. Kumuyi said they take Christian living and Holiness very seriously. Many Deeper Life Christian Ministry followers call Mr. Kumuyi “a man of God” for his devotion to religion. And they claim that this lifestyle, Mr. Kumuyi’s preachings, and God turned their lives around for the better.

It is always important to teach good, do good and walk the Earth with love. William Folorunso does precisely that. He opened this Church, despite being expelled for having no credentials. He did not let one little bump in the road stop him from being a loyal follower of God.

Taking the Bible very seriously, and through God, he found his purpose. Now he helps millions. A follower of the Church commented on the preaches as “being one of the greatest preachers alive.”

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Who Is Preacher William Folorunso Kumuyi?

William Folorunso Kumuyi is the creator of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry. After studying the Bible, he is known as a brilliant individual who decided to help others understand why the lessons found within It are extremely important for humankind. He is a devoted follower of God and has dedicated his life to his Church and God. Many who know him claim that “he preached Deeper Life into existence, with God’s help.”

The most important thing about Mr. William Folorunso is that he believed. He believed in his dream, and his dream was so selfless that God delivered it.

The answer is simple if you were wondering how Mr. Kumuyi became known worldwide. Through his kindness and love. When you talk to or even look at him, you don’t see some preacher thirsty to be right or talking like a king who needs to be treated like royalty. Although his Church is the 3rd fastest-growing one in the world, Mr. Kumuyi has not changed.

He is still a simple man, doing simple things and enjoying his life.  And never claims titles and is loved by his church’s followers for calling everyone “brother” or “sister.” He has built a successful following because of who he is.

He is an important character who will be remembered in the history of Christianity for letting go of all stress and dedicating all to God. As a result, people who come to him know they will be treated with love and respect. Also, there have been multiple occurrences when miraculous healings happened, but Mr. Kumuyi always claims that was God’s will.


What Are Some of This Church’s Beliefs and Practices?

First, it is essential to remember that this Church respects the Bible more than anything in the world. And believes it to be “the word of God.” Therefore, the Bible is the final authority in their eyes. The Deeper Life Church also believes The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are three distinct personalities. That comes together in a perfect union. This Church also believes in restitution, among other things.

This means that as a sinner and a Christian, you should always give back for the wrongs you have done because restitution is the only way to make amends in the eyes of God.

One of the most significant aspects of this Church’s worship is the miracle revival hour. They believe there is a period dedicated to praying for healing and miracles. This event is usually held every Thursday, but it can be stored on Fridays in some regions.

They also believe marriage binds two individuals for life, and there is no other way to live other than in Monogamy. Finally, they also believe in “hell-fire” – where all the sinners go to be punished after their lives on Earth.

Another significant practice is home-caring fellowship. Whenever a member of this Church is known to be lonely or struggling in any way, shape, or form, the fellowship provides care for them.